Top 15 Richest YouTubers Who Make Money by Sharing Videos

richest youtubersYouTube can be a really good place to earn some great cash by just sharing videos on the leading video sharing platform. We have been sharing a lot on how to make money online with YouTube and here we are again with a motivation for you all, here are 15 richest YouTubers who make money by sharing videos online.

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Net worth: $6.7 million

Channel views: 1 billion


The first British channel to attain 1 billion views first time ever in the history of Britain’s YouTube Channel. Comprising of mainly video games videos, with over five million viewers all across the globe, it is one of the hottest channels in viewer’s list.


Net worth: $6.1 million

Channel views: 870 million


He is the Swedish action video game commentator and one of the best in his field. Recently in august 2013 his channel got more subscriptions as compared to other channels.


Net worth: $5.7 million

Channel views: 818 million


Since its inception, they spread smiles on the faces of people. In January 2013 their channel got many subscriptions. Currently they are expanding their specialty regarding topics of the videos.


Net worth: $4.3 million

Channel views: 613 million


She is the American comedian, and currently living a luxurious life with two dogs. She is on top list when it comes to be listed top on YouTube channels securing 5th position at the moment with total 10.5 million subscribers.


Net worth: $4.2 million

Channel views: 2.4 billion


Toby Turner is his name and also known as Tobuscus as his stage name. He comes with a variety of roles on stage. He is musician, comedian and internet personality. He has total of 11.8 million subscribers and 2.4 billion over views on three YouTube channels.


Net worth: $4 million

Channel views: 590 million


Hailing from Oklahoma City since his high school, he jumped into YouTube business. He did major in history and currently his YouTube channel consists of over 10million subscribers and 2.4 billion videos.


Net worth: $3.5 million

Channel views: 520 million


He is a youtuber who often play games. Currently enjoy the fan war between PewDiePie and him on the account who is better you tuber. His real name is James Wilson.


Net worth: $3.4 million

Channel views: 487 million


Two agents working, Mac and Cheese investigates all killing in kitchen. The channel was ranked as the eight most subscribed and 30th most viewed channel. The story started with an orange annoying other fruits and vegetables by cracking stupid jokes. After the success of show there are now many toys and games over series characters.


Net worth: $3.3 million

Channel views: 470 million


All videos are based on studios based script and shooting scenes. With over millions of users specially youth and young teenagers as their subscribers, they currently enjoy an important position among famous YouTube channels


Net worth: $3.2 million

Channel views: 470 million


Jordan Maron, he clicked YouTube with a parody video and PSY music in background. Soon the video became viral and with a week had million views thus it was then never looking back for CaptainSparklez.


Net worth: $2.4 million

Channel views: 341 million


A unique YouTube channel with videos blend of music, history and some message blended together uniquely.


Net worth: $2.3 million

Channel views: 335 million


He is the member of family of Japanese descendant who lives in US. He came to U.S. study film making in UNLV, but soon posted some solo videos on YouTube which turned out to be the major hit on YouTube shortly..


Net worth: $2.3 million

Channel views: 322 million


Boyce Avenue mainly shares the success stories here with popular song lyrics and cover photos of classical songs. Boyce has collaborated with other YouTube artists which increase the substantial growth in subscriptions and viewership.


Net worth: $2.2 million

Channel views: 511 million


Whoever is winning or losing anywhere any match AdamThomasMoran will be covering the story. The channels has over 3 million subscribers and mainly cover the story in a funny way, so if you’re getting bored signup to his channel and enjoy laughing.


Net worth: $2 million

Channel views: 1 billion


Here the brothers cover the funny stories. They have set a record of one billion views in august 2013. These brothers are quite popular for their React video series. They have been creating, producing, writing and directing spoiler series since 2004.


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