5 SEO Mistakes that affect Traffic of the Blog!

seo mistakes to avoidIf you are looking to earn reasonably huge through online money making business, you need to learn how important the SEO management is for a blog. Search Engine Optimization is the key to make your blog Google friendly so that the search engine directs traffic, and in other words, the revenue to your blog. We have been discussing SEO tips with you all to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed by our readers, and here are 5 detailed SEO mistakes that the bloggers often make and make their business suffer, Have a look!

1. Counterfeit words

CounterfeitIt’s hard to think, be creative and invent words corresponding to a topic but it’s far easier to plagiaries and borrows the same article for your website. What you can’t see is you are hurting your own image and bringing up a potential baby of dropping your site from search engine. Even if you are rewriting the article try to bring a positive change which can give it a new identity rather than looks like a summary to the previous article.

2. Inappropriate Keywords

keywords saturationWhat signifies and publicize your article are the keywords you introduce to the search engine, because those words are going to reflect your article when audience type specific words in a search engine. It’s the major element that has been neglected often, and blogs are deficient with words that can reveal a best possible explanation according to the reader. It took hours to generate a new idea, to search and produce an article but it would take only 15 minutes more if you work on the words that could show your hard work. If you think you can’t come up with public words you can use a suggested tool, Google Keyword Tool, to research keywords and to make your article available to your targeted audience.

3. No analyses ever made

search for keywordsAre you spending hours and constantly looking your ratings to get low? Did you try to spend more time in writing to produce better articles but still it seems useless? The only answer to your simple problem is you are lacking the golden tip, “Site-Keeping”. It may take hours to write but it will only take minutes for you to see what audience has proposed and suggested regarding the content you post. Sometimes we believe we are doing our best but we don’t realize, it’s not we who are going to like it, its THEM! Let your subscribers, decide criticize and comment, and use those comments in a constructive way to bring positive changes and improvements where necessary. This small tip will save your hours to write a great article with similar mistakes.


4. Unnecessary words

There are some writers who don’t bother to enter keywords while some stuffed the keywords in the search engine for increasing the chances to be obvious but this is not the case now. Smart and eminent words will do your job or else search engine will penalize your website. Work on the quality of your articles and not the quantity of unnecessary words.

5. Using Black Hat Techniques

Breaking rules and regulations, unethically present content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine users just to get higher search rankings in totally going to get you in a trouble. Such techniques will provide short term gain in terms of rankings, but if you are discovered utilizing theses spammy techniques on your website, you run the risk of being penalized by search engines. Do not get on tracks of putting less efforts and hoping to receive quick results. Be honest with what you do, and you will definitely see the positive result.

Online business has a lot of risk and uncertainty yet  there are things that are still in your hand as a blogger, try making a hold of them and turning your learning into earning Smile

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11 thoughts on “5 SEO Mistakes that affect Traffic of the Blog!”

  1. Very nice article sister…..Can you explain if i copy a code or script of someone’s and paste it in my posts, using the code pasting plugins, what do you think is it a copyright infringment?can google penalize me for this or copying codes is allowed?

    • Hie Adeel,
      Thanks a lot for leaving by your comment,
      You get that right brother, copying content from any site and publishing it without giving it a proper recognition is one of the cyber crimes and Google is way too strict about it. Google Panda penalizes the blog which copies the content, resulting in a serious risk of loosing page ranks and Search engine traffic.

      hope you got your answer, feel free to ask for more queries.

      • Thanx for your quick response.
        I expect the same quick and friendly support from your site.As you can see the in my recent post that we have to use differnet scripts to run our softwares properly and we publish them for general public.So if I write a script myself which resembles to a script on someones else script, what does google think about such scenarios?
        check the link to understand what I m saying.


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