How To Send Gmail Attachments To Google Drive?


save attachment in Google-DriveThere was a time when people had to wait for large attachments of important E-mails to be first downloaded and then were needed to be saved manually, delaying the actual purpose of the mail. Similarly, attaching the files to the mails with Hotmail and even Yahoo were never that quick to keep the pace fast, often resulting in severe irritation. Noticing these consumer crises, it was the great-Google that planned up a solution. Think about a scenario where all your attachments within the mail would automatically be saved to your own customized folders, by simply adding a label to it. With Google Drive, it is possible.

The feature that makes it unique enough to be appreciated is the fact that you can synchronize your Google Drive with your desktop, making an automatically update in your local drive each time your attachment moves to your folder in Google Drive. This means that you can always keep a track of your attached documents even offline via your local drives.

Google Drive was grabbing huge audience even before it launch and it has taken up the market largely since the day it has appeared on screen that is a few days back. Google drive provides it users a cloud storage up to 5GB. If you have a dropbox account then you can also move your customized folders from your Google Sky Drive to your Dropbox. All you need to take the advantage of this wonderful launch of Google is to download a Google Chrome extension, formally known as Gmail Attachment to Drive which will enable you to save all your Gmail attachments from your account to your cloud storage, also allowing you to save Documents without worrying about the type of file.

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Installing the extension will add an option to your mail to “save the file to Google Drive”. You can save all your attachments by simply clicking on this option. Initially the files are saved on the main folder but you can always customize your attachments by classifying them in different folders.

Get Your Attachments in One Place

If you are still not using the Google Drive and the idea sounds reasonable enough to spend your 5 minutes, then here are simple, short steps to add it on your account

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1. Login to your Google Account and get into the mail box. at the moment there will be no option of “save to drive”.

2. You need to click here now to create a new copy of this spreadsheet in your Google Drive

3. Gmail menu will appear on the screen. Click on initialize and go on with permissions following instructions that suit you the most.

4. Go back to the menu and select Run.

5. You are done.

Are you Curious to know? This is what happens

There is no magic behind this automatic saving of attached files from your mails to your Google Drive. In fact it’s a mechanism. The Google sheet that you can create by following the link above, monitors all your mails in your Gmail Account, it updates itself after every two minutes and the moment it finds a message carrying a label Google Drive, it automatically will save all the attachments of that message. The transferred attachments can be accessed by the Google drive folder as well as to the local drive location that you associate with it.

Helpful Tips in case of possible Troubles

There are chances that you might land up with many errors due to the short intervals between the monitoring times of your inbox, which is as default is two minutes. errors like, Service invoked too many times, often becomes to frustrating especially when you need to hurry for mailing something urgent. The solution to get out of this is to increase the trigger time so that the sheet in Google Docs will monitor your mailbox after every five or say ten minutes. To edit the settings, open up your sheet and go to Tools. Click on Script Editor and then select resources. Click on current script triggers and change the minute timer from two to somewhere around 5 minutes to Ten minutes.

Although SkyDrive offers its users a large storage up to 7GB which is quite satisfactory as compared to 5gb of Google Drive but one point that has given the privilege to the Google drive is that the maximum file size in skyDrive is only 2GB where as you can save your files up to 10GB.Moreover this additional feature of automatically  saving the attached files is something users were waiting since a long time.

keep your mails classified, enjoy GoogleDrive,



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