Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy – Qualification and Success Facts


Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy - QualificationPakistan has got talent! Nobody can deny this fact under the light of last night’s Oscar Award Ceremony, where Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, a Pakistani journalist, filmmaker and social activist has recently won the second Oscar after winning it previously for the best documentary short for her masterpiece of work “Saving face” in 2012 . This is for the Second time in the history of Pakistan that an Oscar has come home, first was too, brought by Sharmeen. Let’s have a look on Chinoy’s qualification and achievements to actually get to know what incredible knowledge has she acquired that she think magnificently to that level.

How Qualified is Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy?

sharmeen obaid chinoy qualification
sharmeen obaid chinoy qualificatio

The lady, who has become an inspiration for the present generation, has got a very strong and prestigious academic record. One would possibly not deny the fact that the level of being nominated in Oscar awards and then making it to the success is not the ordinary one. It takes a lot to have an achievement as big as an Oscar. Sharmeen’s qualification justifies her art of initiating a project and then propagating it to the best possible place where it can easily be perfected to stand amongst world class competitors.

Going back to the early education, Sharmeen Chinoy chose A-level from Karachi Grammar School. After her A-Levels, she went to United States and got enrolled at Smith College where she received a B.A Degree. Sharmeen chose to take a master degree in communication and a master degree in International Policy Studies at Stanford University.

What Made Sharmeen Reach This Level Of Success?

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Success

In the lives of such heroic characters like Sharmeen Chinoy, there are always few factors that combine together to write the success story on the pages of history. Here are some of the facts that made Sharmeen’s perfection touch the zenith of success so quickly.

Self-Believer and Opportunist

Sharmeen always believes in herself. Her strengths and her weaknesses. She was given an opportunity to prove herself in the field that she chose, and what she did is quite amazing, as we all can see.

A Great Patriot

Whenever it comes to think for Pakistan, Sharmeen is always found quite passionate and devoted to serve for this land. Her efforts always work to portray a better picture of Pakistan throughout the world. she wanted to bring animation to Pakistani cinema for which she made a beautiful film 3 Bahadur, which is a benchmark in Pakistani cinema.

 A Voice To The Helpless

Sharmeen being a social activist always raises her voice through her films and documentaries for those who are not given an opportunity to speak for their rights. The helpless and the ones who can not speak for they can be disgraced if they speak a word for their right.

Women Empowerment

Sharmeen is herself a lady of high strength and power. She describes a picture of a perfect woman who is not scared of the society’s evils. She always makes documentaries which promote the women empowerment and condemns the maltreatment with women in our society. Her award winning documentary ‘Saving Face’ is one of the examples in which she lightened the issue of acid throwing in our society.


It is quite difficult to estimate in numbers or figures to find the achievements of Sharmeen Chinoy. There are many of them as a journalist, as a filmmaker and above all, as a socialist. Her prominent achievements are mentioned below:

The Oscar Lady

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy oscar

The greatest and the toughest of all, the one that is quite hard to believe in, yes its none other than the Oscar Award. Sharmeen made it possible to bring the first Oscar Award to Pakistan through her great work in a documentary ‘Saving Face’. She was awarded an Oscar for the best documentary in 2012. But this was not enough for a gem like her. She was again nominated for her documentary ‘A Girl In The River’ The Price of Forgiveness’. It is just last night when Sharmeen once again bagged an Oscar for the category of best documentary.

Emmy Award Winner

In the year 2010, Sharmeen came up with a phenomenal piece of work named as ‘Pakistan’s Taliban Genration’. It was highly appreciated internationally and got an Emmy Award for its greatness.


As we all know what great significance Hilal-e-Imtiaz keeps when it comes to some big honors of Pakistan. Sharmeen has also achieved a Hilal-e-Imtiaz on 23rd March 2012 by President of Pakistan for bringing honor to Pakistan and making the country proud as a filmmaker.

3 Bahadur

3 bahadur Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

In one of Sharmeen’s interview, she was asked about the biggest achievement that she considers as of herself. According to Sharmeen, her first Pakistani animated movie 3 Bahadur is her biggest and the coolest achievement for bringing animation to Pakistani cinema for the first time.

I really hope that you find an inspiration in her work which she not only did to make money but also to serve the Humanity.


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