Top 10 Teenage Entrepreneurs who Earn Millions

teenage entrepreneurIf you go through the biographies of great people who were able to establish their business all their selves, you would notice one thing common in all of them and that would undoubtedly be the fact that they are were born like entrepreneurs.  This actually means that they established themselves at an early age and believing in the power of “being their own boss”, they made themselves as big as they actually dreamt of.

Choosing your career in you teenage is advisable as you get a direction for the entire of your life. To motivate our teenage readers for becoming an entrepreneur, here goes a rich list of Teenagers who are earning in Millions by utilizing the power of entrepreneurship.

1- Sean Belnick

Net Worth: $42 million

Sean Belnick

At 14, he took 500 dollars, bought the chairs and Pokemon cards and started selling cards on eBay using yahoo stores and the office chairs online. Today, 20 years Sean bought in $38 million, he is the CEO of and running $24 million Furniture Company whose customers are Google, Microsoft and the Pentagon. Initially he started the company in the room with 100 products now it is selling 25000 products with free shipping. In 2008 the had sales more than 58 million dollars.

2- Adam Hildreth

Net worth: $38 million

Adam Hildreth

In 1999, he started Debit, English social networking site for teens, when he was only 14 years old with his six friends and left the school after 2 years to run the website fulltime which became popular by 2004. Later in2005 his passion to protect children made him to invent Crisp thinking, child Protection Company, who protect people from online predators, adults sexually motivating and spamming and identifying groomers and eliminate them from cyberspace, In 2011 he ranked 23 in UK among 100 rich teenagers.

3- Farrah Gray

Net worth: $ 20 million

Farrah Gray

He was never been an ordinary kid, he started selling body lotions and painted rocks that are used as bookends and doorstops by age 6, later by age 13 he started Farr-Out Food which made him a millionaire at age 14 by receiving more than $1.5 million food orders. He is the young person to own a Wall Street office. He is now an international success teacher and a CEO of Farrah Gray Publishing; he also founded Farrah Gray Foundation to promote youth entrepreneurship in city among teenagers.

4- Juliette Brindak

Net worth: $15 million

Juliette Brindak

She used to draw to amuse her little sister, Olivia, and it was Olivia’s eight birthday where she drew Miss O character for her and drew images of all of Olivia’s friend from there on everyone falls in love with her characters and later her family supported her and Miss O and Friends website, launched when she was only 10 years old. The website is ranked third “girls only” website worldwide. The website focused on educating girls of age 8-14 through puzzles, virtual dress up games, gossips and message boards telling them how to talk to boys.

5- Catherine and David Cook

Net worth: $10 million

Catherine and David Cook

David and Catherine, the brother and sister, who were seventeen and fifteen years old respectively, when they co-founded the Yearbook in 2005, the idea generated because they did not like their choice of photos in their annual school Yearbook. Their Yearbook, is now holding an estimated net worth of 20 million dollars. Their older brother George invested in the idea and the site turn out to be overnight success with hours of hard work.

6- Ashley Qualls

Net worth: $8 million

Ashley Qualls

He was a teenage millionaire by age 17. She initially started from $8 by her mother from her basement and created a website as a result of her hobby, at the age of 14, mainly focusing on proving free HTML tutorials and MySpace layouts. She hired her mother and friends and sooner the website got the traffic. Now she is web and graphic designer and a freelancer.

7- Tyler Dikman

Net worth: $3.7 million

Tyler Dikman

When he was only 15 he founded Cooltronic’s in 2000 that aims to provide tutorials about how to protect computer from virus and how to upgrade your home computer, basically teaching kids how to surf internet. The teenager earned his revenue from subscriptions and advertisements. He is now 25 years old and CEO of Cooltronics and the company brought $3.2 million in 2007.

8- Cameron Johnson

Net worth: $3.2 million

Cameron Johnson

Do you think of ever selling cards which you drew? If not, then you will defiantly going to follow him. Johnson started making the money by selling cards in 1994; by 11 years of age he had enough money to start his own company, Cheers and Tears. He had joint ventures with online advertising companies such as and by 14 years of age he started selling Ty dolls through eBay and now he is receiving $400,000 money at his home, and when he was 15 years old he started receiving $300,000-$400,000 monthly. During one of his shows he put down his words “put you out there, don’t be afraid of rejection, and don’t be afraid of asking”.

9- Fraser Doherty

Net Worth: $2 million

Fraser Doherty

Grandmothers are everyone favorite because they are full of stories and recipes. Fraser loves to cook and have jam he learned to make a jam from his grandmother by age 14 and turned his hobby into a business and started selling them out to neighborhoods. By 16, he left the school and focus of super jams, making and selling them to Waitrose stores in 2007 but now super jams are encircling every big store in UK. He is known as Jam Darling and produces best jams of UK. Up till today he sponsored free Super Jam Tea Parties, so far there had been 600 guests in 120 parties.

10- Chris Phillips

Net worth: $2 million


There you go with one more teenager who turned the passion and hobby into a business. He founded where there are several domain names registered with various e-commerce sites at age 17. By 19 he is living a fortune of 10 million dollars annually.

It is always motivating to know about people who were as ordinary as us, and with the hidden talents within them, they actually become popular enough to be talked about. Hope that our readers learn from the above stated teenagers and start thinking about their goals again!

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