Teach Holy Quran Via Skype with Fixed Online Salary

Teach Holy Quran Via Skype with Fixed Online SalaryOut of all new emerging and growing industries of the world, the most prominent and exceptionally convenient one is the IT and online industry. Almost everyone is eager to save some of the time out of their busy schedules to get themselves involved with some online work that can let them earn some good bucks. The nature of the online jobs depend on your area of interest. It can be anything in the world like content writing, marketing, advertising, web development, online tuitions and many more.

Millions of users from all over the world are being connected through internet doing their jobs and getting paid regularly.

Teaching Holy Quran Via Skype

All those Muslim readers interested to get their jobs in this regard should give an ear to this. There are online forums calling out for teachers to teach Holy Quran and get their stake on the basis of their work. This network has also grown to a large extent and there is a roar of folks earning their fortune this way. Your language skills at Arabic and the certifications for teaching Quran are the only tools that enable you to start your Quran tuition.

teach Quran and make money

Skype, as we all know, provides best services when it comes to audio/video conferencing, video calling and instant messaging to connect with more than one individual at a time. This provides the best option for young teachers and a bell rings to start their online classes on skype. They can get connected to the students from all around the world. There are online platforms where teachers meet students for this purpose.

How You Can make It a Monthly Source of Income?

Make money by teaching Quran Online via skype

Readers must be thinking of this job as a difficult one to start with. Well that’s not the case here. All you need to have is a computer or laptop, a finely running internet connection, skype installed for voice conversation, softwares for voice recording to see your lectures after class, headset for your computer system.

help to learn quran online

Yes it’s a list of those few things that a person needs to start their online Quran classes. The process involves some major and easy steps :

  • The very first step is to install skype on your system. Skype helps you communicate with your clients or students more conveniently.

  • There are a great number of websites that provide services to heir teachers for Holy Quran. You need to look for a genuine and registered platform and get registered. The registration requirements should be fulfilled and all the information should be based on truth only.

  • Once you get registered to an authentic website, you will get the confirmation message from them through email. They would ask for some other formalities that you are supposed to fill completely. After confirmation process, you would be informed that you have now become a member of that particular website to teach Holy Quran.

  • They will now ask for your skype id or will take it from your information and will get you a job according to your skills and requirements of the students. There are students who already follow up the tutors’ portfolios to check their credibility.

  • The last but not the least, start preparing your lectures, your students are already waiting for you to make them learn Holy Quran.

  • For payment process, you need to give your account details as per the requirements by the company itself.

Online Platforms for Quran Learning and Teaching

These are some platforms that might help you in this situation:

– Easyquransite.com

– Onlinequranexplore.com

– Quranreading.com

– Islamicnet.com

So these were the quick tips and piece of advices that can really help you start your own business this way all the way from your living room.  It is more than a good deed to spread the knowledge and skill you possess and will help others to learn too. Please share your views about it.

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      Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
      Dear parents, it is requested that in this time of tribulation, where the teaching of the Holy Quran is very important, it is also very difficult due to the epidemic.
      In view of the same need where the entire education system of the country has become online.

      * Enlightenment rule *, * Memorization and viewing of the Holy Quran * * By recitation *,
      * The Complete Prayer Method with Issues * *, Authentic Corrective Articles of Sira Tayyaba, *
      What is the arrangement of teaching?
      Parents are requested to take advantage of this.

      * Unique principles of our academy *.

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