10 Skills to Get hired and Enjoy Money in 2013

jobs skills2013Getting hired and enjoying  a continuous flow of money is becoming a really difficult thing especially with the rising competition in the market. whether you are a doctor, an engineer, a designer or a blogger, you need to hold back few skills to ensure that you keep your doors to earning open. While examine the strategies been adopted by the professional businessmen in the running year, 2013, it has been seen that there are certain skills that they look  for in a candidate before giving him a job or a promotion.

Here 10 decent tips that you need to apply in your life and your personality to enjoy a consistent earning in 2013.

1)Alive and Effective Listener

The most difficult element in any job, is to stay calm, let others complete their point view and then you start speaking. What we are extremely deficient of, is the active listening, because we are the Principal of beliefs that the more we speak the better we look and people listen, finally we feel we are undefeatable, convincing and best. Whereas you are creating an impression of and agitating, presuming and brash individual who is not ready to appreciate what others think. Even if your proposal is better than anyone, still hold on, listen to what other says, because finally when you will start speaking, you can compare and prove your idea, already clearing the questions presented on the table and enjoy the appreciation at the end of your discussion.

2)Critical and Deep Thinking

It creates an impression of being attentive when you are involve into a discussion via question and answers but a simple question that leaves a pause for a minute in the discussion, is what that make others realize that you are capable of thinking on the other side of the table. Thinking too much will definitely make you lose weight and become hypertensive, but analyzing and critically thinking over a point, could make your status different from quarrelsome individuals. Catch the clues, use logics and reasoning to evaluate the solution and finally present your impressive conclusion. The answers does not need to be difficult always, it can be simple making your life easy and uncomplicated.

3)Complex Problem Solving

Learn to face rather than learn to escape. If you think it’s time for you to start working than prepare yourself for the battle field. No matter what is it, how complex it sounds, you should be thinking, ‘I can do it’, and once you are determined you can solve any complex issue, all what it takes is to be sincere and ingenuous with your job. Ultimately all hard work pays off, enjoy the title ‘Assiduous and Genius’.

4)Monitoring and keep your eyes wide open

Blabbing during the lunch time, sounds refreshing but if you are looking to snatch the next promotion you need to play smartly. Assess, evaluate, analyze and compare your status with ongoing situations and other employee. If you need to stay in competition, you need to judge and keep an eye open. It’s not about how much assiduous you are, it’s all about how silently you knew everything.

5)Judgment and Decision Making

Estimate, evaluate and after auditing then decide what is profitable to do. Many of us are quite fluctuating and do not seems certain over our decisions but once you decided to step in the field, prepare yourself from critical thinking to gathering evidences and finally under the light of evidences, discussions and inspection follow the logics and conclude your decision. Make sure your are clear of what you did because judgments or decision in uncertainty may leave you regret forever.

6)Computer and Electronics

You indeed appreciate the fact that time has changed, and there are better modifications introduced every second. It’s time for you to move on chatting and downloading movies using computer. It’s time for you to grow up and left no printer or fax machine looks alien to you anymore. You should be familiar with circuit board, computer applications and software or programs, electronic equipments and processor if you wanted to stay on your desk.

7)Operation and System Analysis

Analyze the system, see how it works, changes are good to make but observing them and how they are affecting the outcome is important to note. You should understand the quality, need and product requirements of a particular plan.


If you are not keeping math as your majors, than at least you should have scored enough in your algebra, you should knew how to do arithmetic and how to conclude the result by looking through statistics.

9)Sales and Marketing

No matter what’s on the sale, if you can manipulate or read through the minds of your buyers you are ready to scroll through the profit charts. What is most important for you to have, is the tactic and skill to show your product. Your marketing strategies and product demonstration, sales techniques need to be your majors once you decided to step in.


It’s a world of technology and you are among the generation of computers. Though it’s important to know computer but your programming skills could aggravate your chances to get the job.

Hope that the above stated tips help you out in getting a job and a promotion this year,

Best Wishes,

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  1. Learn how to programme , hm… is still the best way for online entrepreneurs! Adapting the listening and observing skills are so important. Be positive with our thoughts and words really help us to solve a lot of unwanted problems too!

  2. I still prefer to blog things, which is evergreen source of generating money. Other things are also great to do but for blogger concentrating other than blogs might be little difficult to do such. Otherwise great list of money sources I really liked it. Thanks for this.

    • It all depends on how much you actually want to earn. If you are a good blogger and earning smart with it, there is no harm in trying for other resources in your spare time. Remember, Online medium has no limits, One should avail all the possible ones.

      Thanks alot Atul for sharing your views 🙂

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