Sell your services with Zjobs and make money!

Sell your services with Zjobs and make money Selling your services online can be another cool way to make money. Making money in this fast moving world is not an easy task. You need to work a little harder than the rest to make a good place for you. You just can’t work like everyone does. You will really have to be unique and different. Therefore, you must check out what Zjobs has to offer and how you can sell your services here!

Have a look at Zjobs!

What is Zjobs?

Zjobs is an online service provider. It offers following services: Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Technology, Marketing, Social, Animation, Video, Writing, Translation and loads more. All these services are provided for just $1. Since the amount of money you get is small, you can sell small services which consume less time.

Create an Account

In order to sell your services, you will have to sign up to Zjobs. Just fill in your basic information and enter into the money making world.

Check Projects

Zjobs contains variety of projects. The buyers post their projects in the projects section and give all the details about what they want. It depends on you whether you like the job or not. You can choose which projects you want to pick and to whom you want to sell your services.

Choose the Services

Be specific when you pick up a service. Don’t just rush into any project just to make money out of it. Choose services that you are good at offering since the customers want perfection. They won’t pay you in order to teach you how to work.

Select Duration

Before selling your service, you need to decide the timings and deadlines. Don’t get into any misunderstandings and confusions. Set up everything beforehand. Once you decide on a certain deadline then stick to it. There aren’t much chances of changing your deadlines.


The buyers have already set a price for the services they want to purchase. So there are less options of any increment or decrement. You will have to accept the payment. Or you can choose to offer only those services which meet your desired payments.

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