Top 10 Richest Teenagers in 2012

TOP 10 RICHEST TEENS OF 2012In Most of the Asian Countries, like Pakistan,  The biggest barrier in establishing oneself  is the custom of the society where a child always remain a child till he doesn’t crosses his teenage. Parents hardly give a free hand to their children, not letting them develop the sense of being a grown up. However in West, A child is called as “Young man, the moment he turns in to 10. this Confidence in the children let them find their hidden abilities and take them a head in the society, earning name, fame and money for them and making their families proud of themselves at an early age. its important to understand that there is no pre-defined age to make money, in fact creating a sense of responsibility and encouraging the young children is extremely important for their success. We discussed about the richest Men of the World and  Richest Ladies, but now it’s the time to present the top 10 richest teenagers, who used their talents to earn in Millions.

You have been seeing these Teens on your screens, but did you ever know they are one of the top richest Teenagers? Have a look!

1) Justin Beiber

Net worth                                                                                                             $53 Million

Country                                                                                                                    Canada

justin beiber richest teen

The boy, who established himself in no time, the cute, little Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. Bieber is known as a singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. It was Scooter Braun who revealed this talent in 2008.His first album became a hit with seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. His biggest hit is “Baby”. He is lucky enough to make his way to the awards and have won Artist of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards, and has been nominated for such awards as Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards. In 2012, Bieber was named Forbes 3rd most powerful celebrity in the world, earning $55 million. As of May 2012, Bieber has sold 15 million albums.

2) Miley Cyprus

Net worth                                                                                                           $48 Million

country                                                                                                                   America

miley cyrus- richest teen

Miley Ray Cyrus was born on; November 23, 1992. She is known as an actress and pop singer-songwriter. She achieved wide fame for her role as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana. Becoming the center of attention of the viewers as a character of Hannah Montana, Cyrus then switched to recording music for the soundtracks, released by Walt Disney Records. She established herself as ever teens’ idol in so less age.

3) Nick Jonas

Net worth                                                                                                          $12.5 Million

Country                                                                                                                    America

Nick Jonas - richest teen Jonas brother

Nick Jonas, the popular one in the Jonas Brothers (pop-rock band) was born on September 16, 1992. He enjoys earning a huge wealth a singer, actor, musician and also write his songs. He formerly starred in the Disney Channel original series JONAS L.A. as Nick Lucas, alongside his brothers. He was also starred in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

4) Taylor Lautner

Net worth                                                                                                            $8.5 Million

Country                                                                                                                    America

Taylor Lautner- richest Teen twilight

Taylor Daniel Lautner , the Jacob of Twilight series, the hot hunk, who is ruling the hearts of many female fans was born on February 11, 1992. Taylor has been gaining fame as an actor, voice actor, model, and enjoys popularity for his martial arts. He started his career by appearing in bit roles in comedy series such as The Bernie Mac Show -2003 and My Wife and Kids-2004, He performed voice roles in television series like what’s New, Scooby-Doo? As well as Danny Phantom!

5) Angus T. Jones

Net Worth                                                                                                           $7.8 Million

Country                                                                                                                    America

angu sjones-richest Teen.

Angus Turner Jones, born on October 8, 1993, played the role of Jake Harper in the CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men” and won two Young artist and TV land award. He also played supporting roles in the movies See Spot Run, The Rookie, Bringing down the House, George, and The Christmas Blessing.Jones signed a contract in 2010 guaranteeing him $7.9 million over two seasons (26 episodes), plus a $500,000 signing bonus. This amounts to $300,000 per episode of Two and a Half Men, making him the highest paid child star on television

6) Selena Gomez

Net worth                                                                                                           $5.5 Million

Country                                                                                                                   America

Selena Gomez- richest teen  hannah montana

Born in 1992, Gomez began her career as a child actress Before releasing her debut album in 2009, she got her first break as a cast member on the kids TV show Barney and Friends. Starting up a singer, her music gathered just as much attention, as did a highly publicized relationship with fellow teen idol Justin Bieber.

7) Jaden Smith

Net worth                                                                                                             $5 Million

Country                                                                                                                  America

jaden smith - richest Teen Willsmith

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, the Son of one of the richest Actors of Hollywood, Will Smith, was born on July 8, 1998. Being the son of an actor, Jaden proved himself greatly as a child actor, rapper, songwriter and dancer. His breakthrough role was in the 2006 film The Pursuit of now , Smith won the award for the Best Breakthrough Performance at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.

8) Willow Smith

Net worth                                                                                                              $4 Million

Country                                                                                                                     America

willow Smith - richest teen will smith

Willow Camille Reign Smith, the daughter of American Actor Will Smith and the younger sister of Jaden Smith was born on October 31, 2000. Like her father and brother, Willow is known as an American actress and singer. she started her acting career in 2007 in the film I Am Legend. She received a Young Artist Award for her performance.

9) Dakota Fanning

Net worth                                                                                                               $4 Million

Country                                                                                                                     America

dakota fanning- richest teen

Hannah Dakota Fanningwas born on February 23, 1994,she earned fame after her breakthrough performance in the 2001 film “I Am Sam”. As a child actress, she appeared in high-profile films such as Man on Fire, War of the Worlds, and Charlotte’s Web. It was in 2006, that Fanning began to shift to more adult roles with Hounddog and The Secret Life of Bees. She is also starred in The Twilight Saga.

10) Elle Fanning

Net Worth                                                                                                           $1.5 Million

Country                                                                                                                   America

Elle Fanning- richest Teen

Mary Elle Fanning, is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning and was born on April 9, 1998. She is known for her starring roles in Phoebe in Wonderland, Somewhere, and We Bought a Zoo. She received nominations for a Saturn Award, a Young Artist Award, a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, a Teen Choice Award, a Scream Award, an MTV Movie Award.

These amazing Teens are an inspiration for Young People as well as for people like me, who just came out of their teenage, without utilizing a single day of it. Always encourage the younger ones around you to take step towards success, never taking the age into consideration.

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  1. First of all congrats to all these kids….really they have done great job!!But sad that not even a single kid is from Asian country.Mostly problem here is that parents love their kids very much and try to protect them in each and every stage.But they have to understand that after certain age they should leave them alone.
    Dunno when will our culture change.

  2. Thanx for the article 🙂
    This post can be treated as a motivational one, and yes nida i totally agree with you that in asian countries especially in India and Pakistan parents don’t allow their children to opt career of their choice. They just want to see their child as an engineer or doctor working for reputable firm. I personally believe that you can’t be in these types of lists by working for MNC’s and all.
    Waiting for the list about richer ones of ASIA.

  3. I’ve been an avid reader of MBT and so consequentlt came to know bout SEM.

    Although i’m 14, i know SEM is doing a great task ! Thnz Nida di and SEM!

    • So Good to Know Evan that even in this age you are doing a great job. Trust me Boy, you will succeed more in the coming days.
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