30 Shows that are Most Popular on Social Media in 2012

shows on social media 2012We have been sharing latest news and information that is related to your favorite shows or the most happening affairs of Social Media with you all and as the year is now coming to an end, We thought of analyzing the best 30 shows been telecasted on different channels that became one of the hottest topics on the Social Media. Here are the best 30 shows that were followed by a mass audience around the world, resulting in creating a good revenue. Have a look!


SpongeBob Squarepants

Aired on: Nick

Viewership: 21,746,338

SpongeBob Squarepants

Who could have thought a washing dish material, SPONGE, could be turn into all time kids’ favorite, the famous yellow, porous and boneless SpongeBob has completed his 13th birthday on May 1st, Stephen Hillenburg has given a fabulous American animated series to the kids.

The X Factor

Aired on: Fox

Viewership: 16,614,869


Do you wish to sooth your ear with humming voices? Or looking to show your singing talent to the entire public, then this is your spot to log in.  It is a reality based singing competition where you may find from exclusive funny/miserable to exceptionally fascinating use of vocal cords, giving out frequencies in all directions of variable sounds.

The voice

Aired on: NBC

Viewership: 11,135,041

the voice

Here is what you see the survival of fittest. A year old American reality talent show basically based on reality singing competition, where the teams are made initially by blind audition and later the companion battle against each other in battle phase and finally live performances decides your destiny.

Pretty Little Liars

Aired on: abc family

Viewership: 10.375,944

Pretty Little Liars

It is a Perfect compound of mystery and thrill. Four friends band together against an anonymous rival who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, whilst unrevealing the mystery of the murder of their best friend.

The Bad Girl Club

Aired on: Oxygen

Viewership: 9, 424, 279

The Bad Girl Club

It’s where you can find how to crack a nut. It is a story of group of disobedient women, who are put in house together for an experiment that intends to moderate their behavior.

American Idol

Aired on: fox

Viewership: 9,040,514


We covered this Show in the best possible manner. American Idol is a “Star Search” engine where twelve American competitors starts battlefield on the grounds of words and lyrics and the best voice finds its place in heaven of music industry.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Aired on: VIT

Viewership: 6,875,221

It is and Atlanta based spi-off of the original Love and Hip Hop series.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Aired on: NBC

Viewership: 6,200,381

It is where you can find your favorite celebrity talking to Ellen. The show is a mixture of musical performances, celebrity interview, audience games and segments that highlight the real stories and talent in common people.


Aired on: NBC

Viewership: 6,171,158

Catch up with the latest news with Natalie and others. It is a flagship show containing interviews, news, business, recent audio clips, analysis and sports.

The Walking Dead

Aired on: amc

Viewership: 6,164,030

The Walking Dead

A series that walks out of comic book, where there is a police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

106 Park

Aired on: BET

Viewership: 5,757,393

It certainly does not need any introduction for hip hop and R&B lovers. It is a show where you will find your pop and hop rock stars being interviewed in depth.


Aired on: FOX

Viewership: 5,575,242

An American musical comedy drama where a high school Spanish teacher becomes the director of the school’s Glee club, wishing to restore it to its former glory.

Jersey Shores

Aired on: MTV

Viewership: 5,432,189

“Train rack” that’s what you hear from people when you ask them why do they watch Jersey Shores, finally after six seasons of boozy and rowdy rectitude it has come to end. It is a reality based looks at the dull lives of several New Jersey 20- something and their respective hook-ups and/or friends.

The vampire Diaries

Aired on: CW

Viewership: 4,551,779

It is a perfect blend of thrill, mystery, suspense, supernatural and action. It’s a story of high school girl torn between two vampire brothers who are obsessed with her.

The Simpsons

Aired on: FOX

Viewership: 4,208,597

The Simpsons

The Simpsons American animated sitcom, has become a part of every American family now, they show the sarcastic adventures of a working class family in the misfit city of Springfield.

Piers Morgan Tonight

Aired on: CNN

Viewership: 3,970,908

Piers Morgan Tonight

It is a unpredictable, lively, challenging and fun entertainment interview show on CNN that is broadcast on weekday 9 pm.

Good Morning America

Aired on: abc

Viewership: 3,686,076

Looking to see what is hidden? Than tune in to Good Morning America, it’s where you will find latest news, headlines, breaking stories with in-depth coverage with videos and photos.

Dancing with the stars

Aired on: abc

Viewership: 3,677,596

Do you think you can dance? You dance we decide. The show is a dance competition airing on ABC in USA.

Saturday Night Live

Aired on: NBC

Viewership: 3,559,387

Saturday Night Live

Tired and sick of your boring day and had no reason to smile? Its where you cannot stop laughing after midnight as it is a late night sketch comedy show.

The Big Bang Theory

Aired on: EYE

Viewership: 3,427,140

The Big Bang Theory

It is an American sitcom, where a woman moves into an apartment next door to two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about world outside their laboratory.

The Wolf

Aired on: MTV

Viewership: 3,364,226

It is where you can find music videos of all kinds.


Aired on: teen nick

Viewership: 3,260,364

It is an animated show about four babies, but they are no strangers to troubles or adventures. But no matter whatever the problem is Tomy always finds a way to lead them out.

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

Aired on: NBC

Viewership: 2,900,425

Brian let you know everything happening around the country. He is seen on daily bases by US viewers more than any other individual.

Family Guy

Aired on: FOX

Viewership: 2.859,385

Family guy is an animated sitcom, where in wacky Rhode Island town; a dysfunctional family strives to cope with everyday life.

Big Brother

Aired on: EYE

Viewership: 2,671,965

It is a reality game show it is the most complained about TV program of the year.


Aired on: tbs

Viewership: 2,407,088

An hour long American late night talk show.

True Blood

Aired on: HBO

Viewership: 2,321,874

In a world where vampires are out of coffins and living with people, Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress discovered a total new world of different creatures.

Grey’s Anatomy

Aired on: abc

Viewership: 2,309,819

A story of group of doctors and surgeons dealing with everyday emergencies and confuse relationships.

America’s Got Talent

Aired on: NBC

Viewership: 2.214.054

It’s time to show what you got! If you feel you are the owner of an exceptional talent do not hesitate to be the one of those broadcasting on TV. It’s where you see the most astonishing and spectacular moves you have ever seen.

How I Met Your Mother

Aired on: EYE

Viewership: 2,070,191

How I Met Your Mother

it is an American Sitcom where Ted searches for woman of his dreams in New York city with the help of his four best friends.

Hope that you enjoyed reading about the best ones. How many do you follow? Share with usSmile


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