T20 WORLD CUP 2012: Pakistan VS India Highlights

pakistan india icc match highlightsThe world is now all alarmed with the latest ICC World twenty20 cricket tournament which was scheduled in Sri Lanka with 12 teams trying their luck to win a trophy for their country. The match becomes more than a game when Pakistan faces India on the pitch, making it a battlefield for both of the nations. The match that was scheduled on 30th September between both the countries has now come to an end, declaring India as the winner of the match with 8 Wickets.              .

The Spark!

It was in the World Cup 2012’s Semi final that the two countries faced each other where India was able to steal a beautiful victory, giving a serious time to the Pakistani players and making their way all clear to the World cup trophy. Pakistan, however looks determine to make sure that the trophy goes with them, after their marvelous victory in the Asia Cup of 2012. Not only this, but India was all under pressure already as Pakistan has had been winning flawlessly in the consecutive three matches that it had played in this ICC series.

1st Innings

It seems that Pakistan was all lucky in the beginning and won the toss and elected to bat. M. Hafeez and I Nazeer finally hit the silence by opening the match, creating a hope for all the Pakistanis in front of their TV Screens that they would make a difference in the history of cricket this time.

india and Pakistan in ICC 2012

However, it turned out really shocking when the first two wickets went down within first two overs, where Imran Nazir lost his wicket with 8 runs in 5 balls, followed by Shahid Afridi, who could only make 14 runs, disappointing his fans dramatically.

shahid Afridi in ICC world cup 2012

One after another the wickets fall in an attempt of power play from the Pakistani batsman, and the match turned into a complicated one when Shoaib Malik and Umer Akmal too failed to survive, leaving the last two players with a score of 115 with 17 overs gone and 7 wickets down.

Mahendra singh Dhoni

Finally, the innings come to an end with 128 runs at the cost of 9 Wickets, leaving India with a run rate of 6.51, setting a target of 129 runs for India.

2nd Innings

Although after the first inning, the results were quite expected in favor of India, Both the teams seemed determined to make their way towards the victory. The match was a critical one for India as it was a must-win tie for it. With few amendments in the team, India sent Gambhir and Sehwag as openers and lost the first wicket in the first over itself, replacing Gambhir with Kohli.

Pakistan was eager to try all its best and fielded well in the first three overs, where Raza Hasan was highly appreciated for his bowling. India could only make 11 runs in the first three.

india pakistan match


However, Kohli-Sehwag partnership went smooth, helping India to make 36 runs in 6 overs, with the loss of only one wicket. India Continued having a grip on the match and within the 9 overs, India only needed 77 runs from 70 Balls, with only 1 wicket down. The victory was evident; still, the climax was unknown.

India maintained its pace and by the end of 12th over, India needed 43 runs from 44 balls without loosing any other wicket than the first one.

It was in 16th over that India finally dropped its second wicket with a score of 110, where it needed 19 runs from 30 balls.

India Won the match in 17th over with the loss of only two wickets.

Congratulations India for the Victory,

Best Wishes.

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