Richest Musicians From United States

richest musicians of americaAny business you pick to choose for yourself is all limited to the people who can be the potential consumers of your product. However, there is one thing on earth that witnesses no barriers, whether it be the linguistic barriers or the location barriers and that is when you turn your talent into cash. Music is assumed to be an universal language and this very feature makes the music business a total hit. We have been sharing much about the richest singers and their net worth, and here are the top 10 richest musicians who are enjoying a net worth in Millions by selling their music, targeting the entire world as their potential audience.

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1)L.A. Reid

Net Worth: $300 million


Certainly you must have heard “CrazySexyCool” a TLC album, which was a most prominent release to date by LaFace Records. The amalgam of both partner names – L.A (Reid)+(Baby) Face, records the top artist like Pink, Usher, Ciara, is actually an American record label own by Sony Music Entertainment. L.A Reid, song writer, record producer and record executive is currently the CEO working with gems of music.

2)David Grohl

Net Worth: $225 million

David Grohl

Started by torturing the tiny strings of guitar at the age of 15, you definitely heard him as the lead vocalist in Foo Fighters but for those who don’t know, he will always be remembered as the drummer of Narnia. He is now a multi instrumental, song writer, rock-musician and a film director who certainly knows the tactics to give creepy beat to a deflated sound.

3)Lou Adler

Net Worth: $100 million


If you have gone to Hollywood you are going to love him because he got the ultimate famous nightclub, on the sunset strip, The Roxy Theater, where you enjoy the show with Stump town coffee! The 79 years old American record Producer, manger and a director was nominated for Grammy Award for Record of the Year and for the Album of the Year. He is ought on a search of hiring top talents, if you got a hidden secret get your tickets booked to Hollywood.

4)Ozzy Osbourne

Net Worth: $90 million

Ozzy Osbourne

You got what it takes to be a millionaire; you just need to hear his story. Ozzy, who now seems to captivate the minds as “Prince of Darkness” with his magical thrilling beats added to a Seattle sound was initially, grew up with attention deficit disorder. But now he is an award winning English heavy metal song writer and vocalist who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide due to his distinctive style with Black Sabbath. He had a history of very odd jobs like plumber, slaughter-house worker are just few of many awkward situations, but still he manage to be in the list and never gave up.

5)Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Net Worth: $45 million

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Here is the band bursting out from Cleveland, walking through the hip-hop beats and high pace rapping over the unique sense of melody. You should definitely checkout one of their hits, “The Crossroads”, it worth a listen! One of the greatest hit double-album of all the time, “Greatest Hits” spent 47 weeks in the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, peaking at #30. They are coming back soon with Snoop Dogg and Snoopafly in the Thug Pound Album.

6)Tico Torres

Net Worth: $40 million

Tico Torres

Check this out! The 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can’t be wrong! He certainly knew how to play with the drums like he knew how to blend colors perfectly. The Painter and a world’s best drummer is the eldest member of band Bon Jovi who develops an ingratiatingly melodic and professional deviation of hard-rock.

7)Ric Ocasek

Net Worth: $25 million

Ric Ocasek

Did you heard of him as the rhythm guitarist and a music producer? No, then you might know the husband of Paulina Porizkova, the first women from the Central Europe who joined judging in America’s Next Top Model. He earned most of his treasure via the lead vocalist for the rock band “The Cars”.

8)Jakob Dylan

Net Worth: $20 million

Jakob Dylan

Finally he is back after a long pause with the most anticipated new album ‘Glad All Over’ by the Wallflowers and with most long awaited clash inspired track, ‘Reboot the mission’ which is featuring Mick Jones. Certainly he inherited the genes of uniqueness, innovative and eccentric personality from his father. He earn most his revenue via acting, film score composer, Singer and being a Song-writer.

9)M Shadows

Net Worth: $20 million

M Shadows

The avenged Sevenfold brightest star, Mathew Charles, inspired by Guns N’ Roses, is eminent by his stage name M Shadows considering himself as the dark character in the group. He is a lead vocalist who definitely worth millions over his bold voice, it was rumored he lost his ability to scream due to throat surgery which was proven false and you can well appreciated in his new song ‘snippets of front-man’. He rocks the stage the moment he steps on it.

10)Benny Blanco

Net Worth: $10 million


Pop songs are not one man thing! They are tend to be created by teams of people but when listening 100 songs a day, groomed under the tuitions of Dr. Luke, leading pop music writer/producer and has gone to work with pop production legends such as Shellback, Benny sort of people born. Benny who is a 24 year old writer/producer had a hand in the creation of America’s number one pop songs including by Perry, Kesha, 3OH!3, Taio Cruz and Maroon 5. The song need to be a ‘Benny proofed’ if Benny don’t get it America won’t get it.

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