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find a job at monsterThese days, competition for jobs has grown so much that finding a job through conventional means has almost become a thing of the past. According to a survey in the U.S, only about 30% of the people find jobs that way. The other 70% find jobs by means of networking and online services. That’s how important online job searching websites have become. People use them to find all sorts of jobs; part-time jobs, abroad jobs, jobs that they love, and so on, something which can’t be done through TV commercials or Newspaper ads. One such great job-searching website is, which will help you in your job search by finding a jobs for you among millions of job listings! It has already changed millions of lives: yours could be the next one!

About, owned by Monster Worldwide Inc. started off in 1999. Back then, it was one of the few, and popular job search websites. In fact, in 2006, it was ranked the 20th most visited site in the world from among a 100 million websites! Today though, is the largest website in the world for job seekers, with over 1.1 million jobs listed at any time, and around 63 million monthly job seekers. It also has a database of more than 160 million resumes to date.


Features and options for job seekers provides a lot of features and tools for job seekers to easily find a job they need from among a million others. As a job searcher, you have all the basic options such as keyword search, browse by category, most popular, etc. You can also save job searches and view your apply history for your convenience. You can see company profiles as well. Besides these ordinary features, gives you the ‘job-hunt strategy’ option as well, so you can see the company or industry research in a particular field, and look for jobs based on their growth potential. You can compare your salary as well to see what the companies should be paying you.

Monster also gives you career tools, such as career mapping, career snapshots, career bench-marking, and so on. This helps people determine what career is best suited for them. Additionally, has degree listings and their worth, which will help fresh graduates or people aspiring to take on a career to better decide what is best for them.

Creating a resume was never as easy as it is with They have resume and cover letter building services through which you can easily create a professional looking resume. You can post this resume on Monster, where companies will be able to see it. And if you don’t want a particular company to see it, say your current employer who doesn’t need to know that you’re looking for a new job, you can hide your resume and profile from that company.

One of the great features of is its Networking and Career Advice. Through networking, you can connect with people looking for jobs in the same industry as you. That way, you can learn some new stuff, and some words of wisdom, and also get help in case of any problem. And the career advice is always there to help you should you need help choosing a career or picking a suitable company. They will also give you tips such as for applying for a job, going for interviews, etc.

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Joining Monster is absolutely free! You can sign up here. You can either create a new account, or sign up with your Facebook account. Once you have joined Monster, you can earn money simply by referring people to the website! Depending upon how much traffic you have, and how many people you refer, you will earn a portion of what they earn as commission. So get started now, and start earning! All the best 🙂

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