Top 20 Richest Supermodels of the world in 2013

20 richest supermodels in 2013We have been sharing the most authentic rich lists with our readers, knowing that this is what every reader might find himself interested in. We all need motivations, role models, examples in our lives to become like them. What people often assume is that money making businesses are just restricted to doctors, engineers, online earners, businessmen, etc. However, the field which is never taken seriously by most of the money oriented people is acting or modeling. Looks and beauty gives you something if you know how to use this talent of yours. Modeling has always been a vast and welcoming field for the youth who found itself capable of attracting people. We shared top 10 richest super models back in 2012, and here we are back with an updated list. have a look!

1)Kathy Ireland

Estimated Earning: $350 million

Kathy Ireland

Ireland surely tops the list and is the richest model with her gorgeous features. She had appearances in nearly 40 television shows and movies. She stayed on covers of Vogue, Cosmo and Sports Illustrated.

2)Gisele Bundchen

Estimated Earning: $250 million

Gisele Bundchen

Mrs. Tom Brady has been smartly balancing her modeling and acting careers. She had her appearances in many advertisements such as “Get a Mac” commercial, American Express Red, Credit card and Nivea commercials. Her beautiful face was seen on GQ and Vogue Covers.

3)Cindy Crawford

Estimated Earning: $100 million

Cindy  Crawford

An eye catching magnetic face on the cover of George has also been influencing the fashion trends with her red Versace dress of the 1991 Academy Awards. IMG, Gap, Pepsi and Revlon are few of her many ads seen on television. Besides her modeling she has done fabulous acting in industry in movies like Fair Games, Unzipped and TV series like According to Jim.

4)Tyra Banks

Estimated Earning: $90 million

Tyra Banks

Surely she does not need an introduction! A well recognized charming face, appear almost everything ranging from movies to talk shows, Music writing to Opera Winfery Reporter. The gorgeous looking Banks remain on covers of eminent magazines like Sports illustrated swimsuits, Shape, Elle, Ebony and Harper’s Bazaar. She has been seen in Disney TV movies “Life-Size_ with Lindsay Lohan.

5)Christie Brinkley

Estimated Earning: $80 million

Christie Brinkley

Her outspoken communication skills and bold personality has given her personal show on CNN in the 90’s. The bold looking face has stayed of covers of numerous magazines like Cosmo, Playboy, Glamour, etc. In 1983 Brinkley had released “Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Fitness and Beauty Book.

6)Heidi Klum

Estimated Earning: $70 million

heidi klum fragrance 280911

Beauty with tactful and smart brain is best to describe Klum. She has plenty of business ventures to keep her busy. The Beautiful and bold face has been seen in wonderful and worth watching movies like Sex and the City and the Devil Wears Parada. She is not just a model but is a combination of artist, singer, writer and painter who loves to make sculpts.

7)Kate Moss

Estimated Earning: $50 million

Kate Moss

The girl who used to flare in every show has finally dropped from campaigns like Chanel and Burberry for alleged drug u7se in 2005. Even after this she is still running on highway of being the most wealthiest models of the world. She has her own trade mark font.

8)Naomi Campbell

Estimated Earning: $48 million

Naomi Campbell

Even after being accused of assault against associates, policeman and employ she is still on landing on peak of being wealthiest. She founded charity We Love Brazil in 2005 to help poor and needy in the country. She is beautiful writer who won great appreciation over her writing, Naomi. Due to philanthropist nature and efforts she made for others she is well known as ambassador of Rio de Janeiro.

9)Elle Macpherson

Estimated Earning: $45 million

Elle Macpherson

A face that has been on cover of Sports illustration more than five times is now seen as a host and an executive producer of “Fashion Stars” on NBC. The girl has also been screened in classic and worth watching movies like The Edge, Batman and Robin, etc. She currently owns a company Elle Macpherson Inc and creaty beauty products under nickname, “The Body”.

10)Claudia Schiffer

Estimated Earning: $40 million

Claudia Schiffer

The face has high and striking resemblance to former model, Brigette Anne Marie Bardot. With her striking resemblance she has been seen in ads like L’Oreal, Dolce & Gabbana,etc. She has also been seen in Richie Rich and Love Actually. She launched Cashmere co9llection in march 2011.

11)Alessandra Amborsio

Estimated Earning: $40 million

Alessandra Amborsio

The bold tanned face, that was well prominent in blockbuster movie Casino Royale and has also been seen frequently seen in Armani Exchange and Dolce & Gabbana. In 2007 she was ranked fourth- higest paid model by Forbes in 2007.

12)Milla Jovovich

Estimated Earning: $36 million

Milla Jovovich

The bold, attractive, and dazzling woman has bombed the audience with her tremendously unbelievable action in Resident Evil: Retribution. The beautiful face has also been seen in films like The Fifth Element, Zoolander and The Three Musketeers. She has enjoyed being on cover of Elle and Maxim.

13)Adriana Lima

Estimated Earning: $35 million

Adriana Lima

Lima has remained the well known face of Givenchy and has signed a contract with Maybelline in 2003.The stunning face has been involved into films and television shows other than modeling as well. She has given her appearances in Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother.


Estimated Earning: $25 million


The model is currently engaged in The Fashion Show that is host on Bravo and addition to that she has been also involved into acting other than modeling. The beauty girl has written, “The Beauty of Color” and “Ultimate Beauty Guide for Skin Color”.

15)Christy Turlington

Estimated Earning: $18 million

Christy Turlington

She is a very popular face of Chanel, Calvin Klein underwear and Valentino. She was also featured in 1996 fashion documentary, Catwalk.

16)Linda Evangelista

Estimated Earning: $18 million

Linda Evangelista

In 1998 after when she actually chopped off her beautiful long hairs, she was best known for her bold and iconic Harper’s Bazaar cover from September 1992. The model has done enough for Bloomingdale’s and is bound in contract with Revlon, Fendi and Estee Lauder.

17)Natalia Vodianova

Estimated Earning: $18 million

Natalia Vodianova

She is the lime light of all the major brands ad including Gucci, Calvin Klein and yes fragrances and eyewear too. In 2007 she became spokesman for David Yuman alongside Kate moss.

18)Carolyn Murphy

Estimated Earning: $15 million

Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy have nearly posed for all the big magazines including vogue, Elle and Sports Illustrated. She was bagged with model of the year honor by vogue in 1998. She acted in a film “liberty heights”. Her ads is an endless list too she has been a part of Versace, Zara, tiffany and Ann Taylor loft ads too.

19)Stephanie Seymour

Estimated Earning: $15 million

Tyra Banks

She has posed for various magazines that includes vogue and sports illustrated but the real beauty of her was shown in playboy magazine the supreme of the entire magazine. She has acted in various movies, games and television, too. Apart being a model she has written a book as well.

20)Cheryl Tiegs

Estimated Earning: $14 million

Cheryl Tiegs

Becoming a model on a tender age of 17 is a big task. However Cheryl Tiegs holds a position of 20 when it comes to richest super model at current state. From ads till a brand chain line she is everywhere to be seen the charm and charisma possessed by her is still in its apex state.

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