How to teach Holy Quran Online and Make Money?


The valuable teachings of Holy Quran are open to all but there are some very lucky and blessed people in the world who have the Holy Quran in their hearts. These people can utilize their blessings in a different yet effective way by teaching others what they have already learnt. The great Qaris and Hafiz can setup their own online teaching schools and make money right from their homes as well as get loads of rewards for making others recite, learn and understand the Holy Quran. This can turn out to be a very successful and blessed way of making a living for your family.

Just think!

What else can be better than teaching the people about the most sacred Book? Which other profession can give be this much rewarding? Think and start working towards helping your people and yourself! Here are a few guidelines which you can follow to start up your own online teachings of Holy Quran.

1) Setup a website

First of all, you need to setup a website consisting of one or two pages initially. The name of your website should be your name for ease of access and identification. Your website should define your purpose quite well. Make some videos of your Qirat and upload them for reference.

2) Setup social profiles

You probably won’t be using these profiles but for start up, you need to brand your name all over the internet and wherever possible. You will have to make yourself visible on all the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That is how people will get to know about you and your work.

3) Choose your technology

Decide which technologies you will be using and check everything beforehand. You can use Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or whatever you find appealing. It is totally up to you as to which technology you are comfortable with. You need to have a command on whatever you will be using as your students will always look up to you in case of any problem.

4) Market your skills on Facebook and YouTube

Start publicizing your skills on all the social networks and YouTube. Make a few videos of your work and float them on the internet. Social networking websites are the fastest in spreading news all around the globe. You can opt for these networks to promote yourself and your skills. Write about yourself, your academics and let these platforms do the rest for you.

5) Choose your payment method

Clearly describe your payment schedule and method. Don’t allow any kind of delays and keep it feasible for everyone. In online trainings like these, it is always better to take payments in advance via credit cards.

6) Take testimonials

Don’t forget to take testimonials from your students. This will help you in the long run. You can put them up on your website and fan pages so that people may find out more about you and your impressive work. This will eventually provide you with more and more students.

6) Setup profiles on various teaching platforms

You can also join other online teaching schools and setup your profile on their stage. You can share your experiences with the people across the globe. There you will get a chance to meet splendid people from your field and others plus this will definitely provide you great exposure and broaden your horizon. You will surely learn a lot from them.

Above all, thank Allah for making you capable enough to help others learn the Holy Quran and be a part of immense rewards. Show Him your gratitude by being honest and dedicated towards your job. By teaching Holy Quran online, you will serve the two main purposes of your life: firstly, you will get uncountable rewards and secondly, you will earn a respectable earning for your family right from your place. So go on and start making money online!

All for now and best of luck!


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  1. Masha’allah thanks for sharing this great post… It’s not only about money by teach someone quran online it’s also about spreading the words of quran to entire humanity 🙂

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