5 Fingertip Tasks before Starting up as a Freelancer- 2012

FreelancingWhen it comes to online money making business, the next thought after blogging is freelancing for sure. There are many people who are enjoying good revenue being generated from their freelancing career and we have been discussing about freelancing tricks and techniques couple of times before too.

One thing that we often forget while believing, we are our own boss in the freelancing business is to manage our own selves. This leads us simply no where! There are certain factors that are created by us only and they affect the work which obviously affects the productivity of a freelancer. Friends, please make this thing clear that things are quite difficult for a freelancer as he is judged for his every move. Unlike those physical jobs, where the employees get their monthly salary anyway, freelancers have to struggle everyday to get costumers.

The following are the tips to manage yourself as a freelancer to double the profit as well as productivity of your freelancing job.

1. Stay un-interrupted!

One reason I hate Facbook is, it keeps me distracted from my work at times. I m sure all of you must have been its victim somehow too. It happens when we plan things to do some serious work but our endless love for social media and entertainment often compels us to deviate from the work. This is a poison for a freelancer.

uninterupptedA freelancer should not let such factors affect his work timings in anyway doing an online job don’t mean that you are free do anything online. No. as a freelancer, you have got great responsibilities and its better to maintain a focus all the time. it’s a fact that no one is checking you out and you are answerable to nobody even if you keep your other works being done simultaneously too. However, a successful freelancer always questions himself, and maintains a focus.

2. Be cruel to yourself

strict bossFreelancers enjoy taking leverage of being free, without working under anyone. This is what you need to work on. See, there is no one forcing you out for a job, in fact it was your own decision to make money and become an entrepreneur, so now stick to your decision. You need to be ruthless to yourself whenever you began to deviate from your work. I know no one loves to work when something more interesting is lined up, but this is the time you have to prove that you are the boss and your employees cannot affect the work, the employees actually mean you- and – only you here!

3. Behave like An Entrepreneur

yes i m my bossAsk yourself about the difference between a job and a business. Freelancing is a business and not a job, once you understand this, there you go. There is no time limit for a freelancer. you need to work almost all the time if you are passionate about your work. The more you will work, the better the results will be achieved. An entrepreneur never rests, mind that, although you can always enjoy the flexible timings to work, yet there is no chance of compromising on the quality as well as the quantity of your work.

4. Learn when to Refuse!

just_say_noThe major mistakes freelancers often do is to accept the tasks from the clients which pay them nothing more than pennies and consume 50% of their time, strength and opportunities, giving nothing productive in return to be added in their portfolios. It’s always a wise approach to calculate the advantages before accepting a job proposal. If your calculated results are greater than the breakeven point, only then accept the proposal, as say a No and move on.

5. Discipline is the key to success- keep the key!

Keeping yourself disciplined is extremely important in a freelancing career. As a soul worker, you will go through all free times as well as with tremendous work loaded peak times; you will have to survive in both. Keep yourself calm and maintain the discipline in your work. Never let your personal life affect the quality of your work. Self discipline is itself a vast topic and I will write a detailed post in it soon.

This was all for now. Managing an empire is still an easy task than managing yourself. The better you learn to do that, the better the outcomes will be. Enjoy your life as a freelancer.

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  1. Nice article nida 🙂
    This post is truly beneficial for newbies. I will follow all tips you have mentioned in the post.
    Thanx for sharing

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