10 Successful Small Businesses That Don’t Use Social Media

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereNo matter what business you own, small or large, all you need as a strong weapon, or rather an ingredient is your social media popularity. Think about clothing brand without having a recognition on Facebook or Twitter, do you really think it would be able to survive? Definitely Yes! Companies that are been ruled by the self-made people believe on the fact that a business should not rely on external resources and hence, here are the top 10 most successful businesses of 2013 that are surviving really great in the market, without having thousands of Fans of Facebook, or Tweets on Twitter. Have a look!

1)Metropolitan Health Networks

Metropolitan Health Networks

It is a Florida-based primary care network of specialists, doctors and nurses for seniors, providing you with the best consult regarding your health. It gives personal attention and effective solutions to individual. There practice revolves around the seniors of age 76 years or above with a prescription for better health and well being. It do not need any social media or use of Facebook because the age people targeted are not found on social networking websites. In one of the old demo it says,”Given our customer demographic, (76+ years of age) social media in general has not been a primary focus for us,” says a rep. “With that said, we are currently reviewing our corporate communications planning, and I suspect it will include one, or several, social media components.”

2)Questcor Pharma

Questcor Pharma
It is a biopharmaceutical company that is listed #7 on the Forbes America’s Best Small Companies List. It mainly focuses on patients who are suffering from autoimmune diseases and inflammatory disorders. Facebook has a page on it but is only for the sake of directory; it is not regularly updated and may not be building a phone.

3)IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics
The company feels well satisfied without involving of media as it replied in one of the demo about not involving any social media services by saying, “We are doing well without it, our customers know where to find us.” They know better that they do not need social media to have successful targeted internet marketing. The company makes world leading high power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers that are in demand mainly by China manufacturers, telecom companies, government offices, scientific purposes and medical companies.

4)United Therapeutics

United Therapeutics
UT’s mainly focuses on the audience which is going through with life threatening and chronic diseases as it is a biotechnology company focus on the development and commercialization of unique products for treatment purposes. It does not use social media for its internet marketing due to reasons like liability risk.


It is known as Wright Express. It provides business ePayment processing solutions, information management solution and it also provides convenience and state-of- the art tools to help you manage the cost of fueling your fleet, thereby provides commercial and government vehicle maintenance to U.S. and Australian vehicle fleet industry. It does not need any social media site as the targeted business involve are not participating into internet marketing methods.



The company’s CFO Chris Schmitt said, “We just don’t see our customers there, we don’t see it as advantageous for our marketing.” As it is a leading U.S. manufacturer of organic chemicals, bio-fuels and customs. It is listed as #22 on the Forbes America’s Best Small Companies List. Indeed, studying a company’s past dividend history can be of good help in avoiding further indulgence of social media in 2013.

7)EDAC Technologies

EDAC Technologies
It has wide varieties of customers worldwide as it is leading in market of suppliers of Aerospace, Commercial, medical, Industrial and Machine Tool markets. The customers are hard to find on social networking sites because such companies are not found on such sites.

8)Cantel Medical

Cantel Medical
Cantel Medical Corp. is a leading provider of infection prevention and control products and services in the healthcare market, specializing in water purification, endoscopy, dialysis and therapeutic filtration. The aim of the company is to acquire opportunities in the infection prevention and control market. Using social media for marketing and advertising could be more time consuming than companies expect therefore it is not the primary focus of the company.

9) AZZ

AZZ incorporated was established in 1956. It mainly manufactures electrical equipment’s and components. The goal of the company is to serve the global markets of power generation, transmission and distribution, and the general industrial markets. It also provides galvanizing services to the steel fabrication market nationwide. Due to the nature of its work it doesn’t use much of social media for its advertising.


A major issue that has been raised due to the increasing use of radiation in different fields is the safety of people who are using it. Established in 1954, Landauer provides state of the art technology within the radiation safety industry along with unmatched customer satisfaction. With the passage of time, Landauer is shaping the industry of radiation safety with innovation as they increase their scope and refine their sophistication. LANDAUER works closely with both customers and government entities to develop best quality radiation safety devices. The company is not very fond of using social media as it opens up the possibility for hackers to commit fraud and launch spam and virus attacks.

The success of your business is something that is totally an open ground for you. The better you play, the more you achieve. Use Social Media just as a tool and not as an ingredient for your product’s popularity.

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  1. Now evensome police forces use Twitter and Facebook in some countries. This text made me think that how we were meeting up with our friends before we had mobile phones. It was possible at least, wasn’t it? But now it is easier with the use of it of course. I hope that those companies do not miss any possible higher revenue. Thank you for this interesting post Nida Zaidi.

    • Yes Gul, you are pretty right about it, I heard similar too. No doubts that social media has played a significant role in giving a new direction to the communication these days, What made these companies unique is their strategy of not depending on anything which might come to an end someday.
      Thank you for Liking the post 🙂
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