10 Best Sites to Send E-Cards This Christmas

christmas cards in 2012

Love and affection needs a medium to reach out the loved ones and sending wishes to those friends and family who are out of reach physically, sending en E-card especially on special occasions is the best option. Although there are tons of sites that offers a good variety of e-cards, here are the top 10 Sites that you can use to send your greetings this Christmas.

1. HDgreetings.com

Here is a perfect plan to laugh out louder over cards. The HDgreetings provides the best HD cards ranging from first class to fantastic, spectacular to striking and groovy to doozie that blends with the funniest and outstanding graphics and video quality and music that will for sure make your e-cards stands out of the crowd, so what you waiting for, check it out and be the first one to send such legendary and unforgettable card.

2. eCardster.com

Are you looking to do something different on this Christmas? Here is what you can do and create a difference. Snap yourself with balloons and cakes and cartoons, your drawing or your gift for someone especial, edit it and upload it on this site, give it a professional e-card look and attach a heart catching lines for your dear ones and here we are giving you the chance to surprise your love and friends with glamorous and astonishing Christmas wishes, so do not hesitate to give it a try and be different.

3. Imainaryecards.com


If you are looking for verities on this Christmas and bored of sending same e-cards to your friends, here is what you can do with the fabulous post cards. Explore the site and pick among the best jingle bells and Santa Claus cards and send it your loved ones within minutes without any delays. For sure you will enjoy among our latest editions and features and colors of cards.

4. Hallmark.com


You are log in to the right place if you are looking to deliver a card at home but for that you need to spend bucks. The hype and traffic is created mainly because of payable cards but you may need to spend few minutes to pick one of your interests under the category of occasion that say “free” underneath. The cards have best quality and each card holds a terrific feeling with hump of love and gifts. Though it may take few minutes but I’m sure it is worth taking, have a look.

5. Virtual florist

virtual florist...

If you thinking to send something other than cartoon and pictures than here is your spot to explore at. We are offering you the postcards of flowers and Santa and many more different varying cards filled with colors and animations completely free. Just visit our website and we assure you that you will definitely find something from us that will please you for sure, have a look.

6. Someecards


If you need to give a piece of advice blend with fun and love then this is your place. Christmas has different meanings for different people but not all the time cards need to be funny and really loving at times small messages are enough to express what you feel. Some-e-cards have taken the initiative to think out of the box and have given opportunity to the people to do the same. Every card is filled with a moral message or ethical teachings and obviously some funny tickles too so that things don’t get really serious on Christmas  still it also manages very boldly to wish Christmas to your love ones.

7. Hipster cards

hipster cards

Christmas is for everyone whether young or old Cards specially design for the youth and a special way of their expression in modern era. Animal pictures and embodied t-shirts pictures are unique features of the cards available here. Silence is louder than words that are the theme of cards containing pictures only and no music so enjoy the creativity in its apex form!!

8. Care 2


Music and elegance are a true mixture of love and passion. Show your loved ones what they really mean to you by sending Christmas cards from this website! Surely it offers a unique designs and playback music to capture the attention of your loved and make them feel truly special in your life. Ranging selection from perfect music selection till the essence of the card every card has its own story. It is worth a visit if u really admires your loved ones and wants to surprise them this Christmas.

9. Rattlebox


This Christmas get bold, hippy and wild. Rattlebox by all means is full of surprises and cards to make you laugh till you gasp for air. This website is filled with inspiring and lovely Christmas cards containing music, videos, movie clips and last but not least to add cherry on top cartoons clip too. Cards cater the needs of adults and children as well and that is a great thing to offer to capture all ages of hearts unanimously. Wish your love ones in a way they never have been wished before!!

10. E cardia

It’s time to be happy wish lovely greeting and most important tickle the funny bone of your love ones!! Pictures and music that’s all it takes to make someone happy and e-cardia has done a great job for you. All the cards are different and match the taste and liking of different individuals. Get funny and loving while wishing your parents, wife, husband, children or your girlfriend.

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