Enjoy Targeted Advertising Using Facebook

Facebook adsRecently, the studies have shown that Facebook is enjoying being one of the best targeted marketing and advertising applications on the internet. We have seen a trend of Facebook marketing growing rapidly in past few months. Now, the Facebook marketing holds the same importance as any other means of Marketing. The Marketers are keen utilize the social media to increase their followership as well as productivity. It’s interesting to know that Ads can be run on a per-impression or per-click time frame on this social media forum, providing the best opportunity for the marketers as well as the clients to interact with one another and enjoy the two way benefit. Moreover, enjoying the privilege of being the largest social media across the globe, marketers can address huge audience further increasing the business.

Just like billboards, news papers and television advertising,  Facebook can be use as one of the most powerful media for advertising because of the following reasons:

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Top 10 Richest Movie Directors in 2012

top 10 richest directorsWe saw in our detailed posts on richest actors, actresses, etc., that celebrities are making really huge money along with never ending fan following and ultimate fame. Have you ever thought of the fact that when the online celebrities are earning so much, the people who are actually paying them and those who are responsible behind the fame of them, how much rich would they be? To answer this, Here is a list of top 10 richest Movie Directors, who have been entertaining you with their magnificent work and have made enough revenue for them to be cherished.

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Top 10 Tips On Picking The Perfect Affiliate Program!

Choosing Affiliate ProgramAffiliate Marketing is one of the many ways you can monetize your blog to earn money. Although a little bit similar to other advertising options, Affiliate advertisement has a world of its own. It requires a whole new and different marketing approach. And it has a huge potential, if realized correctly. Affiliate ads can earn a lot more for you than normal ads. But it takes a lot of hard work and precision. Before you consider affiliate marketing, however, the first thing you need to think about is choosing a proper affiliate program. If you get this step right, the ‘precision’ part of your campaign is well underway. Here are some tips that can guide you through the process of choosing the perfect affiliate program.

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How To Get Google AdSense Approved In India Fast?

Google AdSenseGoogle Adsense is one of the top leading higher revenue sharing publisher network on web. I hope that you are already familiar with Google Adsense and that lead you to read this post. Am I right??. As you all know that there are many alternatives to Google Adsense but none of them can compete with Adsense which have the highest CTR and pays highest revenue all over the web. But getting approved by Google Adsense is not at all a simple task and it lacks a lot of criteria.

I noticed huge number of bloggers stating that Google Adsense is pretty strict with adsense application sent by India and china bloggers as these countries have been effected by fraud clicks issue. These gossips have spread all over the blogosphere and there are plenty of questions on various forums like Google Adsense forum regarding this issue.

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Why You Wouldn’t Like Google AdSense?

Google AdSenseBlogging is one big thing. The people who understands the complete meaning of blogging will always get success in their online venture, but for people who have started a blog just for the sake of earning money, without knowing anything about blogging will only become friends with failure. Not even such newbie bloggers, but also people who are well aware of blogging will think of monetizing their blog. Ask any blogger you know, which program do want to monetize your blog and the ultimate answer will be Google Adsense.

Frankly saying even I also entered the blogosphere with an aim to earn some quick bucks but as I got more and more exposed to blogging, I understood it is not just about making money but it is something that connects you with different people in the world. My main aim was to get approval from Adsense but today, for me, money making has a completely different meaning. Now I don’t like Adsense at all. Forget about Adsense, I don’t like PPC ads. Why is it so ?? Well, read on.

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Top Ways To Make Money Online by Uploading Files on utorrent in 2012

Earn with UTORRENTBitTorrent (often abbreviated to ‘BT’) is a protocol that allows you to download files quickly and efficiently. It is a peer to peer protocol, which means you download and upload to other people downloading the same file. We all have been using this great service on daily basis but many of us wouldn’t have thought about earning money with it. To be honest, this method is somehow a little uncommon but those who are utilizing it are playing with cash. Uploading files to torrents and earning money from it is not as difficult as the word torrent seems to appear in your mind.

Here are simple steps that will guide you in making money with U-Torrent within two to three hours!

How To Increase FACEBOOK LIKES For Blog Articles – Secret Reloaded!

get likes for articlesThe power of social media, especially Facebook is a great tool for bloggers. This is the reason every blog have social buttons, which however are left unused most of the times, simply not bringing any good. Revealing my secret, today, I will share will you all an efficient technique to increase Facebook like for your article on daily basis. It’s important to know what good will it brings out for you. Well, when you share your article on your Facebook wall, you are actually promoting your article – and – blog to your friend list, letting them know about your piece of work. When people click on your shared link, they are diverted to your blog, hence increasing your page rankings and blog traffic.

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Top 30 Tips to Increase Income with Google Adsense – Latest Reveal!Part 1

google adsense tipssSmartearningmethods is planning to add Google Adsense soon to the site and hence taking a smarter move, I decided to share how one can enhance his earnings with Google Adsense. Google Adsense brings huge revenue but keep this thing in mind that Adsense plays differently everywhere. There are many factors behind it but we will not go in details at the moment.

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5 Best Tips to Advertise your Website with Offline Marketing and Enjoy Huge Traffic – 2012

offline marketingAn online business does not mean that all your marketing strategies are just limited to the online world. It’s certainly bigger than that. When you decide to start your e-business, you are actually deciding to opt for something really challenging where you have to focus on online – as well as the offline market to survive. Promoting your website offline is just as important as an online marketing campaign. There are possibilities that your potential customers might not be too frequent users of the internet, exploring much about your niche. How to spread the word to them? Offline Marketing is the only Solution.

You need to understand that the URL of your Company (your website/ Blog – I will refer it as your company) is the key feature that needs to be in the limelight, followed by your Niche. The more exposure your URL receives the more traffic you will send to your website.

However, it’s a pity that many professional bloggers, sometimes lack in offline marketing of their sites. It’s important to identify the importance that an offline promotion of your website holds.

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5 Tips to promote your e- sales with an Influential Business Card!

business CardA clever approach to market your e- business to get a good traffic, you need to work on its promotion in the physical world too. The traces of your existence in the real world makes people believe in your separate entity to let people know about yourself and assure that they remember about you, integrate customized business cards into your professional and personal marketing efforts to avail the guaranteed success via every possible mean.

Here, we will discuss some great techniques to make your Business Card an effective one. I have seen business cards of big people with nothing attractive in it, so if you plan to run a business, you really need to know the following tactics that you should consider:

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Google AdSense Evil Effects Revealed–see The Other Side – 2012

google adverse effectsIn few recent years we have seen a huge trend of making money online and people enjoying this money making business by simply adding Advertisements on their blogs and websites and generating a considerable amount of money for every click on these Ads. There is no doubt that even the Professional bloggers have a great urge for these advertisements that the Google AdSense offers. It’s my firm believe that every good thing brings its adverse affect along, and this implies here too.

We will discuss something very strange, yet true about the Google AdSense.

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