Top 10 Richest People of Japan in 2012

japan richest peopleSince 1960 post war economical miracle has made the Japan’s economy to the second most world’s developed economy and it has a 3rd largest national economy after United States and China, but since 1960 till 2010 it is unable to maintain the world’s second largest economy. We have been sharing the rich lists of many several countries and now we present Mr. Richies of Japan.

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10. Han Chang-Woo & family

Net Worth: $ 2.80 Billion


Korean-Japanese businessman, ranked 376 on world’s richest man and ranked 10th in Japan having a fortune of $ 2.80.He is the owner of Maruhan corporations, the largest operator of pachinko parlor, movie theaters, bowling alleys, golf B driving ranges. His family ranked 68 among the world’s richest people in 2006.He is now planning to strengthen the bonds between two nations, Korea and Japan, primarily via scholarships.

He sets a wonderful example that playing could not go waste as he made the entire fortune solely by gaming.

9. Keiichiro Takahara

Net Worth: $2.9 Billion


He is a chairman and founder of Unicharm, making of sanitary napkins and other personal good cares, company’s stock prices go nearly 40 % high, and own a total of $ 2.9 billion shares. Last year he held a negotiation and launched a joint venture with Hartz and Sumitomo’s US based pet business. His son takahisa is chief executive and expects to have a $1 billion sale in china by 2014, and trying to expend the company overseas.

8. Akira Mori & family

Net Worth: $3.2 Billion


He owns around $3.2 billion and is an owner of Mori trust, who is working to build an emergency communication and information network sharing among the main office buildings and properties. After the earthquake last year in Sendai, the operations was affected, there by an in-house disaster-response head quarter was establish to help the residents who lost their home. He inherited the entire fortune and his family name is found on many real estates.

He is doing a marvelous job for the people of Japan and helping them to get new shelters and giving them a hope to live by let go the old thing and build new homes every year.

7. Yoshikazu Tanaka

Net Worth: $3.50 Billion


Younger ones can make a lot of differences and yoshikazu proves the smartest entrepreneur and social networking bee. In 1977 when he was a high school junior he was obsessed with making changes in society by field of information and communication. He is the youngest and 7 out of 10 richest people in Japan. He owns GREE, biggest online social network, and is a CEO of Gree, mobile gaming service and an internet company that he founded, that is aiming to reach 190 million users globally and is recently working with china’s largest net portal. Tanaka was 33 years and 3 months and the youngest founder, when his company was listed on the Tokyo stock exchange first section. His source of wealth is social net working. He also owns the major Japanese brands such as Mixi and DeNA.

He Is a biggest motivation to young people who wanted to bring a change in society by social networking.

6. Takemitsu Takizaki

 Net Worth: $4.00 Billion


In2006 he ranked 224 among world’s richest people, he is 65 years old and lives in Osaka. His main business is concerned with sensor manufacturing like electronic devices, photoelectric eyes for factory automation system. He owns around $ billion dollars.

5. Kunio Busujima & family

Net Worth: $5.7 billions


He has four children and he lives in Gumma. He mainly deals with the manufacturing of pinball machine. He is the founder of Sankyo, the pachinko gambling machine maker, currently he did collaboration with popular rock band to attract young players. He is 86 years old and piles the entire $5.7 billion on bases of games.

4. Hiroshi Mikitani

Net Worth: $6.3 billions


Heroshi, was born in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, Japan. He did his MBA from Harvard University. He is 47 years old and has 1 child. His e-commerce business has taken him up to the total fortune of $6.3 billion. He is currently a chief executive and chairman of online shopping mall operator, Rakuten.

3.  Masayoshi Son

Net Worth: $6.9 billions


A 44 year old Masayoshi is a founder of Softbank, one of the Japan’s top 3 mobile networks since 2006 owning Vodafone Japan. His net worth is $8.1 billions, he is also described as ‘philanthropist’, means the love of love and private initiative for public good. He belongs to a Korean family but son’s family adopted a Japanese surname. He did his majors in economics and computer science and at the age of 19 he realized that the next generation would be ignites by commercial revolution. His son criticize the creation of nuclear industry most concern issue for Japanese today so there by he engage in investing for solar power network for Japan.

2.  Nobutada Saji & family


He is Japanese businessman, 66 year old and runs a business of beverages and owns a total of $7.9 billions. 90% of his company is own by his family. He is a chief executive of Suntory ltd, Japan’s 4th largest brewer and food manufacturer.

1.  Tadashi Yanai & family

Net Worth: $10.6 billions


Tadashi, the richest person in Japan, is a founder of fast Retailing that has thrived amid the downturn; stock up up to 43 % over the past year. He has his stores in Moscow, Paris, New York City. Hired famous designers like Jil Sander to design and come up with new clothes for his utilitarian bran. He keeps the prices low by exporting to Bangladesh, china and Cambodia. He is horse – racing fan and own two horses.

These people did everything to make their surrounding for them and for the rest of Japanese healthy enough to survive, either by creating best social networking or by providing the best food and beverages. In one way or the other they have not only upgraded their lives but also the people for whom they dedicated their lives.

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