Why do Students in US commit Suicide?

Why do Students in US commit Suicide Suicides have recently been increased quite a lot among the students in US. Many top and renowned universities of America are having higher rates of suicidal deaths. Despite having all the luxuries and best things around them, these students suffer from depression and stress a lot which might be one of the reasons for suicide attempts. Why do students in US commit suicide? What compels them? How to save lives? Answers to all such questions are listed below!

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Suicide in US


Suicide in US

In United States of America, suicide is the 10th major cause of death. For youngsters, suicide seems to be the 3rd leading cause of death. In US, it is the 7th major cause of death for males and 16th leading cause for females. Around 2008 and 2009, total number of suicide deaths was 36,909. The reason for some suicide deaths is still unclear but the government is making efforts to decline the number of suicidal deaths. Despite having laws against suicide and assistance in suicide, it hasn’t helped much.

Why do US Students commit Suicide?


Depression causes Suicide

Suicide rate among students is rapidly increasing in United States. There can’t be a single reason behind such deaths; it is a mixture of various reasons and cultural issues. Of all the issues, depression is the biggest reason behind suicides. According to the recent studies, 75% of the suicides are due to depression since depression causes chemical imbalance which provokes youngsters for suicide. Along with that, drug abuse, social rejection, illness, parent’s divorce, tough economic conditions, trauma, domestic violence, eating disorders, relationship breakups, financial problems, anger, business issues, threats, rape, loneliness, insecurities, mental disorders, unemployment, mood swings and etc.

How to Prevent Suicide?


Prevent Suicide

Preventing suicide and making efforts to reduce the death rates is a dire need for US. This can be done by addressing people on all levels and influence them in all the possible ways they can. New suicide prevention programs and effective strategies can target individuals, relationships, communities and societies and encourage commitment to social life. It can be reduced using the following ways:

1) By initiating suicide awareness programs to increase awareness among the students and making them abide by the laws against suicide.

2) By reducing the access to lethal means such as firearms. Limiting youngsters to a smaller environment with less means of suicide can surely help in preventing it.

3) By considering suicide threats seriously. Studies suggest 75% of the suicides are done after giving several warnings so they must be considered seriously.

4) If students will be less burdened and stressed due to their studies and social rankings, there will be less damage.

Suicide attempts and deaths require immediate actions to be taken by the government and those in direct contact with the youngsters. This is a serious threat to nations like US. All for now!

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