8 Surprise Gifts You Can Give to Most Annoying Friends!

8 unique gifts for annoying friendsHow amazing the feeling is when you are supposed to give a gift to people you really hate? Well, you have our sympathies here. Smart earning methods has been trying up till now to cover all the aspects of your daily life to keep things going on for you, in the most amusing way. Just now when the Muslims all over the world are finally done with their Eid Celebrations and the rest of the world is now eager to celebrate Charismas and Easter in upcoming months, we decided to solve your anxiety that is often created when you are forced to gift someone you really don’t like.

Here are the 8 gifts that you can give to your most irritating friends and relatives on special occasions, cracking some humor and lighting up things. Hope you find these ideas creative enough to smile at least

1) Puppy tweets

Not all your friends would be fond of pets, think about some tech geek buddy of yours who hate dogs. Puppy tweets is an ideal gift for him which would be quite useless as well as irritating for him. Moreover, the thought of something being related to their most despised creature would be enough to accomplish your mission. However, be ready to bear some real cost on this.

puppy tweets gift

2) Notebook

Laptopshttps://www.smartearningmethods.com/top-laptop-brands-2012/ are obsolete now, yet how about giving a notebook to a friend? Imagine how happy your friend would be when you would hand him over a packed gift, telling him verbally that it’ s a notebook, perhaps the most expensive gift you have ever given to anyone. We are sure, opening the parcel would actually create real gig.

Notebook a gift

3) Smartphone

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy 4S, the world is going all nuts for the smartphones. While we have been updating you about smartphones on and off, today it’s the time to gift this marvelous piece of embedded technology to your grating friend. These smartphones (their dummies actually) are readily available on all mobile shops and you can get them in 3% of the original cost. Wow!

a dummy smartphone gift

Don’t forget, a Smartphone-is a smartphones!

4) TV remote

Have you ever come across a friend or a relative who loves to change channels while you are watching T.V? My Dad loves to do so! Therefore, a perfect gift for such loved ones is a T.V Remote that would actually work for you! Please try before packing it up for the last time to ensure it NEVER works!

remote that doesnt workds

5) Laser comb

Ask a bald person his only wish in life, it wouldn’t be jewels or treasures but hair! True that. Is any of your most annoying friend is bald by his will (that is, following fashion)? Then try out a laser comb for him! give him an ordinary comb and tell him that this comb do magic, tell him that the comb is basically a laser comb which has recently launched in the market to fight against baldness. Your friend would fell for it, mind it.

Laser comb gift

6) scale machine

Do I really need to elaborate it? Overweight friends love to be teased for their real power. Make it more humorous, tell them that they are not overweight; it’s just their old machines that are showing more on scale!


7) vending machine

As an engineering student, we were recently allotted a project of designing and implementing a working vending machine. It is a machine that you all must have used to get your Pepsi can out of the big reservoirs, located across the streets. All you need to do is to enter a coin. Wow, vending machine as a gift? While searching for my vending machine, I got something for you guys. A Logo based vending machine is must cheaper, effective and efficient as compared to the real one. Gift it, Let your bully friends know, what a great artist you are!

vending machine as a gift

8) Wrist Watch

When you don’t really know what to present someone, then you have two options, either it’s a perfume, or a watch, so a watch would be a good example too if your friend is not possessing any special qualities to qualify for the above shared gifts!  have a look!

Wrist Watches

Enough for now? Sure then, we will keep this till here, hope you find this post good enough to take the initiative this time and add some colors to the relationship that is often going through ups and downs. Gifting friends on occasion, is a great practice, enjoy it to fullest!

Caution: Never give such gifts to your Boss or teachers whom you find much more irritating then bully friends, else you would be responsible of the outcomes!

All the best

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