How to Shop Online in Pakistan without Using Paypal?

paypal boundedBusy schedules have given a rise to the online shopping schemes and now, the first priority is given to the e-commerce market these days. PayPal is the most widely used online international payment processor but unfortunately their services are not available to Pakistan.

money-transferIn my last post, I shared few tricks to have your own PayPal Account in Pakistan, but today, I have decided to let you know about some great alternatives of PayPal that can make your life easy in online transactions if you are living in Pakistan.

Although few international online markets do not accept any alternatives but keep their business dealings only with PayPal, you can still find these alternatives very useful in making you survive in most of the cases.

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Create and Use PayPal Account in Pakistan without getting banned in 2012

money onlineAround 75% of the online money transactions are now made by PayPal. PayPal is a great and widely used service throughout the world. But again, our Pakistan is deprived of this service just like other important services. At this stage, when e-commerce has become famous, with websites that accepts payment either via credit cards or PayPal. Few of you may question that when life is moving towards trouble-free and easy ways, why we don’t go for the alternatives. Alternatives are a good way to escape, but again they are ALTERNATIVES and do not work every time.

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