Top Ten Singers in Afghanistan in 2016

Afghanistan singers 2016We have been sharing much about the popular celebrities and businessmen of Afghanistan with our readers lately and here comes another value added post to the same domain. The singing industry in Afghanistan is booming since the last few years and despite the fact that the country has gone through a lot, it is still progressing day by day. Many of these singers are still working in the industry while some of them have left it but will always remain a legend for the state. The top ten singers of Afghanistan are as followed.

Azita Ghanizada


 Azita Ghanizada of afghanistanShe is not just an afghan American singer but is also a very well-known actress who has appeared in a number of American TV shows as well. She is currently a main cast fellow of the American Syfy Channel TV series called Alphas.

Ahmad Wali


 Ahmad Wali

He is a very famous Ghazal singer who belongs to Afghanistan. He started his profession in the 1970s, and became a popular in his inborn country before he was enforced to escape by governmental disturbance in Afghanistan.

Roya Doost


 Roya Doost afghanistan

She is also one of the most renowned singers and models of Afghanistan. She has over 30,606 followers on Facebook and other social media websites.

Aryana Sayeed


Aryana Sayeed afghanistan

Aryana Sayeed is an Afghan vocalist, composer and TV persona. Since 2008 she has performed repeatedly in many gigs, TV shows, and charitable fiestas, within and outside Afghanistan.

Asad Badie


 Asad Badie

He is a lead singer and vocalist from Afghanistan of pop music. He belongs to the 1980s era singers that developed as Afghan music was getting to the top of its worldwide fame. Badie is also a doctor and has finished his medical degree in Switzerland.

Bakht Zamina


 Bakht Zamina singer

Bakht is a renowned Pashto singer who has performed in main Pashto music occasions in Kabul. Some of her most famous songs are Ma La Ta Juda Kawena, Yara Ghamjan ba Shay, Zama Khoga Janana, Bey Dildara Mey, Zama da Meene Yaara, Raasha Raasha, Khalqi Akhtar dey Mazidar, Pashto Tapey and Khaista Zaan me Jorr Karay de.

Shabana Mehryar


Shabana Mehryar afghanistan

She was born and upraised in a musical clan and grew up listening to the lovely afghan tunes. For this, she has a very exceptional voice and remarkable singing talent which is the main reason that makes Shabana Mehryar,  one of the most famous singers of Afghanistan.

Arezo Nikbin


Arezo Nikbin singer

In her very diminutive artistic profession she has achieved a lot. After her great sensations Ay jaane padar / Hala Yar, she has also hosted her personal TV Show called Music Night on TV Channel 1TV.

Farhad Darya


 Farhad Darya

He is an Afghan vocalist, musician and music maker. He aids as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Representative for Afghanistan and is intricate in many altruistic organizations. Darya can sing in numerous idioms including Persian, Pashto, Uzbek, English and Urdu.

Mariam Wafa


 Mariam Wafa singer

He is an Afghan song singer and vocalist. She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and grew up loving music since she was a kid. When she was five she started to want to become a singer. She presently lives in California, U.S., where she endures her music profession in outcast.


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