Top 10 richest people in China 2012

Richest people in ChinaChina is earning to be one of the most fastest developing countries with its varieties of business in international market. Chinese products are gaining popularities and the asset to Chinese is helping them to hold a maximum fortune. We aim to promote the successful people of the world to set an example for our readers to make money and become popular the same way these people did.  After Covering Several developing countries, now it’s the time to share a post on China.

Here is a list of people enjoying the fortune and improving the competition in china.

10. Zhang Jindong


Age: 48

World rank 2012: 232

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$4.5Billion

Company: Suning Appliance

Source of wealth: Retail, self-made

Born 1963 in anhui. He is one of the founder members of the sunning group. A self-made man starting as a worker with average pay in cloth factory and soon started his own business in a shop and soon converted that into a huge business under the name of sunning appliances however with in a span of 15 years in 2007 Forbes mainland china rich, Zhang was ranked no5 with 33.61 billion Chinese Yuan (US$ 4.05 billion)

9. Yang Huiyan


Age: 30

World rank 2012: 223

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$4.7 Billion

Company: Country Garden Holding

Source of wealth: Real estate, family fortune

She is the one of the wealthiest people in mainland china with and estimated net worth of $7.4 billion USD as of march 2009. She holds majority shares of country garden holdings her net worth raised to $16.2 billion USD in October 2007

8. Ma Huateng


Age: 40

World rank 2012: 223;

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$4.7 Billion

Company: Tencent

Source of wealth: Internet, self-made

Born October 29, 1971. The founder of Tencent Inc a famous Chinese internet company he graduated from Shenzhen university one of the elite university of china. He co-founded Tencent in 1998 and first product of company Tencent instant messaging tool became very popular in china. He’s been recognized for his achievements by Forbes and time magazines both. Ma was known to be 68th richest person in china in 2005 however with a net-worth of 5billion dollars he stand on 8th position of rich list in china.

7.  Wu Yajun & family


Age: 48

World rank 2012: 178

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$5.7 Billion

Company: Longfor Properties

Source of wealth: Real estate, self-made

She is a commercial and B-residential property developer, she shares her fortune with her husband who cofounded the company. The company have projects in 14 Chinese cities. She is ranked as 178th billionaire.

6. Liu Yongxing


Age: 63

World rank 2012: 173

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$5.8 Billion

Company: East Hope Group, largest animal feed producer

Source of wealth: Agribusiness, self-made

He in one of the top entrepreneur, created hope research center for feedstuff and started breeding business together with his brothers in 1986 later in 1990 sold animal feed, he also establish a new business with chengdu Hope Groups. In 1995 he served as a Chairman of Hope oriental Corporation,

5. Hui Ka Yan


Age: 53

World rank 2012: 173

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$5.8 Billion

Company: Evergrande

Source of wealth: Real estate, self-made

Designation: chairman of Evergrand Real Estate Group Ltd,

Vice president of China Enterprise Confederation.

He did his majors in metallurgy and has been a management professor in Wuhan University of science and technology since2003. He is currently a member o9f 11th National Committee of the Chinese people ‘s political consultative conference . He is honored as National Model Worker award by State Department.

4. He Xiangjian


Age: 69

World rank 2012: 161

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$6.2 Billion

Company: Midea Group

Source of wealth: Appliances, self-made

He is a co founder of the largest appliance manufacture, MIDEA, it is ranked as 2nd worldwide in sales of household appliance. He is ranked as 6th Chinese billionaires in 2010 an 9th in 2011. He initially started with production of bottle lids with only funding of CN Euro5000, later than electrical fans, microwaves oven, water dispensers etc. and now the Midea is dealing internationally.

With this, the post comes to an end. All we tried here was to highlight the Chinese talent by promoting and appreciating the hard work of these icons of China. Hope that our Chinese brothers would love it. Leave your views Smile

3-Zong Qinghou


Age: 66

World rank 2012: 146

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$6.5 Billion;

Company: Wahaha Group

Source of wealth: Beverages, self-made

Designation:chairman and CEO of Hangzhou Wahaha Group

He is a delegate of Chinese National People’s Party Congress. He is ranked as 23rd richest in the world and he is founder, chairman of leading Beverage Company in china. He start sailing milk later with hard work he started distributed fizzy soft drinks, ice and stationary but with its autocratic style this company is the largest beverage manufacturer. The WHH joint venture entered into with Group DANONE which claimed to paid him a salary of Euro 3,00 and euro 100,000 annual allowances from the profit.

2- Liang Wengen

Age: 55

World rank 2012: 113

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$8.1 bln, from its heavy machinery company.

Company: Sany Group

Source of wealth: Manufacturing, self made

A construction Tycoon, he is the founder and chairman of Sany Group, main shareholders. He did his BA from Central South University. He posses 58% of Sany Group Stocks. His family holds 40.68 billion yuan.

1-Robin Li


Age: 43

World rank 2012: 86;

Estimated Net worth 2012: US$10.2 Billion

Company: Baidu

Source of wealth: Internet, self-made

Li, a Chinese internet entrepreneur, CEO and co founder of search engine which is second largest independent search engine in the world, and is the only billionaire who boasted a personal wealth of more than US $10.2 billions since 2011 which was US $9.4 billion. He is the richest member in the multi- billionaire club on the China mainland and is ranked 86th in the general list. He is listed as one of 15 Asian scientists by Asian Scientist Magzine. In 2006 he was elected as 2006 world’s business leader and in 2004 was elected as Chinese Software Ten Outstanding young Persons and in 2002-3 he was awarded as IT Ten Famous Person.

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