7 Places to Make Money by Selling Cosmetics Online

selling cosmtics onlineCosmetics are now more than a need for women of any age, thanks to the glamour world. If you know the right places to sell your cosmetics then certainly, you can enjoy much more than your expectations. If you are not a cosmetic manufacturer but inspired by a lip color or nail art, you can always share what you think is rare and enjoy some profit out of it. Here are a few places to make money by selling cosmetics online. Get started with your own mini-business using these ideas and add some dollars to your income.

1) OLX

“Where buyers meet sellers” and how true is that. OLX has turned into a significant window where anyone can sell anything and make as much as his talent allows. Try promoting your cosmetics on OLX and write a review about your product along with the details.

2) Forums

Joining forums where you can already enjoy the presence of targeted audience is a great and effective idea. Take an active part in discussions and offer makeup obsessed ladies your cosmetics.

3) Websites

If your idea is even bigger, then go with a dedicated website and also promote your product, its reviews, your business policies and shipping strategies on your website. This adds a star in your portfolio as an online businessman

4) Amazon

Why to leave the world’s biggest marketplace without availing the market it offers globally? Share your cosmetics at Amazon and make people know about your brand

5) eBay

When talking about Amazon and OLX, it would be unjust if we do not mention eBay here. After all, this platform is been availed by many of the small businessman who are making decent sales with it. Promote your products on eBay and also be careful while writing a product review. You have a large audience here.

6) Facebook

Facebook is much more than just a social media site connecting people. It has now turned into a giant monster, building a good targeted audience. Start your Facebook brand page and promote your cosmetics, sharing new ideas with the consumers. Once people would hear from you, they will definitely like to know more about what are you actually offering.

7) Google Adword

When bloggers can make money through Google AdSense, Google surely has an offer for people like you too, who can advertise their cosmetics using Google Adwords where all you will need to do is to create your ads, choose keywords to target and enjoy getting customers.

Therefore if you are looking forward to make money by selling cosmetics online, then definitely the above stated ways would surely do a magic, increasing your sales considerably.

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  1. yes agree with your each point. Facebook, E bay etc are most familiar networking site for selling Goods. dear as you know every time i comment first of all. please write or guide some tips to improve Alexa rank. is Alexa rank increase our traffic.

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