Top 10 Best Shopping Malls of India in 2012

42-17017132There are two things that make India Most popular other than the known facts and monuments, say Taj Mahal, are responsible for generating a good revenue from the world, one being its Bollywood Industry, while other being the shopping stuff available widely in India. If you are a shopping freak and have a good taste, you need to explore the following 10 Shopping malls that are known for their impressive collections, attracting buyers from other local cities of India, as well as the potential buyers in abroad.

Have a look on the following Shopping malls that are located in Dehli, the Capital of India only.

1. Ansal Plaza

Ansal Plaza, Delhi City, Delhi, India

It is the first mall established in the posh South Extension location. The moment you step into the building you can enjoy while shopping, cultural events, fashion shows rock concerts. It is a best destination for shopping freaks. It’s a circular mall with courtyards in the middle and holds the best appealing brands to buy clothes and accessories such as Nike, Adidas, Marks and Spence, Puma, Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger among others and couple of famous fast food chain. As it is the first mall in Delhi it still remains the first love and stays on priority for Delhi-ites. Anything which you can think of is available in the building all what you have to do is to explore it.

2. City Square

city square mall delhi

It enjoys being the most popular and it is the hot spot of west Delhi-items. The mall uncompressed everything from world’s top class brands to famous food courts. It houses popular brands like Dockers, KFC, Republic of Chicken, United Colors, Punjabi by nature and like and also includes Snow White, Woodland and Hazoorilal.

3. DLF City Center

DLF city center

The mall is located among the populace with highest purchasing environment and rate as it is one of the most modern shopping mall in Delhi. It is the first official mall of Shalimar Bagh and enjoy being in the posh area.

4. West Gate Mall

West Gate MallDelhi’s most prominent and leisure destination, located in West Delhi and houses some world class apparel stores ranging from Lee Coo to Reebok, famous food restaurants such as Moti Mahal Deluxe to TFIF, there is also six screen movie time multiplex on the fourth floor which is still under construction. If you want to shop the best for your apparels in West Delhi, this is the right place for you. It is develop by Today Homes Group. It is currently the largest mall in Shivaji Place with five floors building and 2 levels of basement parking

5. Cross River Mall

cross river mall, karkarduma, delhi

A dream project of Suncity Projects, CrossRiver Mall, located in the heart of Shahdara’s Business District located in the highly prosperous area like Anand Vihar, Suraj Mal Vihar etc, with its flawless design in the high quality heat-reflective glass, steel and marble. It holds top-of-the-line brands in fashion, beverages, leisure, lifestyle and entertainment. It opens a complete new class of entertainment experiences and retails. It is spread over 12, 380 meters.

6. Mamram Magic Mall

It is the hot spot of Delhi-ites, a place to be in North Delhi but located in Rohini. It’s wonderful and splendid architecture is what makes it different from other malls. You will enjoy shopping through national and international brands.

7. TDI Mall

TDI Mall, Fatehabad Road, Taj Nagri, Agra, Delhi

It has been constructed by the consultation with internationally renowned real estates consultant Jone Lang Lassalle Magraj. The longest and biggest mall in Agra with 300 ft frontage and built up on area of 1, 20, 000 sq. ft, approx., and has ground-plus-three floors with two level basements for parking and services, design mainly for foreign tourists. The mall houses all popular brands, mutli cuisine restaurants and state of the art multiplex. It provides the ideal atrium with fabulous air condition ambience together with glass on the plaza facade that gives a true international look

8. North Square Mall

north square mall

It is famously known as “The Women’s mall” which provides ease and great ambience for which every woman craves for. It is the favorite among all others to women because it is first of its kind women’s mall. It is located on 77 acre commercial hub of North West Delhi.

9. Metro Walk Mall

Metro Walk Mall is actually located in Rohini area of West Delhi

It is famous as Open Air Mall as various parts of it are spread around and people are actually walking outside boundaries of solid concrete. Together with the bags of brands that you will carry home, you can celebrate organizational achievements and hangout in its adventure land. Mall plus world class amusement/water Park, cinema, restaurants and shops makes it different from others and large lake act as a separator between the two. The integrated mix of retail and entertainment complex is spanning over 62 acres out of which metro walk is spread across 2.21 lakh sq.ft, makes it among the largest retail mall.

10. Living Style Mall


The full retail mall is located in Jasola, South Delhi. The mall houses branded store like Dominoz, BTW, reputed retailers and food chains like Baby Dragon- oriental cuisine, Faizal’s kabab, Travel Destination and has ideal atrium viewed from any floor with great environment unlike any other office cum malls in that area. It has enough car parking area, and is present at an ideal location as it is facing the main road. Statically it is located at the junction of Noida, Delhi, Greater Noida and Faridabad.

If you are planning your next vacations in India do not miss a chance to see all through your naked eyes and shop for your dear ones, have photos with splendid architects and enjoy eating while shopping.


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