Send and Receive Money Through Payoneer, A Smart Option For Freelancers

PayoneerFreelancing is supposed to be simple. Work, and get paid. Right? Well, being a freelancer, getting paid isn’t as simple as it sounds, because for most freelancers, the money comes from abroad. This opens up a whole new inventory of problems, such as non-availability of certain services such as PayPal, varying currencies, high transfer fees, long transfer times, and so on. While PayPal is said to be the world leader in the transfer of funds, it isn’t available everywhere. Welcome Payoneer, another popular international payment distribution solution. With its Local Bank Transfer and its widely popular Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, it can rightly be considered as a serious alternative to PayPal. Whether you are a freelancer, or just someone wanting to send or receive money internationally, Payoneer can be a good option to go with.

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Western Union: Send And Receive Money In Pakistan

Western UnionThe absence of some easy money-transfer services in Pakistan, such as PayPal, make it difficult for people to send and receive money globally. And it’s not just online shopping enthusiasts that feel the need for a more substantial method of sending out money. Freelancers are increasingly finding their choices limited due to the absense of PayPal, since most major freelancing websites and companies pay through PayPal. And since the IT industry in such countries is on the rise, this is a serious limiting factor. For such people, Western Union can be an option. It can be used to send out and also receive money internationally. It is also useful for people working abroad who need to send money back to their families in their home country.

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Send And Receive Money Online With Payza In PayPal Restricted Countries

PayzaAs the web grows, so does the eCommerce industry. It is fast becoming the preferred way of fund transfers and transactions. The IT industry is growing as well, especially in developing countries such Pakistan and Bangladesh etc, giving rise to the freelancing trend. This makes it difficult, often impossible, for people in developing countries to send or receive payments online, especially where PayPal, the world’s largest payment processor, is not available. Hence the need for an alternative method of transferring money. Payza is one great such alternative. It allows payment transfers for people in many countries where PayPal isn’t available.

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Moneybookers: Send and Receive Money Online in India

MoneyBookerscin india online moneyWhen it comes to making money online, there is one thing you need to have and that is an online account to send and receive money online. However, countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan are still deprived of the PayPal facility, making it extremely difficult to avail online opportunities. Due to the unavailability of PayPal, the entrepreneurs find themselves in a confusing state, thinking hard to decide which alternative to go for. We have been sharing alternates of PayPal with our readers and now it’s time to know all about Moneybookers.

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3 Ways To Turn Your Hobby into Home Business

MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR HOBBIESHow appealing the idea would be if I start earning for the piano I love to play, or the sketching I do in my free times. Good news is that it’s all possible. If you are talented enough to have a command on your favorite hobby, then you can always turn into a lucky one who govern their business from their living rooms and generate enough revenue to keep themselves pleased with their hobby. It’s true that your productivity is always double in tasks you love to do. To make it simpler, think for a second about a scenario where you have two options to earn same amount, where the first option is what you really love doing and the second one is what hardly ever clicked you, obviously you will go with the first one.

Believing on this ideology, here are three effective tips that can make your passion, an earning source for you where you can make huge money from your home depending how productive your talent turns out to be.

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Finding Hot Money Making Products to Sell On eBay!

make money on eBaySelling products on auction websites is one of the many ways you can earn money while sitting at home. And eBay is the largest auction website in the world, and also one of the oldest since it started in 1995. Selling on eBay is much like selling in any marketplace, minus the cost, and of course the time and effort. With a bit of ingenuity, you can make your own real estate business, except that it will deal with products on eBay rather than lands and properties. Here, we’ll talk about how to go about buying and selling products, and how to find hot, money making products on eBay.

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Some Recent ECommerce Trends Businesses Need To Be Aware Of

eCommerce trendsECommerce was born a few years after the invention of the Internet in 1989. It remained a fledgling initially, as web technology was limited. But over the past decade or so, it has grown exponentially, transforming the way businesses work and taking the fight to the next level. And along the way, it has been changing, evolving into what it is now. Today, in North America, 83% of the people have made online purchases at some point. Compare that to the total number of online users, and you can see where this is going. In 2012 in the U.S alone, eCommerce sales are projected to reach $226 Billion. Hence, this is one industry that’s not just here to stay, but also to grow, which it is, rapidly, for the past few years.

Ecommerce has evolved over the course of time, and it will continue doing so since it is subject to the evolution of technology, among other things. Here are some emerging eCommerce trends businesses should take note of, as they might help them better reach out to their customers.

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How to increase E-commerce Business Website Sales?

eCommerceECommerce is getting more and more popular from the past few years. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and is going only one way, up! Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent online each year. And with such exponential growth patterns, taking advantage of the opportunity would be a smart move. Selling products online has emerged as a major source of income for many businesses and people. If you have an online store for selling products and services, then you can benefit from this post. We will discuss how you can increase your e-sales, and how to increase your subscribers and conversions, since those are the keys to the success of an online business.

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Google Merchant Center: How to Promote a Product and Drive Free Traffic

Google Merchant CenterAs the eCommerce industry grows, so does the competition for online dominance. eCommerce is now being widely used, and is growing exponentially. It is estimated that in North America, around 83% of the people have made some transaction or another online. Hence, be it a digital or physical product, online shopping is the trend these days. Google has now introduce a new service called Google Merchant Center that will help product sellers to utilize this opportunity and promote their products on the world’s largest search engine. Just as Google Places can help local business to expand their outreach, so can Google Merchant Center help merchants to effectively promote the products they sell.

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Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in the World

top 10 online shopping websitesOnline shopping has become extremely popular these days, especially in developed countries. This is mainly due to the inconveniences faced by people when shopping in a supermarket. It is busy, it is tiring and hectic, and it is sometimes over priced. As a result, more and more people are now buying products online to save themselves all the trouble. In the year 2011, online sales crossed more than $230 Billion in the U.S alone! And approximately 83% of the people in North America have used online shopping at some point. Such big numbers means that online shopping has evolved into a huge market, and it is growing fast!

Online stores that have established themselves are making tonnes of money off this market. And many relatively newer players have entered the fray as well. Unfortunately, that also means that there are tonnes of scam and fraud websites that are stealing money from credit cards. You don’t need to worry about this though. It’s our job to find reliable and legit eCommerce websites for you. Your job is just to head over to these sites and shop! So here are the top 10 online retailer stores in the world!

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Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in India

Buy products online in IndiaOnline shopping is becoming more and more popular these days. In developing countries such as India, this trend has risen in the past few years. Lesser and lesser people now want to go out in the crowded streets and buy goods. Indeed, the population has grown so much that large cities and metropolitan, where most major electronics and other stores are, have become jam packed. Traffic conditions are bad, and it takes a lot of time and effort just to commute to those stores. Then, there’s a chance the product you are looking for isn’t available. And at these stores, not all the specifications are available to the customers.

Why then should you bother going all the way down to the stores, when the products can come right at your doorstep? There’s a plethora of websites where you can buy products online. Not all of them are good, but here, we have picked out the top 10 online stores that are good and reliable.

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10 Big Online Shopping Stores in Dubai

Shop Online in DubaiDubai has transformed fast from a land of sand dunes to a city of high rise buildings and sky scrappers. Indeed, it has become one of the major economic hubs of the world. Not only that, it has also evolved into one of the largest shopping hubs in the world! Millions of tourists arrive each year, some of them just to shop for stuff in the large and exquisite malls of Dubai, where you cal find anything in the world, from clothes and jewellery to consumer electronics to luxury or sports cars, all in the best quality, and at a decent price. Besides the large shopping malls and plazas, there are numerous online shopping stores as well where you can order almost anything you can find in the malls. In some ways, shopping online might be better than at those malls. So here is a list of the top shopping malls in Dubai you can order things from.

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