Top 10 Richest Tech Companies in 2013

richest tech companiesThe invention of the personal computer over more than three decades ago has opened many new avenues of development, and has accelerated technological advancements. The journey of the mobile phone and the story of the internet, all link to this milestone. Ever since, companies have been making use of technology to make a name for themselves. In this regard, the time between 1998 and 2008, also un-officially known as ‘the digital decade’, is worth mentioning, because during this time, many large companies of today emerged or re-surfaced, leading the technological advancement in their respective fields. So here is a list of the richest tech companies today with regards to their revenue.

1. Apple – $156.508 Billion

Apple is a pioneer of the smartphone and the tablet as we know it. It has been known for its revolutionary and innovative products and designs, which created a whole new market that Apple now dominates.

2. Samsung Electronics – $143.069 Billion

Like Apple, Samsung is a pioneer in its own field. It largely deals with electronics, and has recently started manufacturing high-end Android smartphones and tablets as well.

3. Hewlett-Peckard – $127.24 Billion

Hewlett-Peckard is an Information Technology company that provides products, services, software, solutions, and technologies to ordinary consumers as well as large enterprises. Until 2012 before Lenovo came along, HP was the world’s leading PC manufacturer.

4. AT&T Inc – $126.723 Billion

AT&T is a US-based Telecom company that happens to be the largest provider of telephonic communication. It also provides broadband subscriptions in the US.

5. IBM – $106.916 Billion

IBM is the pioneer of personal computing, and was the manufacturer of the first Personal Computer. It excelled in the hardware industry up until competitors such HP and Dell came along. IBM still serves hardware to large-enterprises, but mostly focuses on software, solutions and services now.

6. China Mobile – $84.71 Billion

China Mobile is China’s largest telecommunication company offering GSM and other carrier services throughout China.

7. Microsoft – $73.72 Billion

Microsoft is a pioneer in personal computing, specializing in software, services, solutions etc. Up until recently before the launch of Microsoft Surface Tablets, it was exclusively limited to software design, and is assumed to be the world’s largest software manufacturer by revenue.

8. Intel – $54 Billion

Intel is the world’s leading manufacturer in chips and processors and other hardware components for personal computers. It also serves large scale enterprises.

9. Cisco Systems – $46.061 Billion

Cisco is one of the leading Information Technology and communications company that specializes in networking, both on the software and hardware level.

10. Google – $37.905 Billion

Google, o course needs no introduction. It is the leading web search engine, and offers a wide range of other products. It produces mobile OS, and hardware as well.

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