How Teens Can Make Money In Pakistan

teens can make money in PakistanIf you are a teenager and looking for opportunities to give your pocket money a boost, you have hundreds of options available these days to make money in teenage. It is important to understand that making money is a habit, the older it is, and the better it goes. Although the idea still needs an exposure in some countries, there are people who look forward to ways of how teens can make money in Pakistan to establish themselves from an early age.

Here are 6 interesting, yet easy ways in which teens can make money in Pakistan

1) Start Tutoring

Knowledge never goes in vein; in fact it can always be used as a tool when it comes to making money and cashing all what you have learnt by then. No matter which class are you in, you can always tutor your juniors and make some money for yourself. The payback significantly varies on factors like what level are you at, how good your teaching skills are, and how lucky you are to get a reasonable student. You can make up to $100 and even more with this strategy.

2) Offer Assistance

Learning is a never ending process, so why not to except it? How about assisting a professor, an engineer or a business associate after you are done with your school or college and earn some money in your free times at evening?

There are many teenagers who are earning this way in Pakistan and polishing their skills being connected with their potential major career at an early age. The payment here depends on per hour basis and a teen can earn up to $3 per hour a day as an average.

3) Sell your talent

Are you good at handicrafts? Can you make something out of nothing? Great then, give your talent a proper shape in your free time and display it to the world. Tell people that it is for sale, and it is really cheaper. There are students who are making money by just having their grip on Photoshop and are offering image editing to friends and family and are making $1 or so for a single edit. Wow!

4) Sell your books

There is a perception within the Pakistani community of keeping things a memorial which practically brings a ‘null profit’. It is obvious that if you are done with you are done with your grade 8, you won’t be using the same books again ever in your life, so what’s the point of keeping them in store, assuming you might need them in later part of your life?

Try finding a better option or rather a good purchaser of your books among your juniors who can pay you at least half of the original amount so that the deal brings a peaceful saving at both ends.

5) Start a blog!

Every right business needs to establish its base initially and that surely drinks a good amount of time. Now that the world is going viral with the blogging craze, even the teenagers are now hoping to earn decent dollars by turning into an entrepreneur and making money from home once they are done with their high school or so. The thought is amazing, but again, dreams need actual working as well.

If you are a lazy person and feels like not doing anything once grown, start your planning now. Explore yourself, find a niche you are good in, create a blog and try managing at least one post a day after returning from your school or college. It would be quite silly of you if you expect to earn as much as Pete Cashmore within few months, but your consistency and determination might make you land somewhere near to his earnings by the time you are done with your studies.

6) Save Money

‘Worshipping’ is certainly a wrong word here, but you should cherish money because if you want to earn it, you need to love it first. If you pick the biographies of richest people of the world, like Amancio Ortega and Larry Ellison, you will notice that all of these rich people had a bad beginning with no money at all. They, however, planned up their goals by choosing the right direction at an early age and survived to be at a position they are now known for.

If you think you love money and want to earn even more, start your lesson 1 by saving what you have in hands now, because the amount that is lavish today might be a need tomorrow!

These were the most effective ways of how teens can make money in Pakistan and if you are still thinking to turn your extra time into cash, you should try playing with any one of the ways suggested above.


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