Alternatives To eBay In Pakistan

eCommerceGone are the days when you had to visit a major market and browse through stuff to buy something. This is the digital era, and you can now buy stuff online while sitting on your couch in your living room! Making transactions online is known as eCommerce. The eCommerce industry is a multi-billion dollar industry (larger than $100 billion!) and growing fast with an estimated annual of growth of a staggering 70%! Approximately, 75% of the transaction is the U.S. are made by eCommerce! Hence, the world is fast moving towards the online shopping culture. However, such services are limited in Pakistan. Which is why we will discuss about online shopping and eCommerce in Pakistan.

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How Can College Students Sell T-Shirts online and Make Money in 2012

MAKE MONEY WITH T-SHIRTSLately my classmates planned to order some customized T-Shirts for the entire batch and the thought of T-Shirts and the Money Making Business linked in my mind. Today’s generation is fond of maintaining itself, following the latest trends of fashion. The Custom made t-shirts are fun to wear, helping you to personalize your dressing according to your moods. At the same time they look extremely stylish and trendy too. Thinking from a professional perspective, it is one of the great sources to promote the products and advertise the goods or services.

Forget about the fashion; forget about the advertising at the moment. Think about how can it be productive for you? How can generate some dollars for you? Being a student, you cannot start a t-shirt business physically (lack of finance, lack of expertise, lack of experience, etc.) but you can still make money. It is a very profitable business and the top online t-shirt companies are making millions every year.

Learn how you can make Money Online by Selling T-Shirts:-

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Make Money in 2012 by Filling Free Online Surveys!

EARN WITH FREE SURVEYSNot ready for Blogs, domains, freelancing, advertising, etc.? Then take online surveys! People often assume that online money making involve a lot of time, hard work and consistency like maintaining a blog or writing articles on daily basis, etc. and avoid taking the advantage of one of the best businesses ever introduced on earth. It’s true that somehow people, who want to get benefitted, cannot do so because all this is time consuming. Keeping their dilemma in to consideration, here, I present a very easy way to increase your earnings. Utilize you spare times and generate an extra cash.

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Tired of your website? Sell it and Earn Money with Flippa!

Flippa - Buy and Sell websitesEveryone knows that you can earn money by selling advertisements on websites etc. right? But have you ever thought about whether you can sell an entire website? Well, yes you can! A website (or blog) is, after all, a business. And like any other business, it can be bought and sold as well for a profit!

For any business transactions, you need a marketplace to buy and sell items. Flippa is just such a marketplace. It is a Website and Domain flipping website (hence the name ‘Flippa”). In simple terms, you can buy or sell a website on this platform. Recently, flipping websites has become quite a lucrative business. You can buy a website, renovate it and sell it for a profit. Alternatively, you can sell your unwanted sites to earn some extra bucks.

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Use Social Enterprise Strategy and Become Successful!

Social Enterprise networksTo achieve something bigger tomorrow, you need to do clear planning today. In most of my articles I have tried to share some good methods to earn online. But once you establish your own set up. You need to think wider, and for that you need a strong Social enterprise.

Social Enterprise is an organization that applies business strategies to achieve generous goals. It provides an opportunity to customers to get closer to their favorite brands. The consumers get some means to convey their feedbacks and their queries. On the other hand, the companies get served too. It expands the voice of the customer and allows them to improve their customer service. These in return, maximize their sale through new channels and even progresses employee satisfaction.

TOP 10 Richest People of America In 2012

RICHEST AMERICANThere is no Doubt that The United States of America is more or less ruling the world. This super power has the strongest economy, and the nation’s wealthiest top ten personalities are worth a combined $1.53 trillion. I’ m getting too obsessed these days to find more and more about the richest people of the World. Learning from their lives, experiences and strategies, you will surely find a self motivating power within you that is the only key to achieve your goals.

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Top 10 Richest People of Pakistan in 2012

top 10 pakistan's richest peoplePakistan is one of those active countries that stay in limelight for something smaller or bigger, all the time. Sometimes, it’s either known for its economical crisis or for the political instability. In short this third world country manages somehow to be a hot topic. Recently, I shared the latest top ten richest people of the world, and that created an urge within me to find about my own home country. It’s really interesting to compare the numeric figures of the richest man of the world, i.e. Carlos Slim Heli of Mexico with a wealth of $ 74 Billion with Pakistan’s wealthiest man, Mian Muhammad Mansha, who has the worth of $ 2.5 Billion!

Here are the Top Ten Mr. Richie Richs of Pakistan. You will find yourself thrilled by the end of the article, for sure!

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TOP 10 Richest People of 2012 – and their Secrets!

rich people It is important to have some inspiration in life because its human nature that we want to become like what we the same time, all my readers on this blog intend to earn – and earn a lot. keeping this thought in mind, here, I present the top ten richest personalities of the world in 2012, key to successalong with their strategies to make al this possible for them.

lets have a look on the countdown!

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How to Shop Online in Pakistan without Using Paypal?

paypal boundedBusy schedules have given a rise to the online shopping schemes and now, the first priority is given to the e-commerce market these days. PayPal is the most widely used online international payment processor but unfortunately their services are not available to Pakistan.

money-transferIn my last post, I shared few tricks to have your own PayPal Account in Pakistan, but today, I have decided to let you know about some great alternatives of PayPal that can make your life easy in online transactions if you are living in Pakistan.

Although few international online markets do not accept any alternatives but keep their business dealings only with PayPal, you can still find these alternatives very useful in making you survive in most of the cases.

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Most Popular Fiverr Gigs in 2012!

FiverrFiverr is one of the world’s largest online marketplace where you can outsource or buy products and services for a small price of $5. It started off in 2010 as a micro-contracting platform. Since then, it has hosted more than 500,000 gigs (or jobs). In this article, we will talk about the top gis in 2012, and we will also discuss some ways in which you cam also make your gigs popular.

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Earn a fiver at FiverrAre you new to the online money-making world? Or are you looking for some quick extra bucks? If so, then Fiverr is the thing for you!! Get your free-lancing career started at! Quite simply, is where you can earn a fiverr (five dollars). You can either work for the $5, or get a job done in $5.

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