Best Tips To Write A Link Bait Post And Get Links For Your Site in 2012!

LINK BAIT POSTSOne of the top tips given by the professional Bloggers of the world is to write a link Bait Post. Now this is something important to understand. Many of you might be aware of its functionality and importance; however the newcomers in the Blogging world need to know its significance.

Link bait is actually the content on your site to which other sites link by them when they find your content worth linking too. It’s different from driving traffic for your website because you don’t ask people to link to your site; in fact, they do so, only when they want to. It is true that usually, links are difficult to get. To make it clearer, with link bait, you bait your content and wait for it getting linked.

It’s worth mentioning here to avoid any misconception that although link baiting is something you are not controlling, however creating a link bait post is also not something that just happens by accident. It’s the result of your journey from thinking to write till you post it all.

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Internet Marketing Series: Generating Traffic – Part 1

increasing website trafficIn an earlier post, we discussed about improving your website effectiveness. Once you get set-up and over that part, you are ready to move forward. The next stage is generating traffic to your website. It is the keystone to achieving success in your business.

A great website won’t do you any good, unless you have a decent amount of traffic flow. hence, in this post, we will discuss about generating more traffic to your website. We have already some related posts on the topics. But this post will focus on it from a marketing point-of-view, and will include some points not already discussed. It is such a vast topic that entire books have been dedicated to it. But we have put together a few keys steps you need to take in order for your traffic to start flowing.

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Top 4 Formulas to Make Money with YouTube by Uploading Videos in 2012

MakeMoneyYouTubeIf you want to become a true businessman, try to find how you can make money with everything you see. All of us aid ourselves daily with the YouTube Videos for something or the other but very few might have think about utilizing this amazing way to make money online. YouTube belongs to Google and you can highly trust it in starting a business with. All you need to do is to be creative enough and play with what people demands the most.

YouTube is becoming a viable marketing tool. It’s developing an audience that is interested in niche areas. Rather than hosting videos on your own site using tools like Wimpy Player or InstantVideoGenerator – consider hosting you videos on YouTube.

Here are some great ways by which you can make unlimited Dollars by simply uploading Trailers, tutorials and advertisements on YouTube!

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100 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers To Drive Traffic To a Blog! – Part 2

trafficIn my last post 100 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers To Drive Traffic To a Blog! – Part 1, I discussed 50 top advices given by the professional bloggers of the world. These tips are responsible for letting these best bloggers, make money online with a great efficiency.

Here are the remaining Best 50 tips that can bring you an immense traffic along with money, name, fame and success!

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100 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers To Drive Traffic To a Blog! – Part 1

 100 ways to bring TrafficThe most important factor that is needed all the time, consistently in a blogging career is the Traffic. The Traffic of any Blog or Website decides the success level of every webmaster and blogger. No matter how extraordinary your article or content is, but if you don’t have a traffic to read it and to promote it, you have simply wasted your time in writing it! However it’s a pity that In Pakistan and other undeveloped countries especially, most of the Bloggers serve 30% of their time in searching from where to get the contents, 20% on manipulating it,30% on its outlook, etc. and only 20% on bringing traffic and increasing viewership.

So, after reading the strategies followed by the pro-bloggers of the world, here I present 100 ways that the top bloggers of the world used and with that,you can Drive Traffic to your Blog too.

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Make Money Online Without Having a Website

make money without a websiteWith the enhancement of E-Business, Life is getting compact, introducing new, easy and comfortable ways to make money online. I have been discussing about a lot of such earning online methods in my previous posts but today I m in a different mood. I had always been in jeopardy whether to invest a considerably good amount on hosting or not. What if the blog turned into a total failure? What if I found later that no traffic is interested in my content? I m sure few of my readers who are still blogging on will agree with me here.

So for people like me, who are not ready initially to invest their money as well as time, I have a plan B for them.

You can make money online without making a website! That sounds amazing, isn’t? here are some proven techniques to make yourself rich, with no money investment.

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5 Best Tips To Make Money With Q&A Websites

Questions and AnswersIntelligent people never leave their questions unanswered and people are getting clever day by day. Internet has so much to serve you that is beyond your imaginations, Isn’t it? You find all your solutions by simply googling them. All those terminologies that you never knew and wouldn’t have ever known, you get a hold of them within the fraction of second by the Question and Answer sites that are available in bulk on the internet. These sites act like a forum where either you get your answers automatically,( if your question is pre-fed in that database) or through the members of that sites (Paid Employees, hired for this purpose only).

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10 Killer Tips and Tricks for Increasing Twitter Followers

How To Increase Twitter FollowersTwitter is growing rapidly and is fast becoming popular with the passage of time. It originally started off as a micro blogging platform where people could share their thoughts with others online without having to actually create a blog. Today, it has evolved into this social networking Giant, with tens of millions of member worldwide! In this post, we shall discuss some of the ways in which you can increase your popularity on Twitter.

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25 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free – Part1

Follow on Twitter

Social media has always taken up the internet market in its control, yesterday, it was orkut, today its Facebook, and tomorrow, its all Twitter!

Twitter is really a powerful tool for online social networking, It promotes your online work and helps you to know people in the  internet world around you. in order to maximize the use of twitter,all you need is to bring followers on the site. By having more people following you, there’s more probability that  will get to know about you! your interests and activities become popular amongst the people who are following you.

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