2013 Rich List of Survey Sites to Boost Income

survey sites to boost incomeConducting online surveys and getting paid in return of investing a few hours of your life is a great way to get your hands on some additional income. If you are a busy student or a money-lover anyway, taking online surveys by registering on some decent survey sites is a productive way to enhance your pocket money. There are big companies owners who want to know their customers’ feedback and for this they offer some price for people like you to do their work.

Here are 25 worth-following best paid Survey sites to boost income, have a look!

1)Phor Tech

Phor Tech maintains secret identity of individuals reporting concerns and criticisms by taking surveys of scientific products and process.

2)Bowen Research

Sign up, take research sessions, answer the surveys on Bowen Research and win decent cash and games.

3)Brand institute

Make a difference with Brand Institute to enhance decision making compatibility and influence services and quality of pharmaceuticals to consumer products.

4)CVS Advisor

Guide and help CVS Advisors to make your shopping experience spectacular by taking surveys regarding their services, stores and products.


Register, qualify and share, criticize or comment about your favorite products on Buzz Back and enjoy rewards.


The eLab of Yale School management provide support on life hacking issues and to deepen understanding of intergroup relations. The best answer by you wills a winning deal.


Bring a revolution to products and researches, sponsored by local and international companies on Delve as an anonymous consumer and get decent pay.

8)Directive Analytics

Directive Analytics is the most recommended and best research site ever. Work under tight timelines and adequate budget; enjoy a rare combination of intellectual and creativity.

9)Pink Panel

Pink Panel is a gateway to cosmetic research company, favorite and most popular panel in a women world.


Get access to online surveys open for all above 18 and participate in the Ideal Exchange on FGI.

11)Grab Online

Grab Online is a gateway to major apparel manufacturing companies, appreciating your time and opinions. Take short quick surveys and draws decent money.

12)Harris Poll Online

Take short funny but real research surveys and get quick rewards on Harris Poll Online.


Register and receive your id to access online surveys on HCD. Enjoy enrolling through financial, political, food, healthcare and entertainment surveys.

14)iThink Panel

Get invited through mails, pay attention to answer or else you will be disqualified on iThink Panel and get your rewards like Amazon gift cards, virtual currencies, magazine subscriptions and real money.

15)Livewire Research

Give away your best answers or honest opinions and get paid. Get yourself registered on Livewire Research and enjoy being valuable consumer.

16)Medical Advisory Board

Be a part of community of healthcare, doctors, nurses, nutritionist and professionals for free, who took online surveys on medical Advisory Board to influence the future of healthcare.

17)Microsoft Online Research Panel

If you are a techie lover, this is made compulsory for you to provide your precious feedbacks voluntarily about Microsoft products on Microsoft Online Research panel, and enjoy the reward. Anyone can take the surveys but they need to be above 18.

18)My Matrix Voice

Matrix, being the #1 professional hair-care company committed to stay close to its customers, thus log on to My Matrix Voice and take online surveys to improve the saloon and product services.

19)Plaza Research

Get paid by manufacturers and major corporations over appealing opinions to make their product more appealing. Get a minimum of $35-$50 on Plaza Research in a typical group discussion over automobiles, snack food, pet food, etc.

20)Research participants

Get paid over answering few questions and reviewing presentations on Research Participants.

21)Staples Feedback Forum

Get Staples a better view about their store and products by posting your valuable opinions on Staples Feedback Forum.

22)Video Chat Network

Be a member on voice your opinion, get paid for participating in video chats and for referring friends to Video Chat Network.

23)The B2B Voice

Get reward according to your profession over online surveys. Join The B2B Voice for free and help companies to have better understanding about customer’s desires.

24)Survey Savvy

Complete the surveys and achieve your fund raising with market research on Survey Savvy.

25)Yahoo Research

Yahoo Research is exclusively available for Yahoo customers to make Yahoo the easiest social networking site and a best place in e-world.

Share your views and add the ones you haven’t found in the list,


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  1. Great list Nida Sister. as you know i am your regular visitor. i have a problem please if you solve my problem i am thankful to you.
    I applied for Google adsense and approve in first review. but after four day my application sisapprove in 2nd review Because of does not comply with Google webmaster policy.
    dear i receive 2000 visitor/ day 90 % from Google Search engine. and on friday receive 5000 – 6000 visitor. dear please help me i am so worry please check my site and suggest me so that my application could approve. thanks in advance.
    I applied for adsense on 12 july. please also suggest me now when i apply for adsense?
    my site: w3mix.com

    • Hi Rana,
      Buddy there are few things you can improve on your part to get accepted.

      1. While Applying to Adsense don’t use third party ads like Chitika or infolinks. Keep your blog clean

      2. Your site must look professional in design and I believe you need to work on this part

      3. You must produce Quality content. Most of your posts include songs, SMS quotes which are also shared on other sites and this is counted as duplicate content. You must keep them inside blockquote always.

      4. Try to add at least 400-500 words to each of your post so that Google Adsense may display related Ads. At this moment Adsense bot is not able to scan the text properly because most of the text is in Indian roman style.

      Hope this helps. Apply after each 3 months only. Keep trying and creating great content. You will surely get accepted 🙂

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