Top 5 Sites To make Money By uploading Files

upload files and make moneyMaking money through easy means is always what people look for. However what is really important is the fact that which way do you choose among the thousands of options available in the online market to make money. There are sites that pay you really well for uploading files to their servers and earning with them. Here are 5 unique sites that are paying their customers pretty well for their work of uploading files.


Payment on uploading: 50/50 revenue generated
You just have to write and promote, will display the advertisements alongside your docs, and you will get paid, simply sounds fantastic! Once you get an account on, enjoy continuous passive earning, all what it takes, is an account by you and upload as many docs as you want will do the remaining magic. It’s fast and free to start, and effortless to maintain. Out of entire advantages, it stands out with an outstanding benefit that is, it’s a no brainer if you’re sharing documents online already, so enjoy posting a same docs, and once you generate the money, will keep 50% of your revenue and rest of your money will be directly paid drop to your bank account.


Payment on uploading: $25 per1000 downloads
It was never been easy to earn until now! Enjoy uploading in no restriction zone! Whether you got an article to post or a video to share, you get paid for anything. Whatever comes to your mind, either it’s your favorite song, ringtones, games, lectures or anything that gets into your hands, upload it here and enjoy getting paid, but the only thing that you have to take care is your file should be under the capacity of 2GB.


Payment on uploading: $1-100 for every 1000 downloads
If it’s worth uploading it than you earn out of it! It is a simple fact that earns you a minimum up to $30. If your downloaded file is unique, demanded and head over heels on the site, then enjoy the revenue. The payments are made via PayPal,, Wire Transfer, Webmoney and Epese. is a popular online hard drive site that has a secure remote storage capacity for important data backups and you could quickly and ssafely share files with your friends and colleagues.


Payment on uploading: $1 per 500 downloads
Get paid with uploading up to 2GB, but as it serves people of all ages and cultures from entire world, ensures the uploaded docs does not violate any law and is completely inoffensive. You can download as much as you can but non active files won’t be stored more than 60 days for users that holds free accounts.


Payment on uploading: $0.22 for every 1000 picture views
It helps user to upload files from the hard disk and also share them with their friend’s network on different social websites. Although the amount paid to a person doesn’t provide him with a healthy living but it’s certainly worth a shot in contrast to other couple of picture sharing platforms like Pictu, Instagram that don’t pay anything for uploading pictures.

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  1. Thanks, Nida for sharing your best knowledge to make money online, ofcourse I am going to try one of these methods, I have tried in the past and lost lot of money but seriously I didn’t make any money, because during that time this type of website didn’t exist here in Pakistan, so thank you Nida once again for sharing your expertise.

    • Brother, There are so much frauds been done online, you need to take wise steps in choosing a right option for you. Never spend anything on internet for making money online without actually knowing the reality. wish you more power

  2. If i am not mistaken, i guess a similar post had been published on SEM long back. Don’t remember it though. Anyways good collection after all so its actually worth reading again!

  3. Hello Nida,
    Thank you for sharing list of money earning sites, but some sites are not working, please update the info. Thank you again and good job..

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