How Sapphire Became the Most Expensive Clothing Brand Online

What makes Sapphire the most expensive brandTalking much about fashion these days, we are all set to get you some factual.dreasons about the most happening brands of Pakistan. A huge name in the race of fashio. And clothing is Sapphire. Sapphire Group is a very renowned and famous Pakistani manufacturing corporation that is largely concentrated on the textile trade and commerce. Let us tell you a bit in detail about it.

What is Saphirre!

Grounded in Lahore, it is a cohesive fabric group that has its specializations in industrializing cotton yarn, fabric, and finished outfits for women generally.

Sapphire pakistani brand

The products of Sapphire are distributed to over 35 destinations around the world, and the Group has employed more than 16,000 people who are currently working in different branches of the store. Sapphire is now known as a very high-street trademark brought together by major labels in the textile trading. Sapphire is famous for merging 100% unadulterated fabric with unique design aesthetic to make trendy wear at a reasonable price range. The range of Sapphire’s clothing has something for everyone because they offer daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics and scarves, even unstitched fabric for people who have faith in their product. The predominant theme of the collections is to give reasonable designer clothes to the people and to make them happy. The administrations of the company are expecting to build more of the company on this standard. For this purpose, Sapphire has molded a conglomerate with Khadija Shah of Élan, a name that transmits an amazing repute in the domain of fashion. This combination of delicate designing and high class fabric has given rise to the breakthrough of retail branding. Sapphire’s pledge to worthy fabric over the years has made it a household name, equal to fineness.

How Sapphire became the most expensive clothing brand online

When different stores of Sapphire were opened for public, they used to offer affordable designer wear to a person which is the main reason behind their immense success. But lately, the online stores of Sapphire have increased their prices to many folds and have now become the most expensive clothing brand online. In year 2012, the Sapphire Group had revenue of more than US 800 million dollars, with an asset ground of over US 500 million dollars only.

Sapphire - online brand

This company has the turning aptitude of 350,000 spindles, with a manufacturing volume of 65,000 kg of yarn per month from 6/s to 120/s, Knits staining, finalizing and clothing unit has a capability of interweaving 500 tons of greige material and 300 tons of stained and completed fabric with complete production of about 430,000 garments per month.

Other than this, The Sapphire Group has also expanded into the power generation as well as dairy segments. Sapphire Electric Company is a 234 Megawatt joint cycle plant in Muridke. Sapphire Dairies Private Limited functions a huge automated dairy farmhouse built on 100 acres near Manga, Lahore, with a herd size of 3000 and a target of 10,000 milking cows. Recently, a video was released where many women were displayed fighting and pulling each other’s hair over the Sapphire clothes. All this success has caused this company to increase its price range but even after the company has made their products high-priced, a lot of people still prefer going to their stores rather than buy their unstitched dresses.

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