Schedule Facebook Birthday Wishes And Never Miss A Birthday Again!

schedule facebook birthday wishesIn this digital era, wishing people a happy birthday has never been easier. Before social media and the cell-phone, people used to send out birthday greeting cards, which, although took some time to create/decorate, showed affection. In that age, not getting the time to send out a birthday card was excusable. Now though, what with almost everyone using social media and smartphones and other swift forms of communication, the same excuse is a pretty lame one, because it takes less than a minute to greet someone. To some people, it is a big deal. So to make sure you never miss a friend’s birthday, here is an app that lets you schedule birthday greetings on Facebook beforehand, so you won’t have anyone complaining about you!


BirthdayFB is a social app that lets you pre-schedule birthday wishes for your friends. To start using this app, you can simply go to its website and Connect with Facebook. Once done, you will see a list of all the upcoming birthdays from your friend list.


You will also see a list of the birthdays you have not scheduled messages for. To schedule messages, simply click on the arrow that appears on the right of your friends’ names upon hovering your cursor. You have the option to Write a message, or Hide that friend from the list of upcoming birthdays. Alternatively, you can click on the Write Messages tab on the top. This will show a message box next to all your friends.

Schedule birthday wishes

While writing a message, you will notice an option to Save as a canned message. A canned message is like a message template. BirthdayFB has some of its own by default. But if you have a nice birthday message, such as a joke or a quote, you can save it as a canned message and use it for other friends.

To edit a scheduled greeting, simply go to the Schedules Messages tab, and you’ll see a list of messages you have scheduled. You can edit any of these any time before they are sent out!

Wishing people a happy birthday is a great way of letting them know that you care, and that you’re always there for them, celebrating the great moments in their lives with them. This app will help you get more involved. Some people, like me, often forget to notice the upcoming birthdays in the right sidebar on Facebook. For them, it’s a great way to stay in touch. But don’t let this be a cheap way out of greeting people. It should just be used as an aid, and not a replacement to wishing happy birthdays to people. Let them see that you really care 🙂

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  1. Thanks For This Update, I never knew such an app existed, I always love cheering up Friends on their Birthdays but there are times when am so busy or out of town and would miss their Birthday and later try to send a belated Wishes to them. So i guess this settles it all.

    I have just started using it after seeing it here. Thanks

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