Shadab Abro Khairpur: Pakistani Won International Award For Waste Water Cleaning Method

shadab rasool abro won american award and scholarshipWho says that revolutions depend on degrees? Certainly Not! With the emerging science in countries like Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, which are considered to as the developing nations, the new talent is getting a wide exposure for its creativity. It might sound shocking to many of the readers but the fact persists making all the Pakistanis proud that a young lad of the nation received an American Award for his great research on how the wasted water can be recycled to conserve natural resources as well as to minimize the hazardous affects by the chemicals that constitutes 80% of the dirty water.

The Story revealed!

Khairpur is one of the small districts in Sindh, Pakistan, with only 22% of urban population. A district that itself suffers from water pollution. Shadab Rasool Abro, a resident of Khairpur presented his research in the field of Bio-chemical in the University of New York.

The 15-16 years old Shadab Abro is a student of Pak-Turk School ( a private group that has established its schools all over the province) , and appeared for his Matriculation papers. Shadab presented his project which was based on making environment, friendly and healthy. He proposed his scheme that could make the world virus-free, preventing the dangerous affects of polluted water on human life. Targeting the industrial zones of the world, he also suggested that the waste water from these industries can be recycled, further contributing in conserving natural resources.

shadab rasool abro won american award

Taking a deep notice of his plan, the US State University of New York invited Shadab Abro to present his project. The invitation was accepted and this little boy represented his nation on such a big platform. The University also asked him to perform the experiments to make his project sound more reliable rather than the abstract idea. It seems like Shadab was well prepared with his home work been done, as he performed successful experiments on the basis of his research.

The Reward!

United States have always encouraged Young talent, whether it was Arfa Kareem(late), Shourya Ray or now Shadab Abro. The State appreciated the project so much so that Shadab was awarded with Genius Olympiad award and not only this, but also a scholarship worth $250,000 (Rs. 23 Billions according to Pakistani Currency).

In his quick interview on a T.V Channel, he said that he was really happy and thankful to his teachers who supported him throughout his mission and he would keep on working hard to make his country more proud.


With this, the world got another talent. It is therefore an added example of the fact that the talent is not limited to a particular state or a country, what it all needs to be unfolded is an exposure, which Shadab Abro was lucky enough to avail.

We congratulate Shadab on his huge success, not only for getting an award or the scholarship, but the fame and the pride that he got, which is precious and priceless. We hope that we will see new talent emerging in near future that would also deliver their part in contributing for the world’s betterment.

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