SEMs Happy First Anniversary-Congratulations!

first anniversary semTime surely flies and 2012 has been the best example. It seems only yesterday when Smart Earning Methods emerged in the online world with motives to provide its potential readers a reason to be motivated. Yes Readers, Your Smart Earning Methods is a year Old today! We, the STC Network congratulate our precious followers a very happy first anniversary of the child blog of My Blogger Tricks, the Smart Earning methods, which was launched on 6th February 2012, exactly a year back today!

A Success becomes a real success when you have reasons to feel that you made a change and throughout these 12 months, all what SEM tried was to facilitate its readers by providing them with content they were looking for, to establish their own business in an online market.

Let us have a quick flashback over the journey that we spent together and share the happiness with the most important stakeholders of our business, i.e. YOU!

We-The Team!


After spending four successful years in the field of blogging, Brother Mohammad Mustafa found a need to come up with child blog of MBT (mybloggertricks), separating the online money making strategy from the core ideas of Blogger tricks and SEO Techniques. Adding new members to his STC Network, It was fortunate enough that Brother Qasim Zaib and I got an opportunity to link up with the most happening network in order to utilize the knowledge and skills that we gained and polished in the online world and since Day 1, we are trying to serve you all with the best of original content, which really worth your trust.

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The Mission!

Finding that the online frauds and the unreliability of the content related to the online business was becoming a foremost drawback in the field of making money online, we decided to target the need of a real guide for the people who are looking for their careers in the online world and want to learn from entrepreneurs who have been able to get their dreams come true.


Smart earning methods primarily focused on enhancing the skills and awareness of the readers typically in the field of:

a) Blogging and the tips on how to make money with blogging

b) Freelancing and guidelines for the freelancers to get a hold on consistent projects, keeping the clients happy.

c) New techniques for making money for the people of all ages, covering, teenagers, students, Women, Housewives and anyone with enough of talent to cash it.

d) Sharing latest happenings of the social media and the world out there to keep the worldly connections strong and intellectual for the readers.

e) Tutorials on how to keep going on with the latest technology and the socio-tech changes that are a part of development. (Facebook new launches, Windows 8, New Tools, Plug-ins, Upgrades)

f) Sharing a recognized and authentic list of platforms that can help readers in finding a place to make money without being a victim of spamming or frauds.

h) Motivating the readers by sharing the rich lists based on the latest net-worths of the famous people of all possible niches.

The Success!

No food is delicious if eaten before it is well-cooked, similarly, no business is a success until you learn from your experience and line up the most important ingredients and use them in the right way. God has been kind to the STC network and Smart Earning methods got into the good lists of Alexa soon after a month of its launch.


The viewership always takes sometimes to become a constant one, especially when the blog is new and an experiment, but yes, the determination and goodwill of the team made a small idea of the Founder of STC Network in to what is now known as SEM!

Today, exactly a year after its birth SEM enjoys an average pageview above 3, and a charming Alexa rank which is in2Oks’and still have a long way to meet its parent MBT.

The commitment!

Money is what most of the entrepreneurs are concerned with, however with us, things are pretty different. The vision we have in mind for the upcoming years of our serving, is all related to how we can enhance opportunities for our readers to earn their livings and luxuries from their common room, by simply using their laptops and getting their online accounts fill with a considerable amount of money.

Just it has been a case throughout the last year, I and Brother Qasim are looking forward to serve you with the best of the content, keeping you satisfied and updated with the changes in in the online market.

Founder’s Message!

On the eve that is very close to our hearts, The founder of STC Network, Mohammad Mustafa congratulates the SEM readers in the following words:

muhammad mustafa“Almost a year has passed with this little baby of ours and time still looks like we have to move on a lot. With growing awareness towards the online business, SEM has helped out several hopeless people to make a living online. The increasing feedback is the only motivating factor that keeps us running.

Thank you all for keeping this little community alive. A special thanks to Nida and  Qasim for feeding the baby really well. Smile

Our Wishes!

Nida Zaidiqasim zaibOur success is nothing without you all, we thank you for staying tuned and leaving a great feedback. Smart Earning Methods is one place that understands the needs of its users and will always contribute the best piece of advice available for different fields related to online earning.

sem anniversary

Happy Anniversary;

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