Turn Your Words into Cash by Selling Your Writings To The Top 5 Sites!

write articles and sell them for money!A writer is a very powerful person in the online world. Why? Because he writes! The fact that you are reading this very post means that content was what you were looking for; something to read! And since words are all you have while interacting with your audience, they should be the best you can offer. Hence, a good writer is a heavy-weight in this web-sphere. And unique content is his key to success.

Are you a writer? If you have the necessary skills, you can use them to earn some bucks while sitting in the comfort of your living room! Write quality articles on various topics, and sell them! Here, we will share the top 5 such sites where you can sell your articles and writings and get paid for them.

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Make Money Online Without Having a Website

make money without a websiteWith the enhancement of E-Business, Life is getting compact, introducing new, easy and comfortable ways to make money online. I have been discussing about a lot of such earning online methods in my previous posts but today I m in a different mood. I had always been in jeopardy whether to invest a considerably good amount on hosting or not. What if the blog turned into a total failure? What if I found later that no traffic is interested in my content? I m sure few of my readers who are still blogging on Blogspot.com will agree with me here.

So for people like me, who are not ready initially to invest their money as well as time, I have a plan B for them.

You can make money online without making a website! That sounds amazing, isn’t? here are some proven techniques to make yourself rich, with no money investment.

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Tired of your website? Sell it and Earn Money with Flippa!

Flippa - Buy and Sell websitesEveryone knows that you can earn money by selling advertisements on websites etc. right? But have you ever thought about whether you can sell an entire website? Well, yes you can! A website (or blog) is, after all, a business. And like any other business, it can be bought and sold as well for a profit!

For any business transactions, you need a marketplace to buy and sell items. Flippa is just such a marketplace. It is a Website and Domain flipping website (hence the name ‘Flippa”). In simple terms, you can buy or sell a website on this platform. Recently, flipping websites has become quite a lucrative business. You can buy a website, renovate it and sell it for a profit. Alternatively, you can sell your unwanted sites to earn some extra bucks.

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Use Social Enterprise Strategy and Become Successful!

Social Enterprise networksTo achieve something bigger tomorrow, you need to do clear planning today. In most of my articles I have tried to share some good methods to earn online. But once you establish your own set up. You need to think wider, and for that you need a strong Social enterprise.

Social Enterprise is an organization that applies business strategies to achieve generous goals. It provides an opportunity to customers to get closer to their favorite brands. The consumers get some means to convey their feedbacks and their queries. On the other hand, the companies get served too. It expands the voice of the customer and allows them to improve their customer service. These in return, maximize their sale through new channels and even progresses employee satisfaction.

Top 10 Richest Companies In The World in 2012

Every company or business sets out goals to achieve. Whether they meet them or not, is another matter. But there’s almost always a standard out there with which companies compare themselves. But some companies don’t compare themselves with an standards. They make their own! And they are usually the ones at the top of the food chain! So today, we’ll tell you about some of the Giants. So read on and be inspired!

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