Should Freelancers do blogging to get Clients?

freelancing vs bloggingIf you are in a journey of searching and attracting clients then all you need to do is to show your presence, that is, your existence in this online world. Pictures and designs with little description speak thousand words for you. How about starting a blog and promoting your work there? It is certainly a good idea.

Hold on! It’s not that easy as it sounds like, though writing on what you do is not an issue, the big problem is you run out of words after couple of weeks and either you skip updating or end up in frustration of writing many blogs and finally shoot! You abandon them.

This article is going to tell you what strategies can get you clients and what steps could drown you in frustrations read carefully may be you can attract a potential client.

Getting frustrated with blogging but still no comments

Here is a deal, write what you love to think about, the bonus deal is, you will never run short of words and plus point is you will never be invisible. You may find ghost blogs, silent and quiet articles with no comments for centuries, and seriously this is worse than having no blog because its going to send a message ‘I tried blogging, but I don’t get it’.

Without a blog a freelance site might not rank well in search engine, so you need to boost up and start writing, if you are writing well and writing about what you like, still you are ending up with no clients you need to take a pause and review the basics of good blog-post writing and how to get a clean a design, then consider the deeply what next you need to refresh.

Blogging for a client or it’s a port folio sample of your work

When you start thinking for the topics and start posting on your blog you are thinking you need to write about a particular thing to attract a particular client- normally this is happening. But think in this way, you need to look multi talented who has multi dimensional understanding over the topics and don’t forget you are blogging to get a client. Who would like to get their hands on to a freelancer who is not colorful? You need to bring colors and shades in your blog, let clients to pick you, not you to fix an imaginary client.

Blog that result in a client lead

*A blog that is a stereo case and an enantiomer of your freelance activities. That reflects a crystal clear image of your services and looks smart.

*Make it obvious that you are looking for a client, you can use a shimmering tab saying ’ Hire Me’.

*Be proud to showcase the comments, so prospects can see them. Remember people don’t believe on you, they believe on others. Do not hesitate to ask for comments by your client when you done with a project, this is the key that is going to reflect, ‘You are Amazing!’

*Write about anything but the deal is, it should worth it to get on your blog.

Essential tip- Never to forget to stay and get updated, time is changing so does the demands, you nee to challenge the time and does not let time to challenge you.

What topic to write on

*Topic that you love- There might be situations when you are working for a client who wants you to write over blogging, but over your blog you love to share about food. There is nothing wrong in it, it will still get you clients, because when you write about what you love, you strives your best to improve and that shows you got potential

*Related topics- The majority accepted phenomenon. You will find every next blogger working on this strategy because they holds a similar believe, the more you talk about your good face, the better clients you get, because it reflects your sincerity and professionalism towards your devotion.

*Write for clients- This is a strategy that you will see under the heading, ‘How Sweet’, because here you are actually giving out free tips to your client and prospects in turn for getting marketing lead. The only motive behind is to angel your lbog to appeal directly to your prospects.

Anonymous but famous

If you are currently riding a ghost blog, then this is definitely going to get you the traffic. Drop out guest post on the popular blogs your client visit daily. This won’t only make you visible but catch more eyeballs than does a post on your solopreneur freelancer’s short blog.

we hope these tips help you get a client through your blog and if you think blogging is not made for you, then don’t worry there are plenty of other ways to market your freelance business.


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