8 Strategies For Successful Relations With Clients

stretegies for successful relations with clientsFreelancing is one of the most effective and my second favorite way to earn a huge and acceptable amount of money online. However, not all the contracts you get in your freelancing career are productive enough to keep you happy. It happens occasionally with everyone that once you have finished working for someone, you realize that you would have earned a little more doing a job that was much more effortless. Thankfully there are some ways that can help you to make sure that you’re not working for less money. Here are some useful tips you need to go through before saying yes to your client.

Get To Know As Much As You Can:

The client always know the most about what he wants, your role is to explore more and more about the company, its products and it services etc. This helps you in working early for the client, your design will be accepted quickly and the quicker you will get paid.

Appoint The Right Ones:

Never try to act as if you can do everything for everyone. This nature mostly makes your image go down plus you lose your work and more ever your money too. Be sure, the work you take up, you are capable of doing it perfectly. Always keep in mind if you will try to please everyone, you will end up displeasing everyone.

Focus Again:

It’s always a better option to pick up your two or three biggest strengths and building a solid reputation so that you get successful in attracting your clients who are looking for a genius in your fields of choice and who, consequently, will be willing to pay well for the service

Stay true to your strengths and your potentials and never get frightened in passing on a project. In the end, everyone, including your client, will be satisfied in fact will be happier with you.

Work With A Beginner Mind:

When it comes to communication always make sure that you listen that as well which is not actually spoken. Try hard to put yourself in the shoes of a beginner; and you will more clearly understand your client’s point of view. When you work as if you are a beginner, your client understands and internalizes your point much more quickly, which always makes your work and life easier. But the problem is that adopting a mind of a beginner is not as easy, you need to expect nothing and do everything but then if you cannot make yourself as a beginner your life can become very complicated.

Listen For What Isn’t There:

One of the main problems that occur is the client becomes blunt in telling changes, specially the design changes.So it is always a good thing to check your design ego at the door and ask few questions. What you really need to find out is what the client actually means. Before you start off, take a break for some time and ask the client to explain what it is about the design that doesn’t accomplish the specific goals you outlined in the pre-work discovery meetings.

Following are some guidelines that you can follow:

Ask vague questions but with cleverness, don’t get into any of altercation.

Use simple language.

Use yes/no questions as it helps to understands what the client really wants.

Take criticism well.

Do What You Said You Will Do:

Always try to accomplish all what you told your client that you will but you should also be flexible enough to cope with it .Do not start fighting with the client over what was in the contract and what wasn’t rather be a little patient and if the client is totally beyond the scope of the contract,you can take any of the following three choices.

do what the client wants and ask for nothing in return.

refuse to do what the client wants and stick to what the original contract

Negotitiate with the client in the middle of the project.

Admit Your Mistakes:

If the project messes up because of you ,don’t try to ignore that it was your mistake.Accept your mistake and then try to make them right. Mistake are fine as long as you have the capability of accepting them . One general rule for mistakes is the sooner you recognize your mistake the more at an advantage you’ll be in the long run.and if you will keep on ignoring your mistakes and letting the time to pass by, the more difficult it will become for you to cover them Always remember that your client will always be pleased about your openness and honesty, even if he or she isn’t that happy about the problem himself.

So far you have learned that accepting mistake on time saves you from a lot of troubles. Another thing to keep in mind is not to consider your clients to be a burden. They are your fortune (they are buying the bread on your table after all). However your relation with your client should be equally Advantageous for you are getting paid for what you love to do and the client is getting the best of what he always wanted to have . So you both are learning and getting something along the way .

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  1. Thanks Nida, love reading this type of post.
    Adapting the power of LISTENING, plus OBSERVING is very essential for our business too!
    We need sales to motivate ourselves. Be able to take in critiques is another challenge as well..
    we GROW or we flow…
    More more Nida!
    CARE 🙂

    • so rightly said warren..
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