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fb timeline into emailEach day is turning out to be happening for Facebook users. The walling on Facebook had certainly taken an upper hand on the messaging and emailing services that are also provided by this huge social media- the Facebook. The latest attempt by Facebook to make email addresses reliable throughout the site, has that the company will going to merge the distinctive URLs and Facebook email addresses of its users. This leads, making the Facebook profile of the Facebook users more customized and authentic, giving a massive boost to the mailing services.

For the Facebook users who have had already specified their email addresses in their profile are simply not going to be effected with the new revolution. However, those users that didn’t specify their Facebook email address and distinctive URL will be notified on their home screens, strongly recommending them to do so.

timeline and email adress linked

Facebook provides a screenshot of what the notification will look like, offering users a choice to change the way that people reach them on the social network:

To make you remember, this is not the first time Facebook thought something similar to it. The only intention Facebook has revealed to have is, to make the friends search on Facebook easier. It’s the third smart move taken by Facebook, first being in 2009 where users were allowed to use their custom user names in spite of their email address (like Then in 2010, the instant messaging in terms of dedicated messaging platforms were offered to the Facebook users, making the messaging open for all, where people outside the Facebook were made allowed to send messages to their Facebook friends, using their Facebook IDs on Facebook.

With this unique timeline and email linking, the notifications on a friend’s timeline will remind users that Facebook’s messaging system exists, leaving the option to start interacting with the friend.

It has normally been seen that people often show some reluctance when it comes to adopting changes, especially when they are way happy enough with their existing services being availed. Here the barriers are existing Gmail, yahoo and Hotmail Email accounts that have kept their users tightly bounded. There are possibilities that users might find it unwelcoming as compared to the other mailing platforms.

Facebook has always given a huge priority in globalizing the Facebook craze, often focusing on people outside of any social media. if you are a Facebook Freak, you need to avail this outstanding opportunity to make your Facebook profile globalize. Choose an email address if you haven’t done so.

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  1. Someone had sent me an email using Gmail to my Facebook’s email. (Result : Undelivered….)
    For a business, using FB mail to another FB email account best .
    “you need to avail this outstanding opportunity”
    I love this quote ( me,and Many don’t use it well…),
    just finish watching The Social Network , simply Awesome !(unbelievably late haha 🙂

  2. I didn’t get any such message ………….
    Maybe I already have provided my e-mail address in my account. By the way another nice post from you.
    Keep up the good work !!!!!!!

  3. Nice move by facebook bt I havn’t experienced this kind of screenshot on my account.
    And It seems you are working much on facebook, most of your recent posts are on facebook, thanks for sharing facebook secrets.

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