Why Facebook Mobile-App Use Increased 115% in 2013?

Why facebook mobile-app use increased in 2013Facebook Inc. is one of those self-made companies which have enjoyed the best of their lucks initially in their career but when it comes to the progress report of Facebook only, the statistics show a huge variation in terms of no. of users and its overall popularity.

Now that the year 2013 has bid us a final goodbye, it seems interesting to see that this year only has increased the use of Facebook mobile app up to 115% as compared to its utilization back in 2012. Big Social media sites are busy cracking this news and here we are with some decent reasons that why Facebook Mobile-App Use Increased 115% in 2013 actually.

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What Stopped Snapchat from Selling itself to Facebook?

What Stopped Snapchat from selling itself to FacebookFacebook comes with a new business surprise each year. Whether it be the great Facebook graph search or be its Instagram deal, Facebook seems to know what move would bring it a considerable profit. If you have been finding about the social media updates last December, you might have heard about the offer as high as $3 Billions, which was given by Facebook to Snapchat developers lately. If you have missed it somehow, here is even a cherry on the cake, snapchat refused the offer for reasons quite justified.

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Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014?

Will Twitter defeat Facebook in 2014This is certainly the biggest question of 2014 where one finds himself completely confused about the status of the two mentioned social media sites and their future. Social Media is the most powerful and impactful word being used in Today’s Era. The way people interact has been drastically changed by the two most widely used tools “Twitter” and “Facebook”. These are the tools through which people portray their lives in front of others. Both the social networking sites are different in many ways but the experts keep comparing them.

However, the answer to this question is” Yes” and “No” both. So let us see where is it Yes? and where is it No?

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How Facebook Uses your Personal Pictures in Ads?

How Facebook Uses your Personal Pictures in AdsFacebook is growing each day and so are the risks that your social existence is no more a private affair. Facebook, as a part of its progress strategy has rephrased its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” policy at the end of August where the team has proclaimed at cut that all the content and information which the user shares on Facebook is a Facebook property, which the team can use as per the requirement of the idea of globalizing the social media and bringing the world at a point-Facebook.

It was Facebook graph search previously where we discussed how all your private data, say your whereabouts, your check-in details are been shared by friends and friends of friends, and most alarming news here is that your profile photo also appears with the Ads which Facebook shows.

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4 Instagram Critical Threats to User Privacy!

Instagram Critical Threats TO USER PRIVACYIt would take ages if we start discussing the pros and cons of how technology is affecting the world and lives of individuals in general but the debate won’t get settled anywhere. These days when the social networking has turned into the prime medium under the slogan of keeping world connected, what naïve users are encountering every second is a threat to privacy which is getting harder day by day to maintain if you are into online sharing world.

We have been sharing much about the online photo sharing website Instagram with you all and have also shared a great deal on how the tool can be used a business generating platform, but here we are again with all our concern towards our precious readers’ privacy and security.

Here are 4 Instagram critical threats to user privacy, read them carefully!

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Twitter in 2013

10 most popular people on Twitter Twitter is the most popular social network after Facebook and perhaps Google Plus. The user base has crossed over half a billion and is growing at a rapid rate. Twitter is the one-stop location for famous celebrities for interacting with their fans and is also somehow preferred over Facebook for that purpose. Known unofficially as “SMS of the internet”, Twitter gets over 350 million tweets and over 1.6 billion search queries per day. Almost all of the known celebrities have their Twitter pages which helps them to keep up with their fans in an efficient manner. Let’s take a look at the most popular people on Twitter based on the number of followers

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“Not Satisfied with the Privacy Control of Facebook”, Sean Parker!

Sean Parker  privacy control issueWhat you create today can be a disaster for you tomorrow if future possibilities are not predicted beforehand. Something very similar has had happened with Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook and one of the Young billionaire entrepreneurs on earth. The man who has been contributing in the online social platforms developments including Napster computer services for file sharing, the founder of Plaxo, Causes and Airtime, is now not happy with a disaster he has created, which surely is a privacy threat to people associated with it. Parker, though having the slightest idea of the situation from the start has now spoken out in the world, expressing his words by writing a 9000+ word document to TechCrunch.com where he has explained how dangerous social media can be in terms of harming your online reputation and turning you into a public figure.

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10 ways to get more business on Twitter!

online-make-money-with-twitterSocial media can do wonders for you if you know how to cash this online platform to get work for yourself. We have been talking about Facebook, being the primary source when it comes to social media, however, what many of you might not know is the fact that even twitter is a decent choice to get a hold of opportunities to enhance your earnings. It is to be noted that due to the real-world constraints and difficult job situations in the market, finding a relevant job that lets you utilize your talent is something hard to find.

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4 Social Media Sites You can Make Money with!

images (1)Technology has changed the lives of the people in a big way. It has enabled them to gather information from around the globe and stay in touch with their friends and relatives through the internet especially social media which has really been a revolution. It has evolved over the past few years from a source of fun and gossip among friends to playing a handy role in bringing political changes across different countries. But one aspect of social media still neglected by many is the financial turnaround it has brought in people’s life. Now you need not to have a large sum of money to start a business. You can do it with a PC and access to a social networking site.

Now we shall look at the impact of various social media sites in changing the financial destiny of people.

3 Things you can do on LinkedIn

linkedInHow strange is the fact that despite of having endless opportunities on different social networking sites, all we find on internet is ‘Facebook’. We have been sharing some quality posts, highlighting other social media to increase opportunities and awareness and this time it is LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be considered as one of those social sites that has got all the potential to bring you some great job offers and let you create a social circle that would be as professional as you want it to be. The site is somehow under-rated but here are three interesting things you should do on LinkedIn.

Have a look!

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5 Ways to Unfriend someone on Facebook!

delete irritating friends on facebookSome friends can be really annoying, they keep posting on your wall even when they are actually sitting in a restaurant or driving. Unfriending such friends on Facebook are like life-long tag of being rude and ignorant. Obviously everyone of us wan to stay sweet, especially on Social networking sites, All you need to do is to be smart in what you do, and especially when it comes about unfriending a friend, never ever ignore or press the hazardous unfriend button, follow the sweet tackles and enjoy not be ignorant but when you are actually ignorant!

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5 Tips to find Freelance Clients on Twitter!

freelance clients at twitterSocial media can be used as one of the strongest weapons against being unemployed and attract potential clients by promoting your talent on the social networking sites. It is to be corrected that though Facebook is the largest and the most popular social media site, the world doesn’t ends there.In fact, looking it the other way, you would find that Facebook is getting over populated, saturating the job markets for you. What you need to know is, even Twitter is a good option for finding clients for your freelance career.

Here are 5 Basic tips you need to follow in order to give a proper shape to your online image in the world of Twitter!

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