Top 150 Recommended Sites to Join to Make Money in 2013

sites to make money in 2013Making Money online is becoming one of the strongest passion of people who have the potentials to cash their talent and earn their livings from their living rooms. What has been seen is the fact that the newbies found themselves enthusiastic enough to start freelancing or build their own blogs in the hope of getting fruitful results from the very same day.However, what they then experience is, Disappointment!

It is also wrong to limit the online world to either blogging or freelancing, in fact this domain of making money is really a huge one. What people lack is the knowledge about the sites that can really give a boost to their earning reliably.

Here is our collection of 150 sites that can really open new doors of success for you, including some worth reading ebooks that have some real treasure tips on making money online.

1)Cash Crate

It is a site that holds a treasure. Simply signing up will earn you a free dollar and performing simple tasks will get you more bucks and coupons. For example sign up for free trial of and it gives you $9.60, further earning can be made by accepting small individual tasks.


It offers simple paid tasks to do plus with just a click on signing up you will be blessed with $5 for free. It offers better cash back deals when you shop online.


It is one of the most eminent and personally favorite to many because there are over 2,000 stores for shopping and on purchase above $25 you will be getting a free$10 gift card.

4)She Toldme

it provides 100% revenue share. It is a social bookmarking site where you can earn by getting referrals as well.


It is a source of passive income and actually brought you good number of bucks by publishing articles, reviews and videos. Generate revenue from your article, share it with your friends and generate more money when they publish content. Last month the highest payment made through it was $1,586. The AdSense revenue share ranges from 75-90%. The site also has Amazon ads.


It is social bookmarking site with Adsense revenue share of 80%. It is one of great websites to earn.


Here you can earn by posting articles and ads. The site share revenues as well but the procedure is bit complicated for a new bee.


It is a best place for you if you can type really fast because it provides you with multiple typing and data entry online jobs. It is a social bookmarking site with AdSense revenue share of 100%.


A community of people who love to write and share. Generate your revenue by your articles and sharing about your favorite movies, reviews and critiques the latest discussions. It is a high ranking bookmarking site with 50% revenue share. To improve the quality of the site they disallow links to your own content so use it smartly at your own risk.


It is the most eminent site for publishing articles, recipes and reviews. Attract the traffic with your talented lovely articles and earn the reward. The AdSense revenue share is 60%. It seconds the infoBarrel but majority of youth is attracted towards InfoBarrel.


write articles related to business, culture, lifestyle and current events, attract readers and generate revenue. Whatever you earn you will be allow to keep 80% of the ad revenue generated by your article.


Get started with publishing your own content which could be article, reviews or you can read other articles and participate in discussion in there friendly and diverse community and get reward for your time.


if you love writing and publishing than this is your site to work with. Write all type of articles with revenue sharing of 70% and generate money at your home.


it is different from other social bookmarking sites as it focused sets of useful information on specific concepts, you don’t have to waste your time reading someone’s dog diet or what they had in dinner. Here you will give or receive tips on anything. It has 75% AdSense revenue share.


Looking things to read or write of your interest than do not hesitate to click and generate money by discovering, reading and talking about things that you love. Try it now!.

16)Rate it all

Enjoy writing and earn with fun. The site is fun and a social way to find reviews and share your opinion about anything and get 50% Adsense revenue share on your content.


It is no more in working.


It has content extending from treatment till job employments and online jobs till best quotes. It has all what makes it a deserving site to have your time. It is a bookmarking site with 60% Adsense revenue share.

19) Best Reviewer

Get paid by writing top ten of anything or top lists introduce on anything and get 1005 Adsense revenue share.


It is the largest publishing platform in the world to blog share videos or photos. Share everything and enjoy the 100% revenue share.

21)Community Len

It supports Canadian consumers and capital markets. It is a financial services firm that supports Canadian to drive money. It provides solution that work for investors.

22)Lending Club

It is a consumer loan originating and investment platform. Invest here and return by up to 10% profit.. Investors with 800 notes purchased from Lending Club have experienced 100% positive return.


Work less, live more with an internet business you love. It is an outstanding book that guides where to put your hands when it comes to online working. It just cost $13 but has great tips.

24)The Six-Figure Second Income

It tells you amazing ideas and tips on how to start and grow a successful online business without quitting your job.

25)How I made my First Million on Internet and how you can too

An outstanding book that reveals the secret of millionaire without cracking nuts with your internet business.

26)Internet Prophet

It is a book that defines the tips from the leading experts to earn and make profit online.


It is a twitter advertising platform where you get paid with your posting of ads.

28)Sponsored Tweets

how wonderful it could be if you will be getting paid for tweeting. This is what happens here you get paid by tweeting for someone else.


It is similar to Sponsored tweets where you get extra bucks for someone else work.

30)Dolalr 3

Share things you like to do and place your own bid. You can either offer to convert website into android application or offer to give 50,000 followers for $90. It all depends on you that how much you charge for your services.


Here you can find yourself a perfect freelancing job where you get paid guaranteed. There are many potential clients you just need to explore it according to your skills.


Get paid for micro jobs that are easy and less time taking such as rating a video, bookmarking a website, vote for photo, help promoting Facebook and etc.


If you are looking for potential client regarding web development, networking and information systems, administrative support, business services etc, it is a perfect place for you to own an account and get ready for being hired.


It is a world largest market place for small business services that starts at $5 jobs. Make money by offering mini tasks and services.

35)Mechanical Turk

It is a sophisticated site that is owned by Amazon. The site provides business and developers access to an-on demand, scalable workforce.

36)Just a five

A complicated site which is owned by Amazon and provides clients to potential and tactful workers.


If $5 if all what you need and you are ready to do mini tasks it is a perfect site to have an account. It is community of people who love to do anything for $5.


Make money on small business and lend your services for $5 and $10. Perform simple and easy task and get paid easily.


It is one of the gig sites which offer odd price points: $8, $16 or $24.

40)Break Studios

It is a freelancing site where article length requirement is short and they pay around $8/article.


The town where everything is $50. It is a market place for $40- $50. Offer your services like designing t-shirts, drawing personalized picture for someone or many.

42)Demand Media

It is a great site for freelancing writers but for that you need to get approved first. The writer are suppose to be experienced and broad vision. With each article you can earn up to $15. Demand Media powers one of the top 20 Media Networks in U.S.

43)Jobs for$10

They tried to make micro-job world little better but finally jobfor10 has shut its door.

44)Constant Content

it is one of other freelancing site, where you earn with words.

45)Associated Content

get paid by writing articles and views.

46)mail chimp

it works for designing newsletter, share them on your social network, integrate with services you use and track down your result it is like your own publishing platform.

47)Free Follow up

earn here by being auto responder to automate your follow-up. There is one time fee of $4.99, and then life time usage.


It is an email marketing provider, growing your business is easy with it. Write about solutions and share your experiences with iContact.

49)Send Free

it has a free ad supporter option. It is a free site to create follow up emails and stop losing 98% of your sales.

50)Stream Send

increase your share with email marketing via this. As email marketing is highly effective tool for building your business it provides a great way to talk with customers online. This site is easy to use for Email marketing.


it is also an email marketing site and an auto responder. It is basically free for life time but require fraction of money investment at first.


it is an amazing site to run your online business by putting your web business on autopilot via this.


It is the world most easiest site for email marketing. Create beautiful newsletters and landing pages, attract new subscribers, track and automate your marking.


It helps you build in your email list and stay in touch with prospects. There is about 115,000+ business that uses its email marketing software.


it is one of the free email marketing site. Increase your list of subscribers with sign up forms for your website or create eye catching HTML newsletter via this site.

56)Google AdSense

get paid for each click made by your follower or reader. Place Add on your websites as it a most common way to monetize a website or blog.

57)Facebook Ads

create such ads that help you drive and attract the traffic to your site. Facebook ads are nice because by them you can easily divert the traffic to yo9ur selling product.

58)7 Search

It cost you money but not as much as on other sites to drive the traffic. There is obviously less traffic.

59)Google AdWords

This is the other side of AdSense. Use it to derive the traffic to your site, which will cost you some bucks of course, but this is worth spending because the amount of traffic it derives to your site earns you more profit than what it cost you per click.


It works exactly like Adsense. Some times Chitika ads don’t pay but they could be beneficent to your site.

61)MySpace Ads

It is similar to that of Facebook Ads and AdWords. It helps yo9u derive the traffic to your site.

62)Speedy Ads

It is an alternative to PPC. The site is pretty simple and amazing to use. It can be use to give your site a good and beneficent crowd.

63)Linkedin Ads

Find a exact customer you are looking for, get pay by clicks, by doing little jobs and functions. The best thing is it has no long term contracts.


It helps you driving the traffic to your site, it offers few money at joining but it is worth spending there if it help you dragging a huge traffic.

65)Lead Impact

Drag traffic and lead a positive impact on your bank account.

66)Media Traffic

It provide effective internet marketing.

67)Direct CPV

Advertise your online marketing campaign. Ads what is needed by consumers. It is worth spending time here. Do check it out.

68)AdOn Network

It deserves a chance to see. Do check it out.

69)Traffic Vance

It is a total ads company. It is a leading contextual text link and display advertising platform that deliver high quality traffic to advertisers.

70)Offer Vault

it compares offer from many CPA networks, thus helps you choosing a good one.

71)CX Digital media

It Is a leader in performance based online marketing. Design customize ads for advertisers according to their needs, help creating a better campaign and brows the site. Though it little difficult to understand.


It will help you grab the traffic to your site or blog, become a publisher and convert your traffic into revenue.


Globally accepted and it is a global wide media company that provide cost per action,. It could be making ads, bringing affiliates. Get along in business with real people in offices in United States, Canada and Hong Kong.

74)Flux Ads

It is a leading performance based network. It claims, Let us manage your opt-in database and run promotions that will convert and make you money. We do all of the work and pay you a commission on every conversion. You pay nothing at all for the mailings. Everything you make is 100% profit!


It was built with the goal of helping you grow your business and derive revenue. Sign up today and gain access to our top converting offers across multiple verticals, including international offers for more than100 different countries.


Search and place sponsored ads on your web site and earn money with every click. Advertisers pay here for qualified clicks, leads or sales. Publishers earn here from site, blog email or search efforts.


There are literally hundredths of affiliate Networks out there today. So why should you work with GetAds? It’s simple. It provides digital marketing solutions.

78)Market Leverage

Get paid only for results, post the latest news and leverage the power. Become a publisher and leverage your audience. Get access to top hundredths design to maximize online profits. It is highest paying cash reward industry.


It is a highest paying ad campaigns for performance based affiliate marketing. Get your advertiser what he needs on your terms.

80)Web Jam Ads

Check yourself it, you may find it useful.

81)Epic Direct/Azoogle

It is hard to navigate but it is interesting to work with.

82)CPA Lead

The pay you weekly now according to new setups to their publishers.


Be a part of something great> it provides offers like no other. It provides full service performance network at your finger tips, be part of community and earn with your years of industry experience.


It is an exclusive CPA network. Join the No.1 affiliate Network in the world. Either be a publisher or provide a customer, earn over a commission.

85)Direct Leads

It help you building a high performance affiliate network focused on building profitable long term relationship.. It is one of the most accurate affiliate marketing and tracking platform and it is the only one to be independently certified for 100% tracking accuracy

86)Just Answer

If you think you are smart and expert in particular field than simply step into answer.

87)Web Answers

Here you can answer simple questions and earn a share of AdSense revenue. But the share of money depends upon the quality of your answer.


Here it is fun answering the questions that people send via mobile text messages.


Here again get paid for answering questions that people send via mobile text message.


This site is pretty cool to use, get paid on hourly rate for answering calls. Here is where you sell your advice and answers on call.

91)Fun Advice

Let’s see how many points you get. In the end you converted those points into dollars. Earn more points by answering questions.


Sell your electronics, cars, pets, home sand computers and generate extra bucks. Set up your own post ads for free.


It’s a great place to sell your gadgets which are not in use. You can get good number of bucks in return.


Sign up for free , brows and post to earn.


you can actually sell back or trade items you own and in return get Amazon gift card credit.


Here put anything on auction and enjoy selling.


Sell whatever you can, it could be wholesale watches, women jacket or big sale of any item here online.


It is a most popular classified ads site only.

99) – If you got games, movies and books that are no more in use than it would be better to sell them and on this site there are no listing charges. You just have to enter ISBN or UPC number.


Choose a metro area, post an add and get paid. It is easy to use. Give it a look.


It is one of largest market place for eBooks and other digital products where you can earn with selling them online.

102)Amazon Associates

post associated link and enjoy commission with every click.

103)Google Affiliate Network

It provides a huge market place for affiliate offers. Pick good ones for your site and post it there and enjoy earning with each click made by your user.

104)eBay Partner Network

With each auction made via your posted affiliated link you got to enjoy a fraction of commissions.


It has wide verities of eBooks and digital products, but it is more difficult to navigate and use it to sell an affiliate.

106)Commission Junction

It is a huge market place which provides great affiliate offers.


It is the largest market place for eBooks and other digital products.

108)Shirt City

Design your t-shirts and sell them on virtual sites.

109)Café Press

It is simple site to use to design t-shirts, mugs, etc and sell them online such as through Café Press.


It is a site where you can sell your design t-shirts.


It is where you can sell your design shirts and it is cheaper than Café Press.


It is a cheaper alternative to Café Press that that focus primarily on t-shirts.

113)Survey Spot

Become its member for free and have a chance to win $10,000. Participate actively in surveys and earn to redeem for instant cash via PayPal or for other exciting rewards.

114)Dollar Survey

Take a quick survey and earn $1.00 via PayPal!. Hurry and take multiple surveys.

115)Hot Spex

Give away your opinions and share your thoughts and feelings about the world around you that actually help the world leading companies invent and evolve products and services that touch millions of people in over 20 centuries.

116)Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost offers its members the opportunity to take marketing research surveys in exchange for rewards. Voice your opinion and shape the products and services that touch your life! Sharing your opinion has never been so rewarding! Register for Free, participate in surveys and earn cash rewards now.

117)Clear voice Surveys

Earn rewards on giving away your opinions and convert them to redeem cash.


Share knowledge and get reward, answer surveys, vote on special polls, give away opinions to earn points redeemable for cash.

119)Test Spin

Join now and you will be eligible to earn up to $600 in free gift cards from by taking paid surveys. Register to test music videos, new products and more. They will pay you up to $10 for taking surveys.

120)Global Test Market

Join it now and start receiving online paid surveys. Complete your profile surveys to qualify or more opportunities, check your inbox daily for new invitations. Surveys will come via email. Complete surveys to earn rewards and redeem market points for cash.

121)My View

Take a survey and earn rewards.


Discover your power of opinion. Participating in surveys and invites your friends to join and get commission over getting referrals. The site is a group of consumers from throughout the United States who influence future products by giving away their opinions.

123)Pinecone Research

influencing tomorrows products with your opinion. PineCone Research is at the forefront of “online research”, where you get paid to give away your precious opinion as consumer input is vital to the development of new and improved products.

124)Warrior Forum

you need to work here smartly because there are many chances that you may simply waste your hours over nothing.

125)Permission Research

2 million people around the world are giving away their opinions on this site. It is an online market of research community with millions of member worldwide. The opinions are used by major media outlets and companies that are trying to understand how people around the globe actually use the internet.


It is a global opinion panel. Join it and earn rewards over taking online paid surveys.


It is really easy to work on it. Take a survey, earn points and get reward. Simply register and enjoy browsing.

128)Social Spark

Monetize your blog with sponsored views. It a premium market place that connects you directly with advertisers who will compensate you to write blog posts about their products, services and websites on your own blog. Advertisers offer you opportunities it’s you who decide what to do.

129)Sponsored Reviews

Here bloggers earn cash and advertisers build buzz. Earn by writing honest post about advertiser’s products and services.

130)Pay Per Post

make money by blogging. The site lets you pick your advertisers, name your own price and negotiate your own deals here. You can get paid to blog virtually any site subject.


Make private label, banners and affiliate programs according to needs of members and sell them here.


Make money blogging. The site will help you generate buzz online and build up links to your company website.


It is a site that offer a variety of interesting assignments, and a user is paid well and on time for doing assignments. The focus at is to make sure that bloggers receive a steady stream of work each week.

134)Expo TV

Get paid for doing video reviews of products you own and have fun while earning.

135)Blogging Ads

It is for bloggers to post one time ads on their blog sites for money. Blogging Ads is an easy way for people to earn money by doing nothing more than posting a blog.

136)Blog To Profit

Write what is demanding and drag traffic. Use it to make revenue.


They have thousands of advertisers that are ready to pay bloggers who review their products and services.


It provides option to build shares online and revenue through it.

139)Trade King

It is a Brokerage firm that provides Low cost pricing that’s fair and simple to understand and work with.


From its first print advertisement in 1980 to its integrated advertising and marketing strategy today, Scottrade has always reached out to empowered, independent investors through advertising.


It is an innovative financial services company offering a full suite of easy to use online brokerage, investing and related banking solutions, delivered at a competitive price.

142)TD Ameritrade

It is a platform that can handle non-stop trading. Write reviews and visualize the market or provide robust anywhere access.


Here you can make money by reselling your domains and website.


It pays you for reading emails, participating in surveys and surfing internet.

145)Career in Online Marketing

This one comes per the suggestion of Ian in the comments, and rather than rewrite what he said, I’ll simply quote him: “There are two types of careers. The first one, where you have to work out of an office, is not really making money purely online because it’s a job that requires an office presence (although an absolutely amazing one and one that may still make your list). However, another route is starting your own SEM agency. If you start your own agency, you can make a tremendous amount of money from the comfort of your own home if you work hard and are really good.”

146)Smart Passive Income

Learn to write your own block and publish daily articles and grab traffic with your writing. Get paid for each subscription.

147)Profit Addiction

The site is about making money. Use advertisements but they must get approval before they are able to run Post ads for which the company will pay you and enjoy the profit.

148) Quick Sprout

Do blogging, write about business strategies if you are an owner of successful business, for sure your articles will be valued and you will drag a quality of traffic to your blog.

149)Viper Chill

This site is not for Dummies Writer, If you are beginner marketers start with free online 2-hour video course. It contains successful articles

150)Virtual Business life style

Join it for free and it will teach you how to start, run and Grow a business in the 21st century. Blog and write about business, drag the traffic and earn the revenue.

Hope that the above stated 150 tips help you out in growing your online business,

Best Wishes

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