Spillit Review: Best Ask.fm alternative to Get Your Questions Answered!

Spillit review on why it is the best Ask.fm alternative and a better social network where you can get answers for all your questions.

Spillit Review Vs Ask.fm

Are you a fan of social networking and like interacting with new people? Websites like Facebook have long been used for this purpose. But perhaps the allure of such social networks has diminished as people look for newer ways of connecting to each other. If you like talking to new people and asking them about their lives, or answering questions about your own life, then you will very much like to check out Spillit, a brand new social network. In this Spillit review, we talk about the fun ways you can connect with each other and how it stands up to its alternatives and why we believe spillit is the best Ask.fm alternative.

Spillit is a fun way of meeting and interacting with new people and finding out what others think about you. The idea behind it is simple; users can sign-up for an account and then ask each other questions. You can ask people questions on your own profile and your friends (or secret admirers) can then reply to your questions.

Spillit - Best Ask.fm alternative

Brief Comparison of Spillit Vs. Ask.fm

Ask.fm pros and consYou might already be familiar with the popular networking site known as Ask.fm. Ask.fm also takes on a question-based approach. So how is Spillit any different and what new features does it bring to the table?

Ask.fm works by users asking each other questions. A user can post a question on another user’s profile. It can be a text-based question and can be anything from personal to professional. Typically, people ask personal questions about you. These questions appear on the profile of the user who was asked the question. The user can then choose to reply or ignore the question, and the response can include images as well.

Spillit pros over Ask.fm

Although Spillit is considered to be the best Ask.fm alternative, it works very differently. Instead of posting questions on others’ profile, you can post questions on your own profile. People can “spill” answers to your questions in a comment-like fashion.

Typically, users on Spillit ask personal questions about themselves, such as “what do you think about me?” or “have you ever had a crush on me“. In this way, they can control the context and content of the question, unlike Ask.fm where there’s no restriction on the type of questions you can ask someone. In this way, Spillit is considered to be somewhat safer than Ask.fm.

Spillit’s Excellent User Interface (UI)

Nothing counts more than a friendly user interface where you may feel comfortable exploring the site content and navigating different pages. Spillit uses the advanced Bootstrap technology offered by twitter to create a responsive, fluid and easy to manage CMS system. Unlike Ask.fm where users are forced to signup in order to read trending questions or popular questions asked by the community, Spillit allows its users to read the most hottest stories using custom hashtags.


Users can also send and receive Private messages using the messaging system


Users are notified with all latest updates and activity going in the community through Spillit’s notification system. In short it contains every simple feature required to build a perfect social network that could help you make your family life even more social with love and feedback from your closest ones.

This is what our Blog admin Mohammad asked

Ask personal questions on Spillit!

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Spillit Offer’s Better Privacy Control than Ask.fm

Spillit keeps things simple. Unlike Ask.fm, there’s a limit to the question you can ask about yourself. The text of a question can be at most 150 character long, and the answer that you “spill” can be at most 248 characters long. This prevents unnecessarily verbose questions/answers and makes it easy and less cluttered both for the people who ask questions and the people who answer them.

Spillit has anonymity features similar to Ask.fm. In Ask.fm, you can ask someone a question anonymously, and this question can appear on the other user’s profile. This can have a negative impact in some cases, and can give rise to bullying and profanity without the other person being able to identify who is harassing them.

Spillit, however, has a better approach. Users can “spill” answers to others’ questions anonymously, but only with the express permission of the person who asked a question. You can post a question and disallow anonymous answers, thus giving you better privacy control and preventing cyber-crimes and cyber-bullying.

Discover new users!

Spillit takes on a more refined approach than Ask.fm for discovering new users. Once you sign up, you can get recommendations to follow other users based on your interests. You Live feed has two sections, Public feed and follower feed. With follower feed, you can view the questions asked by people you follow. But you can discover more users by heading over to the public feed and checking out what people are asking and saying about each other.

discover random users in spillit

There is a “Popular” tab where you can find the top users and their questions. This feed is updated regularly so that you can follow the latest trends. The “Quick Fire” feature will bring up random Spillit users with their questions; so if you ever feel bore, head over and start answering the questions people are asking!

Spillit is the new marketing tool for businesses!

Spillit is so much more than just a question and answer website. It can potentially be used as a brand new marketing tool for businesses. Besides conventional marketing techniques such as advertising (which Spillit also provides), businesses can use the Spillit question and answer model to run promotions. Here is a good example:

advertise on Spillit

This is one avenue that is not available with other sites like Ask.fm. But with Spillit, businesses can attract audience by running question-based promotions and handing out giveaways to the best answers. And because Spillit is so clutter-free, it can be actually used as a solid medium for businesses interacting with their customers on a more personal level. You can also hold competitions between users to create hype and interest around your products. There are thousand ways you can advertise on Spillit to promote your brand, event or service.

Spillit Can Bring you More Website Visitors!

The custom hashtag system lets you publicize your questions to thousands of spillit users. You can build up a huge fan following either by answering people’s questions or by simply asking for suggestions and improvements to your website. As long as you are not spamming Spillit’s content policy, you can use this medium to attract a huge wave of enthusiastic audience to your websites and blogs.

Did you like Spillit as the best Ask.fm alternative?

Unlike Ask.fm, Spillit gives you more control over the things that people say to you. You can post questions yourself and restrict anonymity, thus discouraging people from harassing you online, which is a big problem with Ask.fm. In this way, Spillit gives you additional features so that you can still interact with new people in a fun and positive way. If you’re a fan of such social networks, Spillit is one place you should definitely check out. Join Spillit Now! it’s free!.

Do let us know what you liked the most about this latest discovery and do you think this new social web app could turn into a new social network craze? Your views and feedback would mean a lot. =)

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