Do you know how to use HashTags in Google Plus and Pinterest?

hashtagsSocial Media has perhaps had more reformation than anything else, including the internet itself. Back in the days of Orkut and MySpace, it was much about finding and connecting with people out there. The social media of today though, has now become a world of its own. One of the most important features now is the live or real time search on social media. This was first introduced by Twitter in the form of the Hashtag. The Hashtag is a way of performing live search through unique algorithms that scan tweets and shares for hashtags present in them. This method has been adopted by many websites now, and looks like it’s growing in popularity. The Hashtag is an effective way of getting your tweets and shares noticed, and is a great social networking feature you can make use of. So are you using it effectively?

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5 Ways To Integrate Twitter With Your WordPress Site

Twitter WordPress integrationWordPress is a very large publishing platform that is powering hundreds of thousands of blogs. Hence, it is very popular. And so is Twitter. If you’re a blogger, then chances are, that you use Twitter for your updates and fan engagement, because Twitter undoubtedly is one of the best tools for building audience and socializing with others. You can use Twitter to divert some traffic to your blog, and also use your blog to direct potential followers to your Twitter profile. For that to work, you need to closely integrate your Twitter account with your WordPress site. Here, we will discuss the top 5 ways you can do that.

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Twitter To Start “People You May Know” Email Newsletter

Twitter email newslettersIn the era when Social Networking has turned into a basic necessity of life, the most efficient and quick method to communicate and stay updated is to join a social networking website and following it. While Facebook takes all the privilege to hold on all its users with the everyday launch of plugins and features to facilitate its users, Twitter comes next. Although this branch of Social media is yet not as popular in Asian Sub-continent, a huge list of people is still tweeting about things in the western world.

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20 Best Tips To Use Twitter For Researching

tips to research on twitterTwitter is the second largest social media network with over 500 Million active users. Over the years, it has adopted a concept much different from Facebook and other social media, and has become a news and research powerhouse. The fact that it allows messages, or ‘Tweets’, limited to 140 characters means it doesn’t have a lot of the noise other social networks have, what with the useless images, videos, and spam/scam lurking around (yes, I accuse Facebook!). According to statistics from Wikipedia, Twitter handles over 1.6 Billion search queries per day! This goes on to say that while companies largely use Facebook and other social media for promotional and marketing purposes, they use Twitter for sending out news and updates. Even celebrities use Twitter to keep their fans informed. Hence, Twitter can be used as a good source of information, and a good place to research. Here are some best tips to use Twitter for researching.

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Earn With Twitter’s Top Affiliate Programs in Pakistan

make money with twitter affiliate prgrams

Developing Countries like Pakistan are one of the major countries that are using social media but are still unaware of the miracles these social websites can do for them. Its important for people to understand how can they utilize their time as well as skills to make money online and meet up their livings. how would it sound if I tell you can actually get considerable amount of dollars from you most favorite social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Studies have shown that about 65% of the total youth of Pakistan, that has the access to the internet is on Facebook and Twitter, but still the idea of being an entrepreneur truly lacks and people are afraid of taking risks, in this case, not utilizing some best opportunities. At this time of life, where Pakistan already lacks in online money making opportunities due to the limitations that the outside world sometimes put on third world countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. its important for people to get some benefits for themselves, availing the opportunities. So coming back to the topic, we will discuss today how that   You can earn a huge amount with Twitter with methods that are secure and reliable.

Earning with Twitter is possible with affiliated Programs that not only generates revenue for you, but also a great number of followers, further increasing your popularity.

How To Auto Publish Twitter Updates on Facebook?

Publish tweets on FacebookFacebook and Twitter are the most widely used social networks around the world. Most people using Twitter, use Facebook as well. For bloggers, having profiles on both the networks is a must. And even for other people, social networks have become an important part of their lives. Sharing thoughts, interests and stuff has become a major part of social interactions. In case you are active on both the social networks, you might have wondered whether you could publish stuff on both simultaneously. Previously, I talked about how you could publish your Facebook posts on Twitter. Now, we’ll travel in the opposite direction, i.e. how to automatically publish Twitter feed on your Facebook Profiles and Pages.

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How To Auto Publish Facebook Posts On Twitter?

Publish Facebook posts on TwitterFacebook and Twitter are the two most widely used social networks all over the world. Facebook has over 800 million active users, while Twitter enjoys a lesser, but no less modest 140 million active users (both as of March 2012). While Facebook is mostly for connecting friends and family, Twitter is more centered towards marketing products and interacting / providing information and updates to your followers. Twitter, then,is the most essential tool in a blogger’s toolkit. Wouldn’t it be nice if your Facebook updates are automatically published on Twitter?

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