Top 10 Spending Presidents of all times

Spending presidents of all timesBeing a president does not really means to become rich by keeping the taxes in the pocket and making the nation suffer. In fact, the head of the state is responsible for the welfare of his countrymen in everyway possible and taking this idea in to account, here is a compiled list of 10 spending presidents of all times. Have a look!

1)Lyndon Johnson

Presidential era: 1964-69

Spending: 6.3 percent

The presidential era of the 36th President is the period where government spending accelerated due to the programs he initiated for Medicare, Environmental protection, poverty, Medicaid and aid on education. It was during his era when the anti war movement was initiated.

2)George W. Bush

Presidential era: 2001-09

Spending: 5.9 percent

Address to the Nation on Immigration. Oval.

The son of 41st President was the 43rd President who completely drowned the America into longest recession after World War II. This happened because he tends to preserve the financial system more than public demands which can be expected from the extent that he refused to implement the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.

3)John Kennedy

Presidential era: 1961-64

Spending: 4.7 Percent

John Kennedy

The President, whose era were marked by missile crises in Cuba, escalation of the Vietnam war and the race to the space against the Soviet Union was assassinated in 1963. Kennedy the 35th to the line of Presidential ship promote the Civil Right movement in the United States.

4)Jimmy Carter

Presidential era: 1977-81

Spending: 4.2 percent

Jimmy Carter

Where at one hand the national energy policy was implemented which look over price control and implementation of new technology, on the other hand the world experience stagnation, inflation and economic crises worsened due to energy crises in 1970, by the hands of 39th President. He could not manage the crises of Soviet invading Afghanistan, crises in Iran and the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

5)Richard Nixon

Presidential era: 1969-75

Spending: 3 percent

Richard Nixon

Though forever scared by the Watergate scandal, it was the 37th president who ended the Vietnam war and established a diplomatic relation with China and détente with the Russians. His period of ruling was considered as favorable living as he imposed control over wages and pricing and promote welfare and healthcare system.

6)Ronald Reagan

Presidential era: 1981-89

Spending: 2.7 percent

Ronald Reagan

The man who is known for his promotions of side economic policies by limiting government spending generally and reducing taxes. He controlled the money supply to curb inflations and is appreciated and credited for the rise in American rights.

7)George H.W. Bush

Presidential era: 1989-93

Spending: 1.8

George H.W. Bush

Where at one hand his son’s era of the ruling was marked by inflation and stagnation, the era of 41st President was marked by milestones in the areas of foreign policies, like the successful military operation in Panama, fall of communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union but because he could not impose new taxes the government faced budget issues and delayed recovery he fall down the seat.

8)Bill Clinton

Presidential era: 1993-2001

Spending: 1.5 percent

Bill Clinton

The 42nd only President, who has the highest end of office approval rating, replacing the George H.W. Bush got votes because during the time of the Bush government had budgeted deficiencies and slowed recovery which enabled Clinton to replace him easily. He presided in the period immediately after the world war where he leads the economic expansion.

9)Barack Obama

Presidential era: 2009-present

Spending: 0.1 percent

President Barack Obama is photographed during a presidential portrait sitting for an official photo in the Oval Office, Dec. 6, 2012.  (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The implementation of laws such as American Recoveries, reinvestment acts; Unemployment insurance authorization, Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, to counter the effect of a recession made him stand longer in the competition. The 44th President is well known for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and also a Budget Control Act.

10)Dwight Eisenhower

Presidential era: 1953-61

Spending: 0.5 percent

Dwight Eisenhower

The land has been through a peaceful period with economic prosperity and social security expansion during the preceding period of the 34th President of United States though there was a recession by the end. He gave importance and encourage the development of inexpensive nuclear weapons and decreases the funding for conventional forces.