Top 10 Smallest Countries of The World in 2012

smallest countries 2012Ever heard the phrase, world is small? If not then you are at a right place. We have been discussing about different countries, highlighting different aspects, sometimes, sharing the rich lists, sometimes talking about the top businesses and sometimes, talking about the speciality of them. Smart Earning Methods believes in the ideology of spreading knowledge and awareness,and here we are again, sharing 10 Smallest countries in the world, according to the latest statistics of 2012.

1. Vatican City

Area: 0.44 sq. km

The smallest city-estate in the world that is completely independent from Italy. Due to its importance for Christian believers, it attracts many believers as well as tourist towards this holy land. Vatican has the possession of many historical attractions as well as sculptures and a whole world of art spread across the whole of Vatican. It is a sacred place for both religious and art people. It will be not less than a sin if one visited Vatican and missed to visit the most famous temple in the palace – the magnificent Sistine Chapel beautifully decorated by Michelangelo.

2. Monaco

Area: 1.98 sq. km

The second smallest country of the world yet a heartthrob of millions of visitors throughout the globe reason lies in its beauty, weather and it amusement which makes one feel like out of the world and in a jiff person falls in love with the aroma and beauty of this little piece of heaven. Monaco also offers tropical vegetation and cultural site and the fun doesn’t ends the famous Formula 1 car racing event takes place in Monte Carlo a place in Monaco s symbol of glamour, luxury and gambling

3. Gibraltar

Area: 6.8 sq. km

The country name itself contains the name rock “Mountain of Tariq” located on the Iberian Peninsula on its southern end. It is a mixture of rocks, sand, limestone and cactuses. Gibraltar is a popular port for cruise ships and attracts day visitors from resorts in Spain. The Rock is a popular tourist attraction, particularly among British tourists and residents in the southern coast of Spain. Demand for more land has been increased by many folds over the course of time and therefore land reclamation is one the priority of the country.

4. Tokelau

Area: 10 sq. km

Tokelau is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand consisting of three coral atolls in the South Pacific: Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo. The country is run mainly by assistance provided by New Zealand in the form of food and other essential stuff. It has no harbor, neither ports nor it does have any airport the only way for tourists to get to the island is from Apia to Samoa by ship which runs every two weeks. According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s list of countries by GDP, Tokelau has the smallest economy of any country in the world, with an annual purchasing power of about US $1,000 (€674) per capita.

5. Nauru

Area: 21 sq. km

A blend of beauty and exoticness, a symbol of true uniqueness all of these relative terms are not enough to describe Nauru a small exotic island country situated in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is the only country that has no official capital city and is among that group of countries which has the smallest nation on earth. Economy of Nauru mainly depends upon the economic support of Australia. Its worthy to mention this small country however have excelled in some important economic sectors which includes ocean fishing and tourism industry due to its mystical charm and beauty.

6. Tuvalu

Area: 26 sq. km

A small island stretching over 600 km on water area in length. So far the nature herself have been merciless on this poor small island attacking various times throughout the year with rising sea levels due to global and to top that floods also joins the problems of this island. It wont be wrong to declare it a real piece of heaven situated in earth due to its endless untouched beaches, crystal water embodied with colorful coral reefs.

7. Norfolk Island

Area: 34.6 sq. km

Its an island located between Australia and New Zealand. Norfolk Island is one of the major contributor towards the preservation of many endangered species of plants at least 51 at present. Due to this reason one third of the island is declared national park and botanical garden. Possessing large chain of coral reefs filled with bright colors also a habitat of rare bird such as green parrot and a special type of owl makes Norfolk Island a must visit place for all the tourists.

8. Bermuda

Area: 53.2 sq. km

Bermuda an unusual destination yet manages to capture the attention of many tourist because of its exotic pink beaches, swimming with dolphins, golf,islands and numerous entertainment opportunities built specially to cater the needs of all the visitors throughout the globe. Bermuda is the largest island of the whole archipelago resting upon extinct undersea volcano. Pink sand color on beaches in late afternoon and coral granules drifting with waves on seashore make it irritable place for a visitor to not look for!! The aroma the mystery and luxury in Bermuda attracts thousands of tourists annually.

9. San Marino

Area: 61.2 sq. km

It is one of the oldest and third smallest European is surrounded by Italy by all sides and therefore its economy is heavily dependent upon the attitude of Italian tourists and Government too. San Marino according to historian is believed to be founded on 3rd September  by the builder, Saint Marino. San Marino even after being such a small country manages to posses beautiful attraction like so called “Three Towers” located on the hills in San Marino.

10. Liechtenstein

Area: 160 sq. km

Situated in central Europe bordering with Switzerland and Austria is landlocked by alpine forest. Famous for its beautiful scenery and weather makes you feel to be in some part of heaven on earth for sure! The country is also famous for its stamps which is being collected all over the world by collectors and are valued most in the market. The historical sites a tourist should not miss are Vaduz Castle which is the official residence of the prince of Liechtenstein, Gutenberg Castle, “Red House” and the ruins of Schulenburg Music and theatre are an important part of its splendor culture that will fascinate the visitor by all means.

A visit to these islands and places will surely be one with pleasant,unforgettable and lifetime memories, and I wish my after reading through it you will definitely have their look in personal.

Wish you luck with your travelling,

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