5 Richest Swimmers in the World in 2013

richest swimmers 2013Money making is all about identifying your talent and giving it a proper shape before approaching to a platform to cash it. If you aim high and love to earn through everything you can do, try looking for things that you are already good at. How about cashing your daily life activities by providing them a real platform? In case you love to swim and have been swimming since a good time, you can even make money by becoming a swimmer, taking part in sports that are been held on international level,starting from the initial competitions organized by gyms.

To motivate you for actually start thinking about what a great swimmer you are, here are 5 most richest swimmers in the world who enjoy a net-worth in Millions just through their swimming.

1) Michael Fred Phelps

Michael Fred Phelps

Net-worth: $ 40 Million

Source of Wealth: Swimming

Age: 27 Years

Country: Maryland, United States

Michael has won 14 Olympics Gold Medals by now and is considered as one of the world’s greatest swimmers. It was Mark Andrew, the king of Olympics swimming since 1972 till 2008, when Michael took away the crown by winning 8 Gold medals. Michael declared swimming as his profession at the age of 5, when he turned into an athlete in 2000. He is the most richest swimmer in the world currently.

2) Mark Andrew Spitz

mark andrew

 Net-worth: $ 20 Million

Source of Wealth: Swimming

Age: 63 Years

Country: California

Known for his exceptional swimming skills, Mark Spitz is an American former swimmer who have won seven gold medals during the summer Olympics of 1972 and this only makes him a hero in the swimming sports as no one has broken this record apart form Michael Phelps, who won 8 awards in the Olympics of 2008.

3) Ryan Steven Lochte

Ryan Steven Lochte

 Net-worth: $ 3 Million

Source of Wealth: Swimming

Age: 28 Years

Country: New York

He is a certified Olympic medalist and one of the best Americans swimmers. He has taken part in many competitions and by now, he has won 5 Olympics Gold medals, 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals.

4) Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad

Net-worth: $ 1.4 Million

Source of Wealth: Swimming

Age: 63 Years

Country: New York City

The first lady in the list is well-known for her swimming all over the world. Diana swam for about 8 hours around Manhattan and also swam for 42 hours covering 76 miles in Cuba in 19678. In 1979, she again set a record when she swam from Bahamas to Florida without using protective shark cage. With an average of 3.7 miles per hour, Nyad swam for a total of 27 1/2 hours. Later on, she had to give up swimming due to shoulder pain, asthma and ocean swells.

5) Ian James Thorpe


Ian James Thorpe

Net-worth: not available

Source of Wealth: Swimming

Age: 30 Years

Country: Sydney

According to the net-worth revealed by therichest.org, Ian Thorpe is one of the 5 most richest swimmers of the world. Though his accurate net-worth is still under examination, Thorpe truly deserves to be ranked one of the most popular swimmers of the world. Been the most successful athlete in Summer Olympics 2000, he won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the event.

So you see, anything you are good at can be a source of generating revenue for you. All you need is to try and try hard to identify your talent and once done with that, groom it and enjoy rewards that are beyond your expectations even,


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