SkyDrive Application For Windows 8- Most Recommended for Developers

skydrive app on windows 8Keeping the need of windows 8’s broader perspective, the SkyDrive application of Microsoft, is a all what it needed to provide the cloud services to windows 8 users. Sky drive is a free Microsoft’s web – based synchronization service which facilitates the windows users as a free file hosting service. The users can store data up to maximum 25 GB, Saving their local hard disks, avoiding data loss incidents.

Key Features

You can create, edit and share MS office documents from the Web browser itself. This means, documentation is no more limited to your desktop, it’s online.

Due to its integration with Hotmail, you can now directly send the uploaded files on your SkyDrive from your Hotmail account. This makes mailing process short and easy too.

You can always stay updates with the publicly shared folders by subscribing for their RSS feeds.

The folders on windows 8 SkyDrive app can simply be downloaded to your local drives whenever needed as a single .zip file.

mailing with skydrive

Microsoft has never compromised when it comes to security and even here, the users can have the complete sense of security for their stored data. Users can set their data as private( enabling the share), share with contacts and can also set it public. If a person wants to share his data only with his friends, his friends are needed to login to their windows Live Account to view the shared files.

While downloading the top 10 themes for windows 8, if you noticed, we shared with you the data which was stored on SkyDrive and no user ID or password was needed to access those files as they were all public.


Windows 8 SkyDrive Metro App makes the life further easier when it comes to mailing large data. The limited file size on Gmail, Yahoo and MSN often makes the large size attachments impossible to send via mail. This has happened with me couple of times when no E-book can be mailed to friends, or when it comes to mailing high quality pictures.

The group program manager at SkyDrive, Mr. Mike Torres has been reported to have said:-

“With the SkyDrive app, an early version of which will be available at Consumer Preview, we focused on two things:

1) designing a fast, fluid, touch-first version of SkyDrive that makes it quick, easy, and even fun to browse and access your files,

2) Making your SkyDrive available for use from any Metro style app via the file picker (open/save) and the new Share charm in Windows 8″.

Classification of data automatically was never too easy. with Windows 8 SkyDrive Metro App all the documents and photos of the user that he has uploaded are placed in documentation and photo gallery.

SkyDrive application is not only limited to the windows 8 Operating system, in fact it works completely fine with windows 7 too. However, its best usage is with windows 8. Try it, I m sure you will love using it.

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